Video Blogging In Promoting Independent Films Film Studies Essay

Lumiere brothers are frequently considered as the discoverers of gesture image even though a few others have come up with thoughts for traveling images earlier. When they invented film, little did the brothers knew that it would turn into a multi-billion dollar industry one twenty-four hours.

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Today Hollywood production houses invest 1000000s of dollars into film devising. But that ends with mainstream film. There is a batch of endowment world-wide which fails to undergo acknowledgment by this mammoth production houses. This is where independent ( indie ) film-making comes into drama. An independent movie is a movie which is supported financially by independent production houses or the crew themselves. These indie movies frequently stay off the mainstream audience and theatres, and are largely showcased in movie festivals around the universe.

As the cyberspace started blossoming and thoughts were exchanged across the universe in a affair of seconds, movie selling excessively started its journey through the web. Promos and dawdlers are one of the most viewed and shared content across societal networking sites. Indie movie shapers, who found this unfastened land and its exposure to be larger than they thought, besides easy started their journey towards online selling. This is where picture blogging found its infinite.

History of independent filmmaking

The starting of the independent movie can follow back in the 1900s film makers they resisted the control of a trust called the gesture image patents company or “ Edison trust ”

The gesture image company, founded in December 1908, was a trust of all the major movie companies ( Edison, Biograph, Selig, Kalem, American Star, Lubin, Essanay, Vitagraph, and American Pathe ) the taking distributer ( George Kleine ) . and the biggest provider of natural movie, Eastman Kodak.

In 1908 was besides the clip independent movie motion created.Certain film makers who believed in continuing the artistic unity of filmmaking instantly saw the built-in jobs with one corporation ( Edison Trust ) seeking to command their art signifier. Thomas Edison owned most of the Patents for the movie equipment that was used in the procedure of movie production, including the Patents for movie cameras, projectors and natural movie stock. He had created the first Oligopoly in the movie industry.

Thomas Edison was no friend of independent film makers in the early1900s. He was invariably conveying cases against independent film makers of that clip who were doing movies on a shoelace budget frequently with cameras and projectors they made themselves. But even when Edison was being a negative cat by oppressing the little film makers, something positive was go oning: the independent movie scene was being born to continue the artistic unity of filmmaking. Independent film makers were traveling West to Southern California so they could go on doing films far off from Edison ‘s attorneies.

The Independent film makers of the 1990 ‘s were non friends with Thomas Edison. The independent film makers were invariably brought under cases by Thomas Edison, the film makers of that clip where doing movies on a shoelace budget frequently with cameras and projectors they made themselves. Though the independent film makers were confronting so much negativeness from Edison, the independent movie scene was being born to continue the artistic unity of filmmaking. Traveling to West of Southern California was the lone manner for the independent film makers to do films off from the Edison ‘s attorneies.

In the early 1900s California offered broad unfastened terrain, mountains, oceans, comeuppances and great conditions for shooting films twelvemonth unit of ammunition. More significantly, California had the Ninth District Court of Appeals who were known to side with independent film makers on instances affecting Patent claims with the MPPC.

California in the 1990s offered broad unfastened terrain, comeuppances, mountains, oceans and great conditions for shooting films twelvemonth unit of ammunition. The Ninth District Court of Appeals was placed in California, who were known to side with independent film makers on instances affecting Patent claims with the MMPC.

Independent film makers shunned theA Edison Trust Corporation and continued to do smaller, yet more originative movies out in California. The sarcasm is that many of these “ independent ” film makers went on to go the Second Oligopoly in Hollywood a few old ages subsequently. Louis B. Mayer, the Warner Brothers and all the other innovators of the “ large six ” studios who fought Thomas Edison over his movie Patents all started out as independent film makers, contending the very thing they would go: corporate film makers seeking to command the movie market.

The Edison Trust Corporation was shunned by the Independent film makers, yet more originative movies out in California. A few old ages subsequently these independent film makers went on to go the 2nd oligopoly in Hollywood. Thomas Edison was fought by Louis B. Mayer and the Warner Brothers and all other innovators of the “ large six ” studios. Contending the really things they would go corporate film makers seeking to command the movie market.

By 1917 The Motion Picture Patents Company ceased to be. There were several grounds for its death, including a failure to gage and predict the involvements of consumers and a series of determinations by the Supreme Court of The United States in 1912 and 1915 that cancelled all of Edison ‘s MPPC Patents. In 1917, The Sherman Anti-Trust Act put an terminal to Thomas Edison ‘s control over the independent movie industry.

