Video game console industry

1. Introduction

Nintendo Wii is a 7th coevals console in the picture game console industry. This study is about the following coevals theoretical account of Nintendo Wii, elaborate information about the bing merchandise, its bing market in UK, betterments and technological developments of following coevals Nintendo Wii is recommended and what could perchance assist Nintendo to remain in front in a competitory market viing against bet oning giants such as Sony Play Station and Microsoft Xbox. The intent of this study is to develop a following coevals console for Nintendo – the eight coevals console.

1.1 Company History

Nintendo is a transnational corporation located in Japan. From a card company in 1889, it is now one of the top taking trade names in the gambling industry. Indeed, Nintendo is the market-leading game shaper and already sold 56m consoles worldwide. Nintendo ‘s singular visual aspect as a videogame participant was in 2004 when it unveiled its Nintendo DS ( Nintendo Double Screen ) . Later it launched Game Boy Micro in late 2005 and DS Lite in 2006. The radical Wii, the top of the engineering videogame system arrived in 2006 and rapidly became a top marketer. Wii is the Nintendo ‘s 5th place console and uses a detector which tracks the actions of the accountant while playing the game. The game is extremely synergistic and the gamer does a batch of physical exercising.

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1.2 Nintendo Wii

The Wii runs Wii and Game Cube package and has a wireless gesture feeling accountant that looks more like a Television remote. The Wii wholly redefines the bet oning experience with the hottest Nintendo Wii Accessories and Wii games altering the manner the games were of all time played. With a typical but really cool radio accountant, cyberspace capablenesss and astonishing artworks, the Nintendo Wii puts back the merriment into videogames. Wii is the most accessible games console for non-gamers, who do n’t hold joy tablet accomplishments. Wii is non merely an ultimate gambling machine but besides provide first-class wellness benefits which entreaties to all ages. One of the latest characteristics that Nintendo will establish on 18th November 2009 in Wii is that consumers will be able to watch and download BBC iPlayer on the console.


Wii accoutrements and benefits

2. The UK market

The Wii was officially released in the UK on 8th December 2006 and with more than 56 million consoles sold worldwide and 4.9 million in UK. The sale of current coevals consoles in UK is 32 million units including portable video game participants like Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, half of the UK population. Over the last decennary, there has been a rapid growing in bet oning industry. Presently the 7th coevals consoles are in the market. The current coevals is holding a console conflict between three large participants ruling the picture game console industry worldwide – Microsoft with its Xbox 360, Sony with its Play Station 3 and Nintendo Wii.

While Sony offers its Play Station3 AT & A ; lb ; 250 and Microsoft offers its Xbox 360 at & A ; lb ; 200, Nintendo Wii is cheapest with its market monetary value at & A ; lb ; 179.

While Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Play station 3 are locked in an weaponries race to supply cutting-edge game drama to demanding clients, Nintendo is seeking to make new clients. Nintendo users are from all demographic parts from kids to old people and from difficult nucleus gamers to non gamers.

Analysts attribute the Wii ‘s Success to pricing and besides the advanced and the synergistic controls and friendly interface which are credited to pull clients who might non otherwise purchase a picture game console. Nintendo has discovered a new and undiscovered section in the picture game console market. By presenting a unconventional manner of playing video game, they have been able to spread out the picture game market pulling users of all age.

Recently Nintendo declared that the gross revenues of the Wii consoles have fallen by half in the same period in the old twelvemonth in six months from April 2009. The consequences may bespeak that the Wii market has reached its impregnation point. Analysts suggest that a wholly new console can resuscitate its hardware gross revenues. Sony, on the other manus, has benefited from a timely decrease in the monetary value of its PlayStation 3 console. PS3 gross revenues went up drastically in UK after the launch of slender version and monetary value cut. Nintendo has announced to establish Wii Black version limited edition. The voguish new console will come with Wii remote, Nunchuk and Wii gesture plus accountants as a package priced at & A ; lb ; 165, as a hope to hike up their gross revenues over Christmas.

SWOT analysis of the gambling consoles.


SWOT analysis of Nintendo Wii


  • Singularity of hardware gesture sensing
  • Low cost hardware and package
  • Catch Television on demand via BBC iPlayer


  • Joystick liability
  • Limited choice of package


  • Marketing to non gamers including seniors and grownups


  • Lack of package choice and edification of games


Sony Corporation is one of the best-known names in consumer electronics and ranks 2nd worldwide in electronics. Sony was about certain to stay a frontrunner in the of all time broadening field of consumer electronics and related platforms and services. The Playstation2 was the biggest success of all, selling more than 138 million consoles worldwide.

