Was Ww1 Inevitable?

In my personal opinion World War I was inevitable due to the selfish countries which wanted more power and land. Who caused the war?? There are plenty of different reasons and opinions of who caused the first world war. Some people blame Austria for being the first to declare war on Serbia because the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serb (Gavrilo Princip). Russia was also blamed because they were the first to fully mobilize their armed forces.

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People also blamed Germany for supporting Austria’s declare for war on Serbia and a lot of people blamed Great Britain for being unclear. The British were unclear about if they definitely supported France. If they had been more clear then the Germans wouldn’t have declared war on the French. The French supported the Russians (Germany’s enemy). ?? The navel race between Germany and Great Britain created tension, the two of them competing to be the best. At first GB wasn’t worried at all about Germany’s forces growing stronger.

But then Great Britain introduced the ‘Dreadnought’ battleship which was the best battleship you could have (1906). The Germans’ found out about this and decided to build their own ‘Dreadnought’ battleship, they we’re becoming more powerful and rich. Britain became worried. In 1914 German capitalists wanted to go to war with Great Britain, although Great Britain was in still in the highest power and owned most of the worlds’ ships. This made historians have reasons to blame capitalism for the war. ?


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