White American Essay

The people of American are still contending each twenty-four hours to acquire rid of the word bias. Prejudice is an unsupported generalisation about a class of people. Bing prejudice leads to pigeonholing. this leads to racism. Why do people judge other people by the colour of their tegument? Why do they believe their race is more superior? Black people are judged because they were one time slaves ; the fact that they were owned by white people has led them to this twenty-four hours to be discriminated against. Moslems in the United States are all considered terrorist because of the onslaught on 9/11.

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Merely because Muslims attacked the United States does non intend that every Muslim had a voice in their onslaught. Any individual that is non white in the United States will be considered a minority and discriminated against by most. In category we watched a YouTube picture of ABC’s Primetime show What would you make? This is a concealed camera show that aims to prove bystanders’ reactions in ethically challenged scenarios. One of the picture sections that caught my attending was the Muslim miss in the bakeshop.

As the adult male behind the counter continued to name her a terrorist. stating her to acquire out of his shop. and said she was non American because of the manner she dressed ; sad portion about this was the people who merely sat and watched. At the terminal of the section 13 people stood up for her. six fundamentally applauded and agitate the nescient counter guy’s manus holding. and 20 people did perfectly nil. I understand that this was shot in one of the most racist provinces. Texas but why should Muslims walk around in fright because of their religion and practising faith?

Nahiya the Muslin adult female that this experiment was based off stated that she fears to walk around entirely because she has an incident where she was jumped by 5 misss for dressing the manner she does. People demand to recognize a person’s outfit or skin colour does non do up a individual ; it’s the inside beauty that distinguishes who a individual is. “Colored people” is a known term around the United States and it’s sad. If you are non white you are colored. the individual who individuals who started this term is nescient themselves because white is a colour.

The alteration in society from back in the twenty-four hours until now has changed for the better but racism still remains. If you are black you are a condemnable. if you are Asiatic you can non drive. if you are Latino or Latino you are an illegal foreigner. and so on. Peoples are stereotyped by their ethnicities and it’s awful. In the book Rereading America there is a narrative “C. P. Ellis” by writer Studs Terkel ; he writes about a adult male that grew up as a former KKK member’s boy. After his pa died he believed it was his responsibility to fall in the Klan in order to populate out the name. After fall ining he realized they hate people merely to detest them.

He shortly had his ain experience talking one on one with a black male. shortly after he found himself talking one on one with a Judaic male. These two conversations made him recognize they are people merely like him ; we all have the same emotions and strive for ends to win in life the same manner. He was torn between staying a Klansman for his household beliefs and making what is right for society which is accepting everyone for who they are. Slowly he became more involved in contending racism particularly at his child’s school but everyone easy get downing to calculate it out.

Every clip the Klansmen found out about C. P. ’s actions they yelled at him for traveling against his ain sort go forthing C. P. to back conjecture what is genuinely right. C. P Ellis provinces. “My old friends would name me at dark. “C. P. . what the snake pit is incorrect with you? You’re selling out the white race! ” This begins to do me hold guilt feelins. Am I doin’ right? Am I doin’ incorrect? Here I am all of a sudden makin’ an about turn and tryin’ to cover with my feelin’s. my bosom. my head was beginnin to open up. I was get downing to see what was right and what was incorrect. I don’t want the childs to contend everlastingly.

” ( Terkel 398 ) If everyone could merely recognize what he realized the United States would go a better topographic point. Racism and bias would be decreased if non eliminated and we would be in the right way of universe peace alternatively of a state filled of ignorance. Every American claims they want universe peace. in order to accomplish this end everyone as a whole demands to work together. Everyone wants to populate the “American Dream. ” the American dream in my eyes is a myth. The twenty-four hours everyone is treated every bit like they are supposed to the American dream will be.

If you are the most intelligent individual graduating at your college but go on to be a different race or as Dalton states in the narrative Horatio Alger “the best black student” but go on to set down an interview with a company whose direction is prejudice ; what are the opportunities of the individual of another race acquiring hired over the white miss or cat that interviews after them? I believe your success should be entirely dependent on your intelligence. whatever you are worthy of accomplishing should be achieved. Success should non be interfered with the colour of your tegument. the faith you pattern. or even the tattoos that are on your organic structure.

I late watched a intelligence special on a white male. he had on a sleeveless jersey in a image which showed his weaponries that were full of tattoos ; he was besides barefaced and had in an supercilium ring. His image was shown to twenty people all of which judged him harshly entirely on visual aspect. Some remarks that were said were he was decidedly a felon. a low life. and likely had a occupation at some dollar shop because that is all that would engage a cat like him. Little did the people know that cat in the image was approximately to walk out and surprise them.

Thomas the cat this experiment was based off of walked out in gown. you could non see his tattoos and his supercilium ring was out. He explained that he was one of the most successful sawboness on the east seashore and while they take the clip to judge him off a image. he is salvaging lives. It is non right to judge a book by its screen because what is indoors is what you are genuinely interested in. This experiment opened the spectators’ eyes and they apologized. Thomas informed them pigeonholing is non right and is what continues to set our state in such a slack when it comes to treated people every bit.

The small experiments Television shows or intelligence Stationss behavior are smart and I genuinely think it opens people’s eyes. Some people choose to stay nescient and that’s their pick. The fact that it is about to be 2013 and we have equal rights the lone thing people should endeavor for is the American dream. It should non be based on race where merely white Americans obtain it either. Accept everyone particularly everyone in our ain state one time that happens I will believe we are one measure near to universe peace and obtaining the “American Dream. ”


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