What Is The Swot Analysis Marketing Essay

Event direction is an excite and lifting industry, every bit good as a sole calling chance for everyone with a compulsion for the planning and organizing of events.A Event direction will be a valuable information resource for directors and planing machines of events to show their event direction companies and capableness, companies that are seeking for event direction solution and pupils that are leting for a calling in the event direction industry. Event planning is able to busy a assorted sum of covering or social juncture. Both events besides known as, Celebrations, Promotions, Commemorations orA Education. Celebrations can dwell of parades, nuptialss, birthdays and day of remembrances. Educational events can be meetings, graduations and conferences. Promotional events can be political mass meetings, merchandise launches and manner shows. While memorialization events consist of civic events and commemoration.

The ground why a company or persons hire professional ‘s event contriver is for their experience in this peculiar field. Event planning sometimes will be clip devouring and nerve-racking for the concern or person. For illustration, your marrying twenty-four hours may be nerve-racking plenty if you need to worry whether the caterers are traveling to turn up on clip. So the professional contriver will play their function to do certain the juncture runs swimmingly. They will hold adequate resources to manage any unexpected thing from happened.

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Diamond Event ( m ) SDN BHD company will set up in Kuala Lumpur in March 2011, We plan to hold bodily office in Bangkok, and Sydney, we besides will supply the Top Class service for any event planning or forming. Diamond Event ( m ) SDN company will be a non-stop, Full service usage event direction company with a solid repute and be with expensive accomplishment set, Our proficient capableness scope from analyzing to the workings of our trade name, placing the mark audience, inventing the event construct, be aftering the logistic and organize the proficient facets before really put to deathing the modes of the proposed event.

Diamond Event ( m ) SDN strength is will efficaciously assemble and manage legion in-house and out of house resource, Diamond Event, systematically fitting client objectively and outlook with the optimum solution. Inspired company besides will faithfully pull off a figure of complex big graduated table undertaking contemporized.

Diamond Event ( m ) SDN besides is committed to accomplishing success for it clients by using the full power of communicating as an extension of concern scheme and executing. Diamond Event ( m ) SDN doctrine is to hold controlled growing of our client events and undertaking and by staffing the most experient professionals available we provide as many services and goods under one roof as possible in order to see overall quality, and give each and every one of our client a dramatic and memorable events.

Diamond Event ( m ) SDN Mission is to leverage the power and potency of the event industries to assist today ‘s concern to make out to a larger client base more efficaciously, We aim to be dynamic, originative, advanced, and yet low-cost.

2.1 Organization Chart




Cordial reception







( Figure 2 ) : Organization chart for company Diamond Event ( m ) SDN BHD

Communicationss is a Discussion of web as an organisational construction is a utile debut to the topic of communicating in concern in that a web owes its being to communications. Will be able to judge the importance of the connexion at the terminal of this subdivision. Peoples besides communicate from section and its comes from this flow chart, Such as the manager will acquire back to the director and the director will travel to the supervisor and the terminal to the staff, they cant leaps straight from staff study to manager it comes by flow.

A ) Directors

Directors Is responsible to manage Meetings, to manage Registration of certain declarations and understandings, sometime necessitate to Recording proceedingss of all meetings, besides demand of Making the one-year return and lodgement with the Companies Commissioner, Directors besides need Keep the proper accounting records, some clip manager besides need table fiscal records, fiscal statement and manager statement at AGM, motion of histories, fiscal statement, managers report anything to members, must do Appointment of first hearers, need to detect with restraint, restraint or prohibition of private company, managers have to Appointment of qualified individuals as secretaries, Must maintain registered workplace, Registration of transmit of portion, they besides need manufacture statement of solvency in the instance of controlled writhing up by member, Lastly managers besides need to guarantee that disbursal of dividend is from income merely, and some listing of charge ( yycadvisors,2001 )

B ) Selling

Selling is a selling pattern in which the trade name or image one merchandise or service is used to sell another, Merchandising is the methods, pattern and operations used to advance. Purchasing besides known as the value of a currency expressed in footings of the measure of goods or services that one unit of money can purchase. Buying influence isA important because, all else being equal, A addition lessening the measure of supplies or services you ‘d be capable to purchase

Example: Divine Event purchase all such natural stuff, goods and service from other provider and purchase company utile material before start operate the company such as, Table, chair, machine, tools and etc. ( wordiq,2010 )

C ) Program

AA planA ofA actionA aimed at carry throughing a clearA concern aim, with detailsA onA whatA workA is to be done, by whom, when, and whatA meansA orA resourcesA will be used. A plan is like a expression. It contains a list of ingredients that calledA as variables and a list of instructions that besides called as statements that tell the computing machine what to make with the variables.

