Web Security Essay

My brother demands to hold it drilled into his caput that the web is a unsafe topographic point populated by unscrupulous people. But security does non hold to be expensive. First of all to protect grandma’s dainties we have to happen a dependable and reputable web host. For this illustration I will name them Web Widget hosting service. For a nominal fee Widget will let us to put in our web pages on its waiters. For under $ 20 per month it will give us a shopping cart and warrant us secure pages from which we can rake in the hard currency utilizing plastic and paypal.

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First. nevertheless. a twosome of words about the pages are in order. Web Net 77 has several pages devoted to security. They make the valid point that. “Any plan codification running on a waiter is a possible security hazard because it is an feasible plan. Anyone from anyplace on the cyberspace can name it and put to death it” ( Webnet 77 ) . It is critical that my brother and I be the lone 1s with administrative privileges at this point.

That. coupled with a secure waiter should do us safe from the degree of menaces we might see. so long as we don’t download any plan we do non to the full understand and swear. Widget and company will provide our shopping cart. and so we will hold two picks. We can allow our bank manage the recognition purchases or we can contract with a group like Millennium Bank who will put us up with a payment gateway supplier. They will be bonded and reputable and skilled in discouraging fraud and security knee pantss and hazard direction ( powerpay.

game 2007 ) . They guarantee that our pages are unafraid and our minutess are handled on secure waiters. They furnish a certification to that consequence. They besides offer advice and reding on security and recognition card fraud. Fraudulent recognition cards can make every bit much harm as a hacker or malware file at this degree. Our duplicate precedences are to protect our assets and those of our clients. “One of the great things about the Internet is namelessness. One of the worst things about the Internet is anonymity – particularly for etailers” ( lawzilla. com 2007 ) . We should post a message on our check-out procedure page stating what security we employ and that we will prosecute wrongdoers.


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