Why Is Art Important in Society

hy is art important in society Why is Art Important in Society? I believe that Art is very important to any society. I think that Art in whatever form portrays real daily lives of the people, or person performing it. Art shows us that what people are thinking and feeling is important, beautiful, and valid. It is a powerful and entertaining way to get someone else’s perspective on something. Art is a way for us to express our vision through many different and unique ways.

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No matter whom you are, or what part of the world you are in Art has a way of lifting our spirits, and making us feel good. We can be directly impacted by its power and emotion. I feel that we as humans need to confide in art because it is true, genuine, and has emotion and meaning. One piece of art can affect so many people in so many different ways. It is an outlet for communication, just not always with words. I always seem to go back to that saying; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With art there really are no rules.

You may smile, laugh, cry; you might love it or hate it. It all comes down to perception, and where art is concerned you can feel what you want. I believe that art can connect us in a way that nothing else can. Art is a true creative act that is used to express opinions and ideas that might not otherwise be able to be expressed. It can be inspiring and have a great influence on us. The costumes, lights, characters, photographs, poetry are all very entertaining. They allow us to envision ourselves in that situation.

The more I think about it just about anything that makes you feel something can be considered art. The possibilities really are endless. Since the beginning of human existence people have used their surroundings as a canvas for expressing themselves. Although art has been in existence for centuries, even years before written language was developed it has changed a lot. Different cultures look at art in very different ways. The Egyptians were one of the first people to make a large impact on the world of art.

They needed Art for religious beliefs, not so much for entertainment or self-gratification. Most important men of Egypt have their bodies carved out in stone. When the man dies they believed that the spirit lived there, this is called the Ka the part of the human spirit that lives on after death. The tension and conflict between the uncontrollable forces of nature and the civilizing powers of human society have dominated American art and theatre. The actual enjoyment of art comes from the experience of viewing it or experiencing it.

This enjoyment should be spontaneous and felt in the moment. Art is very diverse; it can deal with sorrow ,joy both or neither , it can present a solution or a problem , however the real essence of Art is that it frees the individual if even only for a moment. Sometimes that one moment may be all we need to revive, or to see or feel something differently than we did before. I think Art adds so much to our lives. I liked what the book had to say about Art and theatre, a lot of the information I didn’t know or had never thought about before.

I totally agree with what the book says; that we need Art and theatre because it makes us see life differently. I think Art and Theatre are very important in our lives and to society as a whole. It gives us hope, and it inspires us and without it life would be very one note. I believe that Art was designed to introduce to the spectator a higher order of thought and emotion, and if you are lucky enough to have that experience with anything it has to be Art.


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