Example: Diamond Event ( m ) SDN BHD is A listing of the order of events and other pertinent information for a public presentation, ( Webopedia,2011 )

D ) Cordial reception

HospitalityA is the association among visitant and crowd, or the do something or set into pattern of individual welcoming. Specifically, this includes the salutation and activity of company, invitees, or alien, A resorts, association nines, convention, attractive force, peculiar events, and other services for traveller andA tourers Hospitality Besides known Business describes the concern of supplying services such as catering and amusement. Example: Diamond Event ( m ) SDN BHD provides transit to hotels to pick up the VIPs ‘ to the events and besides provide those services and nutrient. ( Wikipedia,2011 )

Tocopherol ) Venue

Is a topographic point where an event such as a athleticss competition or a concert is held, particularly one where such events are frequently held. Example: Diamond Event ( m ) SDN BHD behavior event places the country, way, clip, such as The nuptials is at Mountain Park clip is on 8.00pm.

F ) Equipment

Equipment is the tools, vesture, or other points needed for a peculiar activity or intent for Diamond Event. Example: Diamond Event demand equipments such Table, chair, music-music accoutrements, canopies, Diamond Even besides do do some lease for large castle, garden and beach for events that their client requested.

G ) Promotion

Promotion is something such as an advertisement run that is designed to advance a merchandise, cause, or organisation. The word “ publicity ” can be used in a general sense to depict jointly the activities of advertisement, competition, money-off offers, in-store show, the ocular impact of packaging and any others device that an advertisement squad can believe of to pull attending to their merchandise. Example: Diamond Event do engage staff to make marketing schemes such us doing publicity by publishing circulars for the event and do streamers to pull client.

H ) Official

Official agencies by approved, recognized, or issued by a authorities, public organic structure, or authorization and associating to the function of a authorities, public organic structure, or authorization. Example: Diamond Event ( m ) SDN BHD Officially announces the company as a branded merchandise and prima worldwide. Diamond Event besides officially invites our most Honest Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

I ) Customer Service/Care

Customer Service is a section of a concern that deals with everyday enquiries and ailments from or differences with clients. And client attention more to person who interacts with others in a peculiar manner. Example: Diamond Event have Hired few staff for Front desk that work as a client service or attention that handle all our client walk in to the company in private discourse all theirs need and wants and do them fulfill with their approaching event.

J ) Selling

The concern activity of showing merchandises or services in such a manner as to do them desirable.

Selling is a general term used to depict all the assorted activities involved in reassigning goods and services from manufacturers to consumers. In add-on to the maps normally associated with it such as Examples: Diamond Event ( m ) advertisement and gross revenues publicity, selling besides encompasses merchandise development, packaging, distribution channels, pricing, and many other maps. ( Investopedia,2001 )

AtA Diamond Event ( m ) SDN BHD Management we are more ofA event consultantsA for our clients thanA event managersA orA event contrivers. Our occupation is to rede our clients on the best patterns and the most executable attack to make their ends and present their messages efficaciously. And we are able to take on this function thanks to the long andA huge experience of our teamA in different Fieldss of publicity and production, and to the exceeding relationships we have with our providers and spouses.

Sometime To add more value for our clients, in add-on to our mainA event services, A we provideA manyA originative servicesA and production servicesA in-house. This allows us to command quality more closely and cut down clip, cost, and attempt for alterations in design or construct.

Question 2

Interview a little local concern owner in your country. Briefly identify the nature of the concern and come up with a SWOT Analysis for the concern. Attach the interview questionnaires with the study.


Figure 3

( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ifranchisemalaysia.com/dairy-fresh-franchise-business-opportunity.html )

DailyFresh Sdn Bhd

DailyFresh was set up in 1997, DailyFresh chief concern selling Hot Item is Waffle & A ; Bubble Tea. DailyFresh was set up in 1997 The booth were located in Penang at 1st Avenue and Queensbay Mall, The 1st Avenue director is Mr.Ooi and Queensbay director is Puan Suraiya, their working hr depends with the promenade runing hr usually runing from 10am – 10pm Everyday, They holding 3 staff to revolve on the job clip, their director will steer until they can manage the store by ain,

The staff will hold to go to 1week class preparation and development for them to expert on this merchandising point. DailyFresh is little concern my town country, really this store call as booth its little store at shopping composite. ( dailyfreshfoods.,2008 )

What is Waffle

Waffle Pic.gif

Figure 3

( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //guidingyouth.blogspot.com/2010_08_01_archive.html )

Waffle is a butter based level bar that known as a waffle. It is a Belgian culinary forte, each part of the state has its ain formula for this, and the basic ingredients are the same such as Flour, Milk, Eggs and a pinch of salt. The formula is landed over from one coevals to another following, as covetously it ‘s a great bar formula. ( guidingyouth,2010 )

What is Bubble Tea


Figure 4

( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //loulovesfood.blogspot.com/2011/02/food-news-bubble-tea.html )

Bubble Tea is originated from Taiwan is early 1980 ‘s at little tea stands foremost, the really particular with bubble tea is because the tea and flavorer had to be shaken smartly to accomplish a smooth consistence, they are many spirit for bubble tea such as all sort of fruits, cocoa and java and besides bubbly that is mixtures of fruits. And non bury a foam of bubble was formed on top of the drink, which shortly known as bubble tea, ( Bubbletea,2001 )

Tapioca pearls, which were non a portion of the early Bubble Tea formula, were introduced to Taiwan in 1983 by Liu Han-Chieh, Very rapidly a tendency began, to add the pearls to any figure of drinks, most often flavored teas. The slick, unit of ammunition and clumped visual aspect of the pearls reinforced the Bubble Tea name. When cooked right and still fresh, the “ bubbles ” have a distinguishable bounciness and a soft and chewy texture.