SWOT analysis of Sony Playstation3


  • Integration of following coevals DVD participants
  • Backward compatibility with Ps2
  • Largely free online merchandise


  • Expensive hardware and games


  • Great merchandise launches covering planetary spectrum
  • Penetration of untasted markets by agencies of roll uping


  • Lower cost rival i.e. Nintendo
  • Delaies in production
  • Changeless scheme alteration


Microsoft is the most successful and influential package company. Microsoft provides a assortment of merchandises and services, including its Windows runing systems. Microsoft has expanded into markets such as video game consoles, client relationship direction applications, waiter and storage package, and digital music participants.

SWOT analysis of Microsoft Xbox 360.


  • Integration of following coevals DVD participants i.e. HD engineering
  • Backward compatibility with old Xbox games
  • Online merchandise – the one of its sort
  • Lower monetary value than most comparable rival PS3


  • Expensive hardware and games
  • Direct completion with Nintendo because of every bit big client base


  • Partnership of untasted markets by agencies of roll uping
  • Partnership with Hollywood studios


  • Lower cost rival i.e. Nintendo
  • Hardware complications

Wii is really typical console of all and is in fact reasonably much in front of its rivals ; name it the X gambling factor or the monetary value. When Wii was launched, it came out with something new and this was gesture detection. With Wii users are able to physically travel their organic structures while playing a game. On the other manus PS3 and Xbox 360 are for hardcore gamers with its superb visuals, artworks and game drama.

New engineerings

The market for electronic games is spread outing. Today ‘s games yield more pragmatism than of all time. The engineering used in Nintendo Wii is the gesture feeling engineering in which the detector saloon transmits an infra-red pulsation, the accountant picks up that pulsation and Wiimote uses the information every bit good as the input from gesture feeling engineering indoors to interact with games. The following coevals Wii2 can press frontward this engineering to a whole new degree. A to the full hands free control system that will utilize face acknowledgment and gesture detectors to let users to play games.

Controller free gambling

This engineering is from two Israeli companies working on depth-sensitive cameras, 3DV systems and Prime Sense. Even the Microsoft has officially announced that this engineering ( project Natal ) will be used in its following gambling console. 3DV Systems ‘ image feeling engineering generates distance ( deepness ) information for each pel or object captured by the camera, every bit good as colour picture. The engineering is based on the Time-Of-Flight ( TOF ) rule. The detector saloon is able to track the motion and actions into three dimensions.

Basically, the camera detectors project radar-like beams that hit objects in the room and bounciness back, leting the machine to construct up an accurate image of what is in forepart of it. Such systems have a surprisingly all right degree of item, even able to recognize different manus signals or little motions. Add the capableness to integrate facial acknowledgment, and it ‘s the kind of development that has non merely gamers salivating, but besides games manufacturers.

In simple words, the gesture detector device contains these components- picture camera, an infra ruddy beginning, a multi-array mike and processor. The picture camera and infra ruddy beginning are used to observe gesture and step distance. The multi-array mike allows the device to make voice acknowledgment and acoustic localisation.

It provides a whole new manner to play – no accountant required. It uses a detector to track your organic structure motion and acknowledge your face, even listen to your voice.

With controller-free gambling you do n’t merely command the superhero, you are the superhero. Full-body trailing allows the detector to capture every move, from caput to toe, to give participants a full-body gambling experience.

It provides an in-game experience in which the participant ‘s face and voice are recognized. Greet and talk to characters in the game, or merely step into position of the detector to login.

The following are simple illustrations of how games can be controlled utilizing a broad assortment of gestures.

  • A gesture-controlled pugilism mini-game, custodies are used to plug either a heavy bag or a rival pugilist. The point of position of the gamer is determined based on the place of his/her face.
  • Rushing or driving game in which manus gestures are used to maneuver left or right.

This engineering enable users to command and interact without the demand to touch a game accountant through a natural user interface utilizing spoken bids and gestures. This engineering guarantees users to convey bet oning into the existent universe. It allows participants to interact with the onscreen environment merely by traveling and speaking.

Volumetric Imaging Systems

Ethereal Technologies has developed a artworks show engineering which may put the basis for a new ocular show revolution. The Volumetric Imaging Systems or VIS4D workstation allows users to comprehend real-time 3D images without the usage of spectacless. Harmonizing to the company ‘s web site, interacting with 3D video game characters and environments is one of the possible utilizations. Even if this specific engineering is non the 1 that revolutionizes the ocular experience of gambling, it does demo that developers understand the potency for a realistic holographic show device.

Facial acknowledgment system

A facial acknowledgment system is a computing machine application for automatically placing or verifying a individual from a digital image or a picture frame from a picture beginning. It will let users to make their ain profile and login by face acknowledgment. One of the ways to make this is by comparing selected facial characteristics from the image and a facial database.

Super velocity USB PORT or USB 3.0

In an age of terabyte difficult thrusts, the throughput of 480 Mbits per second that a USB 2.0 device can realistically supply is non adequate any longer.

