What makes an effective teacher and an effective learner

David Cameron ‘s Conservative Party late stated that the Tories will be brazenly elitist about campaigners come ining the learning profession as they believe that makings make a good instructor. [ REF ] . However, research shows that a instructor ‘s personal features and learning manners can besides be attributed to effectual instruction.

In 1992, Professor Caroline Gipps, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Wolverhampton and taking expert in educational appraisal and acquisition, published ‘What We Know About effectual Primary Teaching ‘ . The papers suggests that a successful primary instructor:

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Focuss on the whole category instead than persons

Teaches the whole category while offering aid to persons, or co-operative work where kids help each other

Teach one topic at a clip

Praise kids every bit much as possible

Have high outlooks

Encourage disputing talk instead than quiet busy work

Use a assortment of learning manners

Allow kids some independency and be democratic instead than bossy about work and subject

Matches work to a kid ‘s ability

Effective instruction is a topic that is repeatedly researched and studied.

More recent research shows that good instructors demonstrate a figure of features, but there are certain features that underlie the effectivity of instructors such as empathy and a willingness to work hard. Some people are described as being ‘born to learn ‘ , but the personal and moral features needed to be an effectual instructor can be developed through pattern, watching other effectual instructors and larning from their technique.

A survey carried out by Santrock [ 2001 ] identified the chief features of effectual instructors:



Entire %


Has a sense of temper



Brands the category interesting



Has cognition of their topic



Explains things clearly



Spends clip to assist pupils



Are just to their pupils



Treats pupils like grownups



Relates good to pupils



Are considerate of pupils feelings



Do n’t demo favoritism towards pupils


Santrock, J. ( 2001 ) An Introduction to Educational Psychology, London: McGraw Hill, ( p.10 )

Although capable cognition is graded 3rd, the survey overall shows that personal features are cardinal to effectual learning instead than makings. Classroom direction is besides an of import factor as an mean school hebdomad merely provides 25 hours of learning clip with pupils. An effectual instructor organises their pupils, clip, environment and resources in a manner that maximises larning chances.

Effective instructors besides motivate and encourage their pupils to work hard. Through regular appraisal and looking closely as what a pupil is larning and what has been learnt, lessons can be planned consequently.

Teachers need to provide for the accomplishments, abilities and involvements of each pupil by fiting work to the demands of the person. This avoids giving undertakings that are impossible to finish and to avoid giving undertakings so easy that pupils learn nil.

Teaching method: shared working atmosphere ; consciousness of the demands of each student ; purposeful good organized schoolroom ; jubilation of successes. Necessitate to cognize the demands of persons and groups every bit good as how kids learn.

“ Most instructors teach facts, good instructors teach thoughts, great instructors teach how to believe ” . ( Jonathon Pool ) .

“ Teachers have to be facilitators: they can non make the acquisition for the pupil ” . ( Carl Rogers ) .

A instructor who likes to research a topic by utilizing tonss of activities can accomplish the same success as one who prefers one activityaˆ¦ ? ?

“ There is one facet of personality that no instructor can make without: a willingness to larn and to reflect on instruction ” . ( The Effective Teacher, p.10 ) .

Failing instructors frequently lack self consciousness and do non rather know what they are making or if what they are making is right or incorrect. They are defensive about their instruction methods and can non take unfavorable judgment, nevertheless constructive it is. [ Ref ]

Define larning 250

Learning can be defined as “ The procedure of accretion and alteration that marks our turning sense of cognition ” . ( p.14 The Effective Teacher ) .

Different factors can impact acquisition and these include the kid, the household, society, economic system and societal construction. Brofenbrenner looked at how kids grow up and how that affects the acquisition procedure, so linked all of these factors together into his Ecological Systems Theory [ 1979 ] . His theory suggests that a kid ‘s development is influenced by the societal contexts in which they live, with the three chief contexts being a kid ‘s household, equals and school.

The parent and kid are placed at the Centre of acquisition.


1.Who the kid spends most of their clip with is identified and what positive and negative factors that has.


The general external factors that influence the acquisition environment are looked at.

Constructivist attack to larning

Recall ; ability to retrieve information

Understand the information

Use or use cognition in new state of affairss

Break down and interpret information

Puting things together ; developing new thoughts

Assess effectivity of whole constructs ; critical thinkingBloom ‘s Taxonomy is a categorization of the degrees of acquisition. The cognitive procedure identifies 6 degrees of idea. Based on this theory, the scholar has to make one degree before traveling on to the following.

When used right, Bloom ‘s Taxonomy can speed up acquisition and elevate pupil involvement and accomplishment, particularly for slower scholars. [ Sousa, D. 2001 ] How the encephalon learns

What makes an effectual scholar? 500

Understanding and believing about how a individual learns can heighten motive and increase accomplishment. [ REF ]

A individual ‘s acquisition manner is the manner he or she concentrates on, procedures, internalises and remembers new and hard academic information or accomplishments. Manners frequently vary with age, achievement degree, civilization, planetary versus analytic processing penchant, and gender. [ Shaughnessy, 1998 ] .

It is frequently looked at in footings of a scholar ‘s penchant for ocular, audile and kinesthetic ways of working. [ Burton, 2007 ] .

Encourages a scholar to believe about how he or she learns.

Novice scholar:

Do non measure their comprehension

Do non analyze their comprehension

Do non analyze the quality of their work

Do non do connexions

Adept scholar:

What is the relationship between learning and larning? 500

See which is more of import. Actual acquisition or existent instruction? Support statement with literature and wider reading. 500

There have been many statements as to which side of the instruction and acquisition procedures are more of import. Child centred instruction – the instructor gives the kid chances to larn. Teacher centred – base and show what they know.

Teacher centred instruction is a traditional attack to learning where the instructor presents facts to the pupil by direct direction. The instructor is at the Centre and in charge.

Student centred instruction is a more modern attack where the scholar is at the Centre of acquisition and the instructor acts as a facilitator, steering the pupil and giving chances to larn.

Bennett, 1976


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