The Motion Picture Patents ceased to go out by 1917. Its death had several grounds, including a failure to gage and predict the involvements of consumers and a series of determinations by the Supreme Court of The United States in 1912 and 1915 that cancelled all of Edison ‘s MPPC Patents. Thomas Edison was put to and stop by the Sherman Anti-Trust in 1917, and removed Edison over the independent movie industry.

When the corporate executives back East in New York found out how great California was for doing films they decided to travel their money and their large companies west. Warner Brothers was incorporated in 1923 ( Hollywood, CA ) and the firstA major movie studio of the Second Oligopoly was born.

Corporate executives back East in New York decided to travel their money and their large companies west when they found out how great the California was for doing films. In the twelvemonth 1923 Warner Brothers was incorporated ( Hollywood, CA ) and the first major movie studio of the Second Oligopoly was born.

Meanwhile, things were a spot different over in Europe. On October 25, 1924 a group of British work forces established The London Film Society in England. The first meeting took topographic point at the New Gallery Kinema ( yes that is spelled correctlyA with a “ K ” ) in London on Regent Street. Their primary end with this organisation was to foreground artistic accomplishment in filmmaking. This was the first functionary group to organize a society to continue the artistic nature of filmmaking. They were the first guardians of the religion for the construct ofA independent movies.

Meanwhile in Europe things were a spot different. The London Film Society in England was established by a group of British work forces on October 25, 1924. The New Gallery Kinema in London was the first meeting took topographic point. To accomplish the artistic accomplishments in filmmaking was the primary end with this administration. To continue the artistic nature of filmmaking this was the first functionary group to organize a society. The religion for the construct of independent movies was foremost defended by them.

Some of the establishing members of the London Film Society includedA A H. G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Anthony Asquith, Maynard Keynes, Sidney Bernstein, Augustus John and Ivor Montagu. The first meeting included short movie showings ofA The WaxworksA by manager Paul Leni andA Champion CharlieA by Charlie Chaplain.

The London Film Society was the first Robert Redford and his Sundance Institute, times 10. Try to conceive of people like H. G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw sitting around a big tabular array speaking about short movies by Charlie Chaplain ( and the similar ) that they merely screened. These work forces were passionate about the art of filmmaking and they did non desire to see it be pushed aside by the outgrowth of the corporate movie industry. They praised foreign film makers like Sergei Eisenstein from Russia for doing movies likeA Battlship PotemkinandA Strike. This groundbreaking film maker offered new thoughts and movie redacting techniques with such things as collages and associating related scenes to make an emotional effect..

Independent German film makers in the 1920s were besides presenting horror and suspense movies that offered dark capable affair, alternate worlds andA interior ideas of characters on the screen. These types films were the really firstA independent movies. They were in blunt contrast to the hero-based additive plot line films that the major studios were zigzaging out back in Hollywood during that clip.

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s “ movie societies ” began to jump up all over Europe. Finally the thought spread to Hollywood California where the really thing these societies railed against ( large movie studios ) lived and prospered. Films likeA Un chien Andalu, a 16 minute 16mm filmA by earlyA independent film makers Luis BunuelA and Salvador Dali were the sort of movies these societies preferred. These moviesA were besides screened at small “ art-house ” theatres that were owned and operated on an independent degree. The film makers did non necessitate to hold immense theatres packed with people every dark to do their money back ( or even a small net income ) , for their movies cost barely anything to do.

TheA independent filmA industry was really slow during World War II ( as was the instance during World War I ) . European film makers were busy seeking to remain alive and American film makers were busy either traveling off to war or covering with the effects of it back place. Film stock andA movie productionA equipment were really difficult to happen during these times, non to advert crew and lab services were besides really scarce. Everyone was focused on winning the war and continuing our freedoms.

A few old ages after World War II ended American film audiences began to hunger more than John Wayne and Audie Murphy war films. They wanted more rational movies that addressed the issues of human society. Art-house theatres screened movies from other states that were non afraid to divert from the normal position quo of filmmaking. In 1950 Nipponese manager Akira KurosawaA A releasedA his film Rashomon, A a narrative about a adult female who is raped and murdered while walking through the wood. This movie emphasizes the trouble of obtaining the truth because of changing points of position, and it leaves the audience without a neatly tied up stoping.

During the 1950s the telecasting industry began to take off in America and this caused a major downswing in the net income curve for the movie industry. The large Hollywood studios tried to entice people out of their life suites and back into the film theaters by offering color movies on a broad screen format. Meanwhile, A independent filmmakersA began to do low budget infinite foreign films during the 1950s. Some were good, a batch were bad and some were downright classics.

