What Is Greenpeace China And Its Aims Environmental Sciences Essay

Introduction of Greenpeace China. Greenpeace is a non-profit and non-government planetary organisation, which takes action to support the green natural universe and advance peace. Greenpeace was established in 1971, and the headquartered in Amsterdam with a presence in over 40 states in the universe, including Europe, the Americas, the Pacific and Asia. Green peace China was established in Hong Kong in 1997, and set up offices in Beijing and Guangzhou in 2004, it is the most successful and influencing environmental NGO in China. In order to keep independency, Greenpeace China does non accept contributions from authorities, but depends on parts from single protagonists and private foundation grants. For the contribution, merely 20 % came from Greenpeace International, the remainder all came from Chinese public support, particularly in Hong Kong. ( Greenpeace China )

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As a consequence of 30 old ages of reform and opening up, China has made a singular advancement in economic growing and societal development. Hundreds of 1000000s of Chinese people have been lifted out of poorness, but unprecedented environmental impairment menaces to the state. China about takes one fifth of the universe ‘s population, 25 per centum of the entire population has no entree to imbibing H2O. In the whole universe, one 3rd population still suffers utmost air pollution. ( Kathleen, 2006 ) Greenpeace believes that development should non depend on environmental disbursal, but work on seeking and constructing a green growing form with Chinese people together.

What is the end of Greenpeace China?

China would be one of the first topographic points to get down environmental protection. Working with China to accomplish a sustainable development way and became the leader of the environmental motion is the chief end of Greenpeace China. In 2004, Greenpeace International identified China as one of its precedence offices, it is clear that China has an influential place on the planetary environmental phase.

Greenpeace China is establishing runs which covering with assorted environmental issues in China. Global clime alteration is the precedence issue for the whole of Greenpeace, China as a state with a big population should set more attempts on slowing this issue. Greenpeace China besides works on nutrient and agribusiness, air pollution, forest protection, toxic pollution and energy. Furthermore, they work through a assorted run activities in footings of positive alteration of policies, Torahs, and public life style.

Food and Agribusiness

The agricultural industrialisation is poisoning our planet. It is doing our imbibing H2O toxic and even killing wildlife, workss, farm animal and people. Across the universe, more and more husbandmans rely on sum of chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Some people even started to utilize genetically engineered harvests. The engineering of cistron alteration and cistron extraction fundamentally is for human and biological development, but it adversely becomes a menace to bio-diversity and human wellness.

China is the biggest state that uses huge measures of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, so that the state of affairs is one of the worst states in the universe. In 2007, China used more than 50 million tones of chemical fertilisers, yet harvests can merely absorb about 25 % to 35 % of this. Due to the remainder leaks into the river, lakes and even groundwater, H2O has been profoundly polluted. Greenpeace wants to halt this lunacy and believes that authoritiess should set money on promoting ecological agribusiness which does non harm the environment, but produces clean, healthy nutrient. It is the best to cover with low production and unhealthy under the force per unit area of clime alteration. Food and agribusiness run of Greenpeace China focused on tackle pollutants from commercial agriculture. ( Greenpeace China, Annual Report 2003 )

Climate Change

Because of man-made nursery gas emanations continual increased, the Earth is perilously warming up. Most pollution of nursery gas comes from firing fossil fuels such as coal to do electricity, and vehicle gas emanations. If we do non take any action to halt it, climate alteration will do several amendss such as terrible H2O deficits, sea degree lifting will submerse metropoliss, and toxic H2O and air will kill harvests and even kill people.

Across the universe, one of the obviously marks is an increased destructive conditions events such as storms, drouths and floods.A As a consequence of a rapid economic development, China faced a immense cost of environmental and job of environmental debasement. An explosive figure of mills, coal-burning power Stationss and monolithic building undertakings have China became one of the top nursery gas emanation states in the universe. Therefore with a 20 per centum population of the universe, China faces a existent menace from clime alteration that 1000000s will travel thirsty, hungry and suffers from catastrophes. Greenpeace China is playing an of import function in taking NGO in China forcing for stronger policies to contend clime alteration.


