Wing lee street project the failure

Cause for the failure of Wing Lee Street Project:

In the Central and Western District on Hong Kong Island, there are rather a figure of pre-World War II antediluvian edifices and avenues, most of them are traveling to be dismantled for work outing the job of urban decomposition. Sheung Wan Wing Lee Street, a tenement part to the URA H19 and built-in portion of renovation proposal, in position of last few months, the community ‘s involvement on Wing Lee Street. And bulk of the sentiment saying out that this URA undertaking is wholly failed to follow the “people-centered” attack.

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Obviously, the major cause of the failure is due to the societal value of Wing Lee Street. When decide whether to conserve the old edifice, we should take into history adept appraisals of its cultural value and besides its societal value. Let us taking an international environmental paper “ Bula Charter Guidelines as an illustration, “Cultural Valuess ” Article 2.5 from the guidelines province that “Social value embraces the qualities for which a topographic point has become a focal point of religious, political, national or other cultural sentiment to a bulk or minority group” .

There are a batch of edifices in different topographic points in Hong Kong of resembling clip of life and manner. What is extraordinary and unusual here is that the whole street has non been redeveloped late. Many people thought that streets with old edifices like Flying Lee Street should be preserved because they were full with Hong Kong people ‘s corporate memories. As a consequence, there is a turning organic structure of sentiment for its saving. However, the authorities used to stress and descry development at the disbursal of saving. They will non seek to seek to acquire a proper graduated table between renovation and preservation. The URA ‘s original program is to work out the mystifier of urban decay and to better the life conditions of dwellers in rotten urban countries. But the program for redeveloping Wing Lee Street is non in maintaining with the tenet of equilibrating urban development against preservation. The authorities merely thought that the street can non demo memorials, nor do any of the edifices at that place, looking a particular design.

What ‘s more, a movie produced by Hong Kong manager – ‘Echoes of a Rainbow ‘ awarded with Crystal Bear award at Berlin International Film Festival. It was the first clip that a Hong Kong film has obtained this award. This has delivered Hong Kong citizens together one time once more to see of the saving of our corporate memories and the historical edifices. This movie presented the corporate recollection of people here through the description of a Hong Kong family of four during the sixtiess. It is important saying that the executing of the movie was come from Flying Lee Street in the Central territory. That part about the street is slated for renovation by the Urban Renewal Authority ( URA ) . The manager has used a batch of reliable and existent Acts of the Apostless on that street as background of the movie, as a consequence it does non merely do it to look more practical-minded but besides give audiences some unmeasurable esthesis and nostalgia of these decayed and old streets.

After the movie acquiring the award and was screened, there has raised a “ febrility ” in runing and geographic expedition of Wing Lee Street. Just like the chief subject of ‘Echoes of a Rainbow’-“Time can be a stealer, but clip can non steal good memories and the Hong Kong spirit” . This is the first message that the manufacturer wants to demo to us. So, Flying Lee Street in Sheung Wan may be merely a street, but it is portion of Hong Kong history and keeps us reminded and citizens including the “ station 1980s ” and “ post-1990s ” coevalss join their attempts to prize and safeguard them and therefore the renovation program for the street is wholly failed due to the high societal value of Wing Lee Street.

Apart from the high societal value of Wing Lee Street, Building Value is another factor of the failure of the proposal. Quite a figure of professors and bookmans finished a edifice research from Sai Ying Pun to Central. They have recognized a “ tenement edifices, being its puny organic structure weight, stretchy layout, the building of a simple signifier, should be our metropolis constructing a portion of cultural heritage. “ As the Wing Lee Street, the tenement lodging in the entireness and in a extraordinary infinite on the street degree, and its architectural significance is much higher than some remarkable edifices infrequent on the avenue or in a tenement edifice has been segregated and contrasted with the edifice in No. 145-153 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, is besides appreciated as “ typical value of the architecture of cultural heritage, it is of an tantamount value. So calls on the authorities non to level but to continue Wing Lee Street have become progressively hardy among environmentalists for cultural heritages.

Furthermore, the chief intent of this renovation undertaking is due to the edifice safety of the edifices of Flying Lee Street. Secretary for Development Carrie Lam had said that the edifices there were beyond fix and had to be dismantled. However, after transporting out a preparative reconnaissance on Flying Lee Street Buildings by professional applied scientists and surveyors, it can be established that the whole set of columns do non detect tenement trouble to mend the edifice safety mystifiers. The bing parts of the wall surface clefts and illegal porch and roof fiction, can be repaired by the rehabilitation attempts, there is no unsurmountable proficient jobs. Actually, Flying Lee Street 1-2 has been completed rehabilitation of the results slightly good. At the same clip, a up-to-date chief research of old edifices conducted by the Buildings Department, besides shows that the environments is non the old lodging in Flying Lee Street edifices fall into disrepair, endangering the safety of the pillar. In an article issued by the URA in March 2008 study of the examination of the street and the edifices have non been come to the “ incapableness for rehabilitation due to old age ” colony. So, the position that “the edifices there were beyond fix and had to be demolished” should be discarded.

Therefore, this undertaking will redouble societal contention, taking in momentous reverberations of the public right “ URA violates about private belongings rights ” involvements. In decision, the URA is required to adore the occupants ‘ will be able to redevelop the Wing Lee Street, and to research another proposals.


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