((.. :*Lyrics*:.. )) ::*Britney Spears*: oops i did it again ::*Maroon 5*:: umm she will be loved i guess ::*John Mayer*:: daughters ::*Jason Mraz*:: i dkkk ::*Eminem*:: umm that eight mile song.. ::*Lloyd Banks*:: ??? ::*50 Cent*:: youse a wanksta ::*Christina Aguilera*:: i am beautiful ::*Story Of The Year*:: i dk ::*Linkin Park*:: ummmm ::*The All American Rejects*:: swing swing swing form the tangles of my heart ::*Jojo*:: get out right now ::*Dream*:: who? ::*Relient K*:: sadie hawkins dance in my khaki pants nothin better than in my sweater ::*Ok Go*:: ?? :*Coldplay*:: that speed of sound or somethinnn ::*Phantom Planet*:: wootttt the oc theme song.. california here we come right back where we started frommm ::*Yellowcard*:: you’re my only one? ::*Madonna*:: time goes by so slowly.. ::*Limp Bizkit*:: who? ::*Joe Budden*:: who? ((. :*Love n Relationships*:.. )) *What is your current status? singleee *Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? umm no *How long have yall been together? … i don’t have one *What is the most romantic thing your lover has done for you? i dk *What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard? HAHA .. aha lots, pathetic guys *In your own words, how would you describe love? i dkk haha *What is the thing you need most in a relationship? trust i guess *What is the most attractive thing about the opposite sex? someone who can make me laugh *True or False: All is fair in love and war? *In your opinion, what is the most romantic movie? titantic, the notebook, && a walk to remember *Are you shallow when it comes to physical appearance in a relationship? yeahh sadlyyy *How do you know if youre really in love with someone? i just know *Does love really last forver? yeah ((.. :*Friends*:.. )) :*What is the best thing about friendships? *:: EVERYTHING! ::*Describe your friends*:: i wouldn’t trade them for the worlddd ::*What is the best part about them? *:: i dk lots of stufff ::*Which of your friends has know you the longest? *:: ummm karleigh? ::*What about the shortest? *:: probably rilee ::*Were you one of those kids who used to exchange friendship bracelets*:: haha yeahhh ::*What do you and your friends like to do? *:: LAUGH ::*What is the funniest moment you can remember with your friends? *:: OH GOD TONSSSS ::*What do you think can break up a friendship? *:: a tonnnn of things! :*Would you ever ditch your friends over a guy? *:: no wayyyy.. girls before guysss ::*Have you ever lost one of your best friends over an argument? *:: yeah:-/ ::*What is the hot spot where you and your friends hangout? *:: mostly just eahc other’s houeses ::*Out of all of your friends, who is the loudest? *:: ummm rilee and lucy i guess ::*Funniest? *:: EVERYONEEE ::*Most athletic? *:: ummm i dk ::*Most girly girl? *:: lucy ::*Most flirtatious*:: i guess lucy haha ::*Most competitive*:: i dkkk ::*Out of all of your friends, who is the one that can make you laugh no matter what*:: kels, kar, tayyy :*Do you trust the friends you have? *:: yeahhh ::*True or False: You would take a bullet for a friend*:: true ((.. :*Music*:.. )) *What genre do you listen to the most? basically everything *What is currently in your CD player? * nothing *Are you a rebel like I am, and download music illegally? haha i dk is limewire illegal? *Do you own any band shirts? like one *Which ones? haha lbink182 from forever agooo *What was the first concert you went to? * haha either the spice girls or nysnc *What about the last one? umm not sure *What is your opinion on techno music? i dk Do you like Evanescence? not really.. *Did you ever own any New Kids On The Block stuff? * haha yeah well my sister did *What happened to Ricky Martin? * i dk he’s gay *Do you think musicians should stick to music, or cross over into acting? it depends on if they’re good at acting i guess.. *What is that one song that plays in your head over and over? * colt 455555 hahhaa *What is the worst song you have ever heard? * i dkk lotss *What is your favorite song? i have a lottt *Do you think Britney Spears is fake? pretty much *What do you think about Christina Aguileras comeback? i dk Did you ever like Michael Jackson? * nahh *Do you think he is misunderstood? i dcccc *What about Eminem? wiggggger….. newflash you are notttt blackk! *Do you think Paris Hilton will make it in the music business? * haha no i think she sucks at singing! *Why or why not? it’s just my opinion ((.. :*This or That*:.. )) ::*Jessica Simpson or Ashlee Simpson*:: jessica ::*Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears*:: mm neither really ::*Paula Abdul or Madonna*:: idccc ::*Clay Aiken or Kelly Clarkson*:: haha kelly ::*Sprite or 7up*:: sprite ::*Kelly Osbourne or Avril Lavigne*:: neither :*Maria Menos or Michelle Branch*:: i don’t even know who maria whatever is so i guess michelle branch.. ::*Story of The Year or The All American Rejects*:: both ::*Eminem or Lloyd Banks*:: who is lloyd banks? ::*Slow Motion or Freak A Leak*:: freak a leak is pretty funny ::*Rebel or Prep*:: haha ::*Coke or Dr. Pepper*:: cokeee ::*The Fast and The Furious or 2Fast 2Furious*:: too fast too furious ::*Paul Walker or Vin Disel*:: i dc really ::*Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie*:: ummm i used to like nicole better even though she was fat.. buttt umm i guess both ::*Pink or Blue*:: what kind of blue? :*Brown or White*:: depends ::*Mayo or Mayonaise*:: huhhh? those are the same things.. ::*Thongs or Bikini*:: thongs.. ::*Abercrombie or Hollister*:: hollister.. ::*Hot Topic or Pac Sun*:: pac sun.. ::*Target or Walmart*:: target.. ::*Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit*:: neither ::*Lip gloss or Lipstick*:: lip gloss ((.. :*Random*:.. )) *How are you? * hahahah *Do you still suck on your thumb? nope *If you could have something to drink right now, what would it be? ummm sprite..? *What are you thinking? nothing reall *Are you bored like I am trying to write this stupid thing? pretty much *Are you a morning person?

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NOT AT ALL! *Are you addicted to Xanga? never had one.. *How many times do you change your layout on Xanga? i don’t have one.. *Are you afraid of anything? * YEAHHHH *Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex? nahhh *What kind of lip gloss do you wear? smackers, and ummm shinylicious, jellygloss, and volumeboost.. *What is your favorite item of clothing? * not sureee *What is todays date? january 12th *Have you ever made up your own word? * OMGGG YEAHHH! *What is it? * i have lots *What does it mean? different things *Are you bored yet? mhmmm been bored, that’s why i did this..


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