About 80 per centum wood have been either destroyed or degraded by homo in the past several decennaries. ( Greenpeace China, Annual Report 2005 ) A huge figure of species threatened with extinction and some full communities are being displaced. But Greenpeace still believe this devastation can be stopped.

In China, merely 0.1 per centum of these integral woods are decently protected. One of the biggest menaces to stay natural woods and forestland is from paper plantations in Hainan, Yunnan, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces.A The biggest perpetrator is APP ( Asia Pulp Paper ) , which is a subordinate of Indonesian paper giant Sinar Mas Group. In those states, most woods are protected but APP still manages to illicitly unclutter the natural wood and change over them to plantations. Greenpeace China was taking other Chinese NGO against APP together, with strong support from local communications, the run stopped APP in forest devastation successfully. Greenpeace China works on forcing for stronger policies on forest protection and a wood friendly market place in China. ( Greenpeace China, Annual Report 2005 )


Water is the beginning of all sort of lives, but the semisynthetic chemicals are poisoning rivers, lakes and oceans everyday. Besides agricultural pesticides and chemicals, another chief toxic pollution is industrial pollution, including electronics, production procedure from plaything to apparels and furniture etc. Now toxics run of Greenpeace China is concentrating on industrial pollution, and anti electronic waste go a priority action. Every twelvemonth 100s of 1000s of old computing machines and nomadic phones that contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals are dumped into landfills or burned in smelters. More so 1000s are exported illicitly, which frequently from Europe, the US and Japan and other industrialised states transfer to developing states like China and India. Greenpeace China is forcing for an terminal to toxic condition of the state ‘s H2O and illegal e-waste trade.

While these industrial mills bring wealth, they besides intensely pollute China ‘s cherished H2O resources. The state of affairs is now so bad such as 70 per centum of the state ‘s rivers, lakes and reservoirs are non safe for worlds to utilize ; 90 million people, that are one in 14, have no pick but to imbibe, bathe and cook by usage contaminated H2O, the H2O is far off from the planetary H2O safety criterions. Almost half of the waste H2O came from industrial beginnings and the top polluting sectors are mush and paper, chemicals, power coevals and fabrics. Greenpeace China is working on forcing authorities to ordain more purely enforce Torahs of industrial pollution. ( Greenpeace China )

What is the direction construction of Greenpeace China?

The direction construction of Greenpeace China shows in the Figure above.

The direction construction of Greenpeace China ( Greenpeace International )

International Executive Director

The International Executive Director is responsible for daily direction of Greenpeace International, and line manages the Senior Management Team. ( Greenpeace International )

Executive Director

In Greenpeace China, Executive Director is the senior director of the full organisation, who is in charge of Programme Director, Fund and development Director, Operations Director and Organization Director. How to pull off staffs, how to develop organisational civilization and how to plan, develop and implement strategic programs for Greenpeace China in an effectual and efficient mode are cardinal challenges for Executive Director.

Basically, the Greenpeace International headquarter grants the executive manager the authorization to run the Greenpeace China. The Executive Director is accountable to the International Executive Director and study on a regular footing. The International Executive Director may offer suggestions in footings of how to better the organisation, but the Executive Director have right to do the concluding determinations.

Anna Dingwall was the Greenpeace China ‘s 1st Executive Director in 1997. As a freshly founded organisation, Anne found that “ cardinal to this was the cardinal fact that finding the best manner for Greenpeace to work in China had to be decided and controlled by those who were most familiar with the state and civilization. ” So that, one of the most of import undertaking for Anne was that she must seek out Chinese candidates and militants who would be the future leaders of Greenpeace China.

Programme Director

In Greenpeace China, the Programme Director is a senior director responsible for the overall success of the plan, and supervises committed leaders of runs and besides develops originative and targeted environmental-related runs in China.A Furthermore Programme Director must hold first-class accomplishments of communicating and organisation, fulfill with strategic head, adequate run experiences and commit for a better hereafter. Programme Director is besides a cardinal member in Greenpeace international meetings with respect to make up one’s mind the way of planetary run together with other Programme Directors.

Deputy Programme Director

In Greenpeace China, the function of Deputy Programme Director is to organize the run ‘s operations and takes charge in four Political campaign directors, such as Campaign director of toxics, nutrient and agribusiness, energy, clime alteration and energy. Deputy Programme Director is the most seeable leaders in a run concerned with how to put to death schemes decently. So that Deputy Programme Director is the 1 who bring experiences and cognition to pull off candidates and to implement runs efficaciously and expeditiously.

Operation Director

Due to Greenpeace China is a non-profit and non-government organisation, there are 1000s of members and voluntaries join the action and run. Particularly for big and well-funded runs, Operation Director frequently manage a immense figure of staff members and voluntaries in a assortment of sections, while besides organizing closely with the campaigner and outside advisers. Meanwhile Operation Director besides provides advice and support to Executive Director in order to implement successful run undertakings.

Fund and development Director

Greenpeace China is the first non-government organisation in Hong Kong that contributions from the streets. They started Hong Kong ‘s first Direct Dialogue Campaign ( DDC ) back in 1998 based on successful illustration in Europe. Fund and development manager is responsible for fund-raising and development. Fundraisers take charge in pass oning with public face to face about environmental issues, which helped Greenpeace China to understand public concerns and gave a platform to demo their duty. Over the past decennary, Greenpeace China has recruited more than 50,000 members through DDC. In 2006, the local fundraising income increased to over HK $ i??Hong Kong Dollari?‰18 million, with 80 % in entire income. ( Greenpeace China, Annual Report 2007 )

Organization Director

Organization Director in Greenpeace China is responsible for finance, information engineering, legal, installations direction and human resources direction. Furthermore Organization Director provides fiscal advice and support to Executive Director. For case, fiscal considerations are at the root of all major run undertakings, so that a clear budgetary program is indispensable for both planning in short and long-run. Almost half of outgo is in the run and run support, and the fundraising disbursals and organisational support disbursals, about 20 % severally. ( Greenpeace China, Annual Report 2007 )

How did the Greenpeace China work?

Greenpeace has to be in China, because no environmental treatment would be complete and no solution would be accomplishable without China. So that Greenpeace was founded in Hong Kong on the 14th February 1997, Hong Kong became the base of fund-raising and public support for the environmental runs, and to develop way into mainland China. At the beginning, the biggest challenge for Greenpeace China was how to develop efficaciously as a freshly founded organisation. They selected several run undertakings from Global Greenpeace plan to acquire experiences and resources. Meanwhile, they closed to the Hong Kong populace in order to raise the general degree of environmental consciousness and support for their run work. Greenpeace China ever works through four stairss, foremost, research and probe ; secondly, buttonholing and policy ; thirdly, Witnessing and exposing ; fourthly, Public battle ; eventually, Championing solutions.

Research and probe

Greenpeace as an international environmental organisation gives Greenpeace China entree to a planetary scientific and proficient resources and expertness. Research and probe is the first measure before prosecuting the populace or determination shapers. In the runs, they work to set up a sound scientific footing for the statements, and accurately place the beginning of the job. In order to outline solutions in the studies, they frequently replicate successfully applied policies from other states and seek advices from internationally recognized experts. In-depth fact-finding studies normally require old ages of research and readying.

Lobbying and policy

The 2nd measure is lobbing and policy. Greenpeace China run undertakings frequently require a long period of readying to analyse the state of affairs and choose the right aims and schemes to implement action. In order to concentrate resources on that point, the schemes frequently focus on the nucleus of the job. Furthermore Greenpeace China besides is an active participant in policy drafting to assist turn the authorities onto a greenish way. And they use tool chest of lobbing and non-violent direct action to state more narratives of positive alteration for environment. So that Greenpeace China can do a difference.

Witnessing and exposing

Witness and exposing is the 3rd measure. Greenpeace is working on exposing environmental jobs to the populace through the media to coerce solutions. They use the power of images to demo the truly environmental jobs and animate more people to do a positive alteration. So that they become a leader to expose the jobs foremost and so acquire these jobs solved.

Public battle

The 4th measure is public battle. One of chief undertakings in Greenpeace China is to promote corporation to develop merchandises more environmentally. Merely if consumers do support and willing to buy these merchandises, that companies will alter their policies. Therefore, public battle is a critical solution to current environmental issues. Most public do non cognize how to take part into environmental protection undertakings and when, in order to enable the populace more easy take part, Greenpeace China make their website really synergistic and sufficient. They aim to give everyone the opportunity to go portion of the solution to work out environmental jobs.

Championing solutions

The concluding measure is defending solutions. Greenpeace China works on seeking a solution for environmental issues including:

They support the development of renewable energy alternatively of fossil fuels to holding climate alteration ;

They promote environmentally friendly agribusiness and nature nutrients that benefit husbandmans and consumers ;

They protect ancient woods and meanwhile promote sustainable wood merchandises ;

They are committed to accomplish a universe with free chemical and electronic pollutant by promoting manufacturers and companies to take their duty.

( Greenpeace China )

Some Successful Political campaigns from Greenpeace China

B & A ; Q with sustainable forestry

B & A ; Q is the largest place supplying retail merchant in China. In 2006, Greenpeace China organized other NGOs to near B & A ; Q together. They showed the negative impact of company ‘s operations on the environment and besides found the chance to turn its concern in the manner, which would non destruct ancient woods. In the following twelvemonth, B & A ; Q promised that before 2010, all the wood merchandises in China will come from certified legal and responsibly managed woods. Until now, Greenpeace China is working on buttonholing other supplying companies to follow footfalls of B & A ; Q and green their acts.A ( Greenpeace China, Annual Report 2007 )

Coca-Cola and the Olympics

In 2007, Greenpeace China aimed on Coca-Cola to do 100 % free of HCFCs and HFCs ( ozone-depleting and climate damaging gases used for infrigidation ) for its Olympics iceboxs. Coca-Cola eventually promised to utilize natural refrigerants for the Beijing Olympics, and the largest set of clime friendly commercial icebox has been deployed in China. Greenpeace China is now seeking to buttonhole other refrigeration-using companies including McDonald ‘s and Pepsi to take the same action. Furthermore, Greenpeace China works on buttonholing Coca-Cola to phase-out all clime damaging electric refrigerators in China and across the universe with rigorous timelines. ( Greenpeace China )

Challenging the electronics industry

Greenpeace China organized run of anti-electronically toxic pollution, they aimed on the biggest planetary computing machine company such as Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, LG, Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba, they all committed to let go of a timeline to globally phase-out the most toxic stuffs in their merchandises. These companies together represent the king of beasts ‘s portion of the planetary electronics market. Lenovo as a Mainland Chinese electronics company was the first one, who gives a comprehensive toxic phase-out committedness. ( Greenpeace China )

Since 2004, Greenpeace China has progressed vastly and received much acknowledgment for the attempts. They were awarded “ 2005 NGO of the twelvemonth award ” and “ NGO award ” by influential Chinese media “ Nanfengchun ” and “ Southern Weekend ” . ( Chu. 2009 )


As Greenpeace said “ Greenpeace exists because this delicate Earth deserves a voice, it needs solution, it needs alteration and it needs action! ” Indeed, Since 1997 Greenpeace China has made inordinately parts to work out environmental related issues including nutrient and agribusiness, clime alteration and energy, toxics and forest. Greenpeace China ‘s working methods frequently get much public attending. In order to accomplish the end as “ to guarantee the ability of the Earth to foster life in all its diverseness ” , the Greenpeace China good structured organisation and designed low-cost, efficient and effectual waies.

The success of their environmental runs is conveying positive alteration through action relies on the usage of a combination of research and probe, lobbing and policy influences, witnessing and exposing of the environmental defilers, communicating tools, public battle and defending solutions with dialogue. Under force per unit area from Greenpeace China, many successful runs has been done, such as B & A ; Q pledged environmentally friendly wood woods, Coca-Cola usage nature infrigidation for the Beijing Olympic and changed Chinese electronics company into a greener industry. Greenpeace China is now steadfastly established as a taking participant in China in the battle for a sustainable hereafter and became a theoretical account for other Chinese Environmental NGOs.


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