Virtue and Courage Essay

What is the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear this word? Is it a individual leaping down a edifice. person facing his enemies. voicing out his sentiments or nil at all? For me. I think of a baronial action when I hear this word. Courage was originally a Latin word. “coraticum” . The root “cor” means bosom and it was added to the postfix. “age” to suit the English linguistic communication. Literally. bravery means “an action that comes from the heart” .

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Courage can be split into two. physical bravery and moral bravery. “Physical courage” is bravery in the face of physical hurting. adversity. or menace of decease while “moral courage” is the ability to move justly in the face of popular resistance. shame or disheartenment. The chief reading of the use of this word is “to describe people who have a quality of head that allows them to confront danger without fear” .

For many people. put on the lining or giving one’s life for others is the highest illustration of bravery. However. many of us experience bravery in mundane life without even gaining it. Certain devoted actions made by ordinary people in ordinary state of affairss can be brave. Courage can be populating with a disabled individual. traveling on with life after the decease of a loved one. or even working difficult to pay your monthly measures.

In Ancient times. bravery was considered to be one of the four indispensable virtuousnesss in life: wisdom. bravery. moderation and justness. Courage is one of the most of import qualities in a adult male because without it. he will non be able to demo his other virtuousnesss. You can non purchase bravery or acquire it from person else. You can merely be inspired by the illustrations of other people.

All in all. bravery is non merely a gained province of head as a consequence of meritable instruction. it is a naming of a psyche. An built-in portion of a man’s personality. So whether it is deceasing for another individual or contending for something good. we should all rehearse it.


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