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Expanded Hypertext markup language

Timothy S. Weeks

University of Phoenix

Please see my first twenty-four hours press releases and the Axia Writing Style enchiridion for proper APA data format.

When puting up a web page there are three different manners of construction that a individual can utilize to do the web page easy for the user to voyage. The first construction is additive. This is the most basic one and is best for a little web page in which the information is to be viewed in order. This means that the information is viewed non unlike how one would read a book. One page is viewed at a clip in the sequence that it is written.

The 2nd construction is hierarchal. This construction breaks down the information into subdivisions or chapters if we are to go on with the book analogy. What this means is that the spectator of the page can leap from subdivision to subdivision of the web page merely sing the information that they need. Like if one were looking something up in a book and knew the information was in chapter 2 they would non read chapter one to acquire to chapter two. This construction has links so that the user can travel from page to page and jump the information that they do non necessitate.

The concluding construction is a assorted construction. This is for really big and complex web sites. This construction is a combination of hierarchal and additive. This is good for a web site like Amazon.com, for illustration. They have 1000s and 1000s of different merchandises for sale. If the site were additive it could take yearss to happen the merchandise that you needed. If one was looking for a book by an writer they likethey can type their name in the hunt part of the site and all of their books would be listed in a additive order. I prefer this type of web site because it is easy to voyage and it can besides hold links to topics that relate to the 1 that I am researching. Such as if I like a certain film it can besides demo me film rubrics that are in the same genre.

Two websites that I frequent that use the assorted construction and www.amazon.com and www.g4tv.com. Both of these sites have a big sum of information that can be accessed easy.

Cascading Style Sheets are a tool that is used when planing a web page to do it easier for the individual to entree the information by doing it lodge out on the page. By utilizing different colourss and founts the entree portal to the information is easy to happen. By snaping on the otherwise colored word or sentence the user will be taken straight to the information that they need. I find that CSS are simpler to utilize so the typical HTML bids in that they are more intuitive.





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