One of the first foreign invasion-themed films of the Fifties was Christian Nyby’sA The Thing from another World.A This movie is a echt independent movie classic.A The narrative is about a group of scientists on a mission in the Arctic circle who find an foreigner ballistic capsule buried in the ice of a glacier. It was really ghost-directed by Howard Hawks, who was a outstanding Hollywood movie manager during that clip.

Although Howard Hawks had made tonss of movie classics that were considered to be goings from the usual studio movies includingA ScarfaceA ( 1932 ) , Merely Angels Have WingsA ( 1939 ) andA To Have and Have NotA ( 1944 ) they were all made within the major Hollywood studio system. This meant that artistic limitations were necessarily imposed. DirectingA The Thing From Another WorldA gave Hawks a opportunity to utilize his strong narrative manner to the full extent with an accent on character motivations and realistic duologue. Even in those yearss big-time Hollywood people strived to be portion of theA independent movie scene so they could do films without corporate commerce.

TheA movie festivalA construct has been around every bit long as the movie industry itself, but it truly started to go a fully fledged “ circuit ” in the sixtiess and 1970s. Peoples who loved independent movies realized that they could advance their passion by keeping a competition and do a small money at the same clip. This besides meant that independent film makers had another locale to showcase their movies other than in the little art-house theatres.

In 1978A theA Utah/U.S. Film FestivalA was established in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was founded by a BYU movie alumnus named Sterling Van Wagenen and Utah ‘s Film Commissioner at that clip John Earle. This festival was a 7 twenty-four hours long event that involved panel treatments, retrospective showings of independent movies and a movie competition for unknown, yet talented American film makers. Their overall ends for this movie festival were to lureA movie production companies to their State to convey in more money and to showcase gifted, but unknown American independent film makers. Little did they know that their bantam movie festival would finally go one of the biggest and most of import 1s in the world.A

In 1985 Robert Redford and his Sundance Institute took over artistic direction of theA Utah/U.S. Film Festival.A They changed the name toA The Sundance Film FestivalA a few old ages laterA and implemented a full-time staff that worked twelvemonth unit of ammunition. The festival location was moved from Salt Lake City to Park City ( a ski resort town in the mountains ) . The festival day of the month was changed from September to January and the running clip was changed from 7 yearss to 10 yearss. Money and media were injected into the festival, and film makers around the universe began to take notice. Major Hollywood movie histrions and studio executives besides started to take notice ofA Sundance, A and that was when things began to alter.

The Sundance Film Festival truly started to take off in the 1990s. Jim Jarmusch, Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and many other independent film makers launched their Hollywood callings with films at this low small movie festival.A

Presents, theA movie festivalA circuit no longer exists entirely for the intent of showcasingA independent filmsA and unknown independent film makers. All of the “ large six ” movie studios have a division for “ independent movies ” now, and they all have a Equus caballus in the race at every festival. There is a batch of media attending paid to movie festivalsA likeA Sundance, A Cannes, TorontoA and SeattleA and the major movie studios can non disregard it. They need to be portion of it in order to run into their quotas of 15-17 % of company 144s each twelvemonth ( coming from theirA independent filmA divisions ) .

Merely when it looked like the cigar-chomping corporate executives of the “ large six ” Hollywood movie studios were traveling to force the small independent film makers out of theA movie festivalA circuit, engineering came along and saved the twenty-four hours. Progresss in the equipment and computing machine plans that are used in theA movie productionA procedure have been monumental in the past decennary. Today ‘s digital cameras and sound equipment every bit good as digital computing machine redacting and effects plans are really high quality and really low-cost. A individual can purchase all the equipment they need to do a digital characteristic movie for approximately ten thousand dollars.

The procedure of filmmaking can now be in the custodies of anyone with a small spot of money and a great thought for a film. The playing field in the sphere of movie story-telling has been levelledA by technological progresss.

TheA independent filmA scene is booming today on the movie festival circuit. MoreA independent film makers than of all time before are subjecting movies to competitions and catching their small piece of this complex art form/industry.

The large Hollywood film stars and the independent divisions of the “ large six ” movie studios may be acquiring most of the media attending these yearss at movie festivals, but this is non such bad intelligence for smallA independent movies. While the movie festival limelight is reflecting on that large Hollywood studio film/independent movie ( disguised as an art-house movie ) the limelight may merely travel somewhat in one way where