Figure 5

( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.lollicup.com )


Strengths mean by Positive touchable and intangible properties, internal to an organisation and they are within the organisation ‘s control. In SWOT, strengths and failings are internal factors, For illustration, Strength might be your professional publicity cognition, a fresh, imaginative point for ingestion or fix Location of your concern, Quality processes and processs, Any other facet of your concern that adds value to your merchandise or service.

Weakness, factor that are within an organisation ‘s control that detract from its ability to achieve the coveted end, failing it could be, be short of of publicity accomplishment, uniform goods or services illustration: Location of your concern, Poor quality goods or services and Damaged repute Opportunities, Means by External attractive factors that represent the ground for an organisation to be and develop. Opportunities and menaces are external factors, For Example ; an opportunity might be increasing market topographic point such as the cyberspace, amalgamation, joint undertaking or tactical confederation, impacting keen on new market section that offer enhanced returns, a new market and a new market vacated by an uneffective rival. Threats, Means External factors, beyond an organisation ‘s control, which could put the organisation mission or operation at hazard and the organisation may profit by holding eventuality programs to turn to them if they should happen and some clip can sort them by their earnestness and chance of happening, For menaces, it might be a fresh rival in your house market, cost wars with rival, besides a rival has a new, imaginative green goods service, sometime rival besides has a new, advanced merchandise or service, rival besides have superior entree to impart distribution some clip a menace besides can be revenue enhancement is introduced on our merchandise and services. Based on these SWOT analysis I had Questionnaire a little local concern owner Mr.Ooi who the proprietor of the DailyFresh.



Based on strengths I had five questionnaires. First is Does his company have the strong trade names towards his merchandise and he answered Yes with confidently because he truly swear his merchandise can give him future and his Selling strategic is really good he engage 2 individual to make advertisement such as distribute circulars and streamers. The major focal point of the company is to accomplish mark and ends and give the best for the clients and he truly concentrate on the Waffle chiefly. And he answered Yes he have a full skilled employees because he develop them personally 1 to 2 hebdomads each of the staff. For the last inquiry he besides answered yes they moral of his employee is the best since they have High communicating cognition.


Based on Weakness I had five questionnaires. First is about client ailments about, And he answered they sometime ailments about late service nutrient and expensive. But he said he pull off to acquire them from explicating to them such as “ Sorry sir it ‘s my new worker ” and “ Sorry sir its imported maize that ‘s why is a spot expensive ” . Next is he answered No his company ever concentrate to accomplish mark and what ‘s client wants. He said possibly for following inquiry because he non certain if their employee can pull the endowment and believe to acquire more endowment but he can pull off it. His stock monetary value animate his confident because the monetary value is non bad its on mean monetary value and client able to buy it. And his company sometime can stand the monetary value force per unit area from rival since they selling a spot cheaper so his company but he answered once more he confident because his formula waffle is the best among all.


Based on Opportunity I had five questionnaires. First he answered Yes he got some Interesting tendencies in his company that was they holding Online merchandising every bit good such as facebook and chirrup community to advance their merchandise and any publicity if available, And his company place to take that tendencies in company since its bring net incomes. Next he answered yes we non yet covered some merchandise that others competitor have such as Bites and more Heavy nutrients. For service he answered theirs is the best. His favourable circumstance is holding his store every topographic point. His DeliFresh is come ining new market by opening new store at bank and hospital country and his company besides now progress with engineering by holding free Wifi for his client and their client can surfing internet free while delay for the nutrient.


Last by Based on Threats I had six questionnaires every bit good foremost is he answered Yes he need more merchandise and service to be alter such as Improve the formula, better staff accomplishments and makes more comfort topographic point for client to hold a place. Next the altering in engineering does n’t endangering the place because he ever updates everything every hebdomadal and he non scared of that. Following inquiry he cant answered really good and he said Possibly. for his rival going stronger he said No they cant beat him because once they change anything such as formula or bill of fare he will fix early with more thoughts to pull client more by making publicity more. He said no, do n’t hold emerging tendencies can magnify the failing of DailyFresh.and in conclusion Obstacle that they face he answered Language from alien that could understand English and Indonesian that make hard for them to pass on.

At last I have finish This assignment that consists of two inquiries, First our inquiry is want to set up an event direction company, and I need to work out as a director for the company. I besides learn How the flow of organisation chart and how to the section occupations. And from 2nd inquiry I truly larn how to construct a little concern, illustration I wanted to open this waffle store and this assignment give me a batch of thoughts, information how to carry on a concern and the advantage and disadvantage for it.


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