Why did Johnson escalate key involvement in Vietnam Essay Sample

Why did Johnson intensify cardinal engagement in Vietnam Charlotte Woolcott Johnson’s escalation in Vietnam was a defining minute of his presidential term. Many things influenced him to intensify. including the cold war context. the advice from the working group. the failing of the South Vietnamese Government. and protecting the US bases. I think that the chief factor which influenced Johnson to intensify US Involvement was the advice given to him by the Working group because these were his closest and most sure advisers. Johnson felt that if Vietnam became communist. so American involvements and security would be threatened by a stronger communist web. Politically. Johnson would lose the mid-term elections if he lost to Vietnam. like Truman did in 1949 after losing to china. So he had to intensify in order to procure Vietnam. The Domino theory suggested that if South Vietnam fell so the remainder of South East Asia would fall so Johnson felt that to procure South Vietnam he needed to direct more military personnels in. The Truman philosophy was believed by Johnson that he had to incorporate communism in South East Asia or else it would distribute across Asia. Between 1963 and 1967 there were six South Vietnamese leaders. This led to instability and corruptness as they lacked a strong leading and way.

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This influenced Johnson to experience that increasing the figure of American Troops would beef up the authorities. The weaker Saigon authorities led to a demoralised and awkward ARVN. which meant that American military personnels had to be brought in to beef up it. The weaker authorities besides meant that American Troops were less safe due to hapless leading. so Johnson had to intensify to protect the Americans who were contending out at that place. In 1965. Viet Cong onslaughts on the U. S. forces were going progressively violent. and although the Viet Cong evidently had many soldiers in South Vietnam. the MACV was still holding trouble turn uping any bombing marks at all. In February 1965. Viet Cong guerillas attacked a U. S. Marine barracks at the South Vietnamese crossroads of Pleiku. killing eight and injuring over a 100 others. With the free manus late provided by Congress. Johnson presumed that escalation would assist to protect his soldiers. He ordered the U. S. Air Force and U. S. Navy to get down an intense series of air work stoppages called “Operation Rolling Thunder” .

He hoped that the bombardment run would show to the South Vietnamese the U. S. committedness to their cause. and its resoluteness to hold the spread of Communism. Ironically. the air foraies seemed merely to increase the figure of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army onslaughts. Johnson ordered a Working group from the defense mechanism Department. the State Department. the CIA. and the JCS to analyze Vietnam and suggest policy options. The Working Group said that an independent and anti-Communist South Vietnam was critical to America. During the Cold War many of the foreign policy analysts subscribed to “The Domino Theory” — which contended that should one state come under communist regulation. its neighbors were likely to follow suit. Johnson thought that America would hold to take a base and that if they didn’t. so the American prestigiousness would be at interest. Johnson listened to the working group as they were considered “the best and the brightest” – there were really few voices against what they had to state. Johnson could ne’er hold envisaged what he had started. By the clip of the 1968 presidential election. America had become involved in a war that was to take on far greater dimensions than anyone could hold believed in 1965. The working group influenced Johnson to do the determinations that he did. and it was this that made him intensify the cardinal engagement in Vietnam.


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