What it means to be an American Essay Sample

Bing an American means a batch more so life in the United States. Some people don’t recognize how lucky they is to really be a true American. To be in American you have to hold faith in your state. esteem your state. and most of all believe in your state. Along with a individual comes with many different benefits such as freedom of address. freedom of faith. equality for all Including different sexes. races. faiths. and position. Bing an American we should be proud of the privileges we get because other states are non as fortunate to hold all of the freedoms we have. Our freedoms are what set Americans apart from other citizens. Americans have the chance to hold a good instruction. Bing an American agencies to be free and able to do your ain determinations. pick your ain occupation and be able to be in charge of your ain life. The United States of America are defined by our manner of life.

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This manner of life is defined in the declaration of independency. In America. we have the chance to get the better of our challenges by coming together and happening solutions that many can non make in other states unlike most states on Earth. In America. it is believed that you have the chance to go anything you would wish to be. For 100s of old ages The United States has been pulling immigrants from several different states. races. faiths to come live on the land of the free and full of chance. These immigrants were looking for more than merely freedom and rights. merely to take portion in being an American. Immigrants wanted to happen something better than the life they had. which was fighting every twenty-four hours to maintain nutrient on the tabular array and ever being worried about money. Therefore immigrants came to America to happen felicity and freedom and do the things they wanted to make.

America is the “land of opportunity” and immigrants hoped that coming to America would acquire them out of poorness and into the wealths. Immigrants were under the feeling that in America they would hold a better opportunity in doing their lives better. The American state is non defined by race. ethnicity. lineage or faith. What sets the United States from other state is what unites the people who make up our state. Bing an American besides means sharing national civilizations. My definition of being an American is to be free and be able to have on what I want and say what I want. As an American. the ability to show your ain thoughts is one of the greatest freedoms we could hold. which falls into the class of freedom of address. For an illustration we have a voice in our authorities without being prosecuted. This can’t be said for other states throughout the universe. To be an American agencies to be able to go to school and acquire a public instruction. freedom of assembly. the right to vote. freedom of faith. freedom of address. being able to woolgather large and prosecute those dreams and many more. I am proud to be an American for many grounds. I am proud of my fellow Americans for being able to maintain a free society in a clip of terrorist act and war.

I am besides proud to state that on 9/11 there were fire combatants assisting out other Americans and besides other Americans assisting out one another and how we came together as a state to demo nationalism and how we fought for our state. I believe that that twenty-four hours and from that tragic event that happened we showed what an American was. In decision. being an American we should be really proud of the privileges and the freedom we have in the United States because most states aren’t fortunate plenty to hold the privileges we have. I am really proud of my privileges as an American because many other states are non fortunate plenty to hold all these freedoms. There are assorted definitions to being an American. One definition of being an American is associating to the United States of American or its people. linguistic communication. or civilization. An American is truly person who cherishes their freedom of address. freedom to contend for their state. and freedom from bondage. An American has the right to talk their head. which is freedom of address. All American’s should be proud of what the United States has accomplished. The United States is one of the most developed. wealthiest. and advanced states in the universe.


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