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This paper analyses the UK operations of Heineken NV, which is one of the universe ‘s largest beer makers, with a strong or market prima place in every market in which it serves, including the UK. In analyzing the instance of Heineken NV within the UK market, this paper discusses the current developments in the industry, every bit good as those environmental factors that are holding the most impact on production and ingestion forms. On this footing, the scheme and policies at Heineken NV are examined, with the treatment centred on whether these have been successful. The subsequent two subdivisions examine the resource-based facets of Heineken ‘s place, first concentrating on the resources that is can convey to bear to accomplish its ends, before placing those facets within its value concatenation that provide it with the greatest advantages. Finally, some decisions are made.

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In current developments in the beer industry, what are the most of import environment factors that affect the production and ingestion of beer in UK?

Whilst a traditional analysis of environmental factors impacting an industry includes a focal point on those that are political, economic, societal, technological, environmental and legal in nature ( Mintzberg et al. , 1998 ) , all of these are non of greatest importance when analyzing the UK beer industry. Rather, current developments in the beer industry that have affected the production and ingestion of beer in the UK have been impacted upon most by political and economic factors.

From a political position, the smoke prohibition has had an inauspicious impact on the figure of consumers imbibing in saloon, impacting on-trade gross revenues ( Mesure, 2007 ; Guardian, 2008 ) . However, it has been the hapless direction of the fiscal system and the economic system that has had the greatest impact on the beer industry. Whilst beer ingestion tends to be comparatively resilient to alterations in the economic clime, as has been highlighted by old economic rhythms, such economic troubles have an impact on the nature of gross revenues. Indeed, the beer industry witnesses an on-trade downswing as ingestion displacements to off-trade ingestion forms ( Heineken, 2008 ) . However, this does non intend that there will be no fluctuation in demand. Currently, both on-trade and off-trade gross revenues are down by over 8 % in the UK harmonizing to a study by the British Beer and Pub Association ( Sky, 2009 ) . Other economic challenges, brought about by direct authorities decision-making in an unprecedented rise in excise responsibility, which is efficaciously a revenue enhancement addition on gross revenues ( Heineken, 2008 ; Quilter, 2009 ) . Since the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, raised excise responsibility rates by 17 % in the 2008 budget, UK intoxicant gross revenues have fallen 11 % . Such rises have a really negative impact on the beer industry, despite the fact that research by Oxford Economics really shows such additions lead to a important bead in revenue enhancement grosss ( Talking Retail, 2009 ) . Such excise rises are besides likely to hit on-trade most, which already suffers during a recession ( Walsh, 2009 ) .

How has your chosen company reacted to these developments ( current developments in the beer industry ) ? Have policies and schemes been successfully? What are the indispensable key factors for your company to be successful?

Heineken NV has put in topographic point a figure of important steps in order to battle the possible challenges that it ( every bit good as other industry participants ) faces as a consequence of these political factors and economic troubles. First, the company has used its strong fiscal public presentation to better its market portion and cost place ( through economic systems of graduated table ) by geting Scottish & A ; Newcastle, the largest acquisition in Heineken NV ‘s history since Scottish & A ; Newcastle was a large participant in the European market ( Heineken, 2008 ; Shipman, 2008 ) . Through this acquisition and its bing activities, Heineken NV aims to gain synergisms that it can capitalize upon, non merely to go on introducing but besides to cut down its costs significantly. This will besides affect re-structuring a figure of parts of its concern. Another critical constituent of the company ‘s scheme has been to concentrate on bettering its pricing to increase its efficiency and profitableness, whilst trusting on its nucleus trade name, Heineken, which is highly robust to near-term challenges ( Heineken, 2008 ) .

More specifically, Heineken NV has set a figure of clear precedences in order to accomplish such success. First, it is concentrating on hard currency coevals. As such, the marks of 500 of its senior directors are being linked straight to hard currency coevals and cost decrease in order to cut down current debt degrees, every bit good as restore hard currency transition rates to degrees in surplus of 100 % by 2011. Second, it aims to do new markets deliver, including acquisitions like Scottish & A ; Newcastle, conveying their value to bear, particularly in mature markets like the UK. Third, Heineken aims to reenforce its market places. The company ‘s scheme is based on being a market leader in every market in which it competes. The purpose is hence to increase the value of its market portion, bettering the efficiency and effectivity of the investings that is has made in selling as a consequence ( Heineken, 2008 ) .

What resource bases can you observe from you chosen company in beer market?