Super velocity USB promises the throughput of the connection all the manner up to 4.8 Gbits per second. USB 3.0 ports are expected to be backward-compatible with current USB stopper, and frailty versa. USB 3.0 should besides greatly heighten the power efficiency of USB devices.

A device may hold several USB 3.0 ports, presenting informations to proctors, recovering it from scanners, and interchanging it with difficult thrusts. USB 3.0 is fast adequate to let uncompressed 1080p picture ( presently highest-definition picture format ) at 60 frames per second.

Super velocity port in the following coevals console can increase the velocity of what the current console offers by a factor of 10.

Facial acknowledgment system

A facial acknowledgment system is a computing machine application for automatically placing or verifying a individual from a digital image or a picture frame from a picture beginning. It will let users to make their ain profile and login by face acknowledgment. One of the ways to make this is by comparing selected facial characteristics from the image and a facial database.


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The company has filed for 22 patents related to its engineering, 7 of which were granted to day of the month.

The following tabular array shows a list of 10 betterments which can be made to the current merchandise. The betterments are based on the engineerings which are presently act uponing the market.

High definition

High- definition allows user to see a full scope of a really elaborate image. The current console merely let users watch pictures to a maximal declaration of 480p. With declaration up to 1080p, users will be able to see a really clear image and picture. The whole thought is to give user the ultimate high definition experience.

Blu-ray and DVD playback

The current coevals of Wii does n’t hold a DVD playback. The console can hold a characteristic which will let user to play and DVD film and even a Blu-ray phonograph record. The DVD and Blu-ray playback will let users to watch any film or picture which are on DVD and Blu-ray format.

Hard thrust

The current coevals Wii supports merely has 512 Ms memory and supports a SD card to spread out its memory to 32 Gs. It does non offer the user much to hive away on their consoles as compared to their rivals. The console can come with a difficult thrust capacity of 60 Gs and 120 Gs which will let user to salvage high definition films, music and many more things on their console.

In-built sound talkers

The current coevals of Nintendo Wii can hold in built 5.1 audio talkers to add a music experience. The users will non necessitate to link their Wii to an sound system for a louder sound. Their besides should be option of listening to music while playing games. Most participants like listening to music while playing games such as pro development association football or tennis.

Faster Processor

The processor which Nintendo uses in its Wii is:

IBM PowerPC based “ Broadway ” Core, clocked @ 729 MHz, 88 MB 1T-SRAM, 64 MB GDDR3 and ATI “ Hollywood ” GPU 243MHz

The playstation3 has a much better processor. Its CPU velocity is clocked at 3.2 GHz, 256 MB XDRAM @ 400 MHz and 256 MB RAM GDDR3 @ 700 MHz.

The burden of games and faster public presentation depends extremely on the processor velocity. Nintendo Wii decidedly needs an ascent in footings of processor velocity.

Improved gesture detectors

The gesture detectors in the Nintendo Wii are non up to the grade. In some games the detectors really sensitive and in others they are non. The detectors are able to pick up manus motions if the Wii remote is placed in forepart of the detector saloon. With better and accurate gesture detection, participants can bask and play game more exactly.

Internet downloading and browse

The current version of cyberspace browser on Wii does non back up full version of cyberspace sites such as societal networking sites, as it lacks he memory to to the full download web sites. The console should be able to download and upload on the cyberspace, so that a user can to the full use the cyberspace browse. Websites like can supply the chance to watch any film streamed straight on the Wii system.


The Wii has been widely regarded as holding the weakest graphical capablenesss of the three rivals. The Sony Play station3 has the best artworks capablenesss of all. The Nintendo Wii in writing capablenesss are somewhat better than Playstation2. The Nintendo Wii ‘s artworks should be at least at 500 Mhz. such artworks give lucidity of the game and existent experience to the user.

Port for projector

The Nintendo Wii has merely 2 USB 2.0 ports and it does non hold any port for linking the console to a projector. The Wii should hold port for a projector so that if participants want to bask the gambling experience on a large screen, they can easy make so.

Webcam for picture naming

The Nintendo Wii2 will offer a webcam as an accoutrement so that the user can even watch his opposition while playing a multiplayer manner online. With camera users can snap images and do pictures of their ain for memories. One engineering which can be really interesting on the new console is the picture naming characteristic. The picture naming system like Skype can assist users to speak and see them in any portion of the universe. It can turn your console into a phone. All these applications can give added value to user as they can maintain in touch with their friends and household all over the universe.

The improved console will present a complete high-definition amusement experience with a built in Blu-ray participant, difficult thrust. The console will hold a port to link it to a projector so a user can see the merriment of playing on a large screen and with improved artworks, faster processor and better gesture detectors console will be the ultimate gambling machine.


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