Heineken NV has a really strong resource base, reflected in its fiscal resources, its market taking places, and the strength of its trade name. In footings f its fiscal public presentation, in 2008 the company has a net net income that was 11 % of its entire gross revenues, some a‚¬209 million, whilst its gross besides grew at a rate of 27 % on the old twelvemonth, numbering a‚¬14,319m ( Heineken, 2008 ) . Not merely does this high spot how Heineken NV has a strong fiscal resource base upon which to pull, but that such a resource base is turning, and possibly more significantly, its turning organically. Second, Heineken has a strong leading place that it can work, particularly when footings of establishing new trade names into bing markets. This is portion of the company ‘s scheme of taking any market that they enter. On this footing, Heineken NV holds a market leading place in 59 of the 66 markets in which it competes. Finally, the company planetary portfolio of local and international alcoholic trade names provides Heineken NV with strong trade name equity, a valuable intangible plus that can move as a powerful resource ( Barnet, 2001 ; MST, 2007, de Swan Arons, 2007 ; Bold, 2008 ) . At the bosom of this is the company ‘s nucleus trade name, Heineken, which is described as “ the universe ‘s most valuable international premium beer trade name ” ( Heineken, 2008, p.16 )

It will go apparent that the beer market is considered mature or even worsening in certain portion of the universe ( such as West Europe ) . Sing the value concatenation for a beer company, where does your selected company perform good? In other word, place value concatenation activities where you believe you company has particularly competences. You should supply illustrations.

On the footing of Porter ‘s ( 1980, 1985 ) word picture of the value concatenation into primary and support activities, Heineken performs peculiarly good in two countries of its primary activities – operations, and gross revenues and selling – and two countries of its support activities – house substructure and procurance – which provide it with the needed competences to vie strongly in every market that it enters.

In footings of primary activities, Heineken NV can pull on planetary operations. This helps the company to accomplish considerable efficiencies in belongings, works and equipment. The consequence has been like-for-like capital outgos falling from a‚¬1.1bn in 2007 to a‚¬700m ( which includes a‚¬230m carried over ) ( Heineken, 2008 ) . Gross saless and selling competencies are another nucleus facet of Heineken NV ‘s primary activities that provide it will particular value. This is because it owns a big figure of premium beer trade names, every bit good as its nucleus, globally celebrated premium trade name, Heineken. The resources put into gross revenues and selling enable Heineken to non merely accomplish a strong trade name place, but besides assist it to establish new trade names.

In footings of support activities, Heineken NV manages to keep a civilization of invention. For illustration, in 2008 entirely, the DraughtKeg and BeerTender systems, and Extra Cold programmes, were introduced ( Heineken, 2008 ) . DraughtKeg is a ‘go-anywhere ‘ , 5-litre draft system, which is now sold into over 100 markets, over 40 % more markets than Heineken NV really competes in ( Popular Mechanicss, 2007 ; Eden, 2008 ; Heineken, 2008 ) . The Extra Cold programme, by comparing, was merely a new manner of functioning an bing merchandise, rolled out across 62,000 mercantile establishments to promote extra point-of-sale, top line growing ( Heineken, 2008 ) . Procurement advantages arise from Heineken NV ‘s immense operations, which enable it to accomplish really strong bargaining power of its providers ( Heineken, 2008 ; Business Week, 2009 ) . This can assist when buffering against lifting inbound logistics costs, which are peculiarly prevailing at the minute due to lifting trade good monetary values and by and large hapless economic conditions.


Heineken is one of the taking beer trade names in the universe, every bit good as being one of the universe ‘s prima alcoholic drinks companies. In the premium beer market, it leads about every market in which it competes. At this clip, the beer industry is undergoing a figure of challenges, brought about by political and economic challenges in its external environment. The smoke prohibition in the UK, coupled with important excise rises, and the worst recessions since the Great Depression have had an impact on on-trade and off-trade ingestion. However, as Heineken itself high spots, the beer industry has been through such economic rhythms before, and the market, despite fluctuations, has been able to endure these efficaciously. Heineken demonstrates its ability to get by with such economic challenges through clear schemes and policies aimed at continual invention, whilst closely pitching its concern towards accomplishing a strong hard currency place. This will assist it with near-term profitableness, whilst guaranting that the company succeeds over clip. In fact, inventions such as the DraughtKeg in 2008 entirely have non merely added to the long-run survivability of the concern, but besides important improved its range to new clients and markets in the near-term. Much of this is underpinned by its continual investing in its planetary operations, which helps to better efficiencies, every bit good as its graduated table, which supports a more efficient and advantageous procurance place. Added to this, the company ‘s strong Heineken trade name, every bit good as its trade name portfolio, has helped Heineken to keep strong growing and fiscal public presentation, even during hard economic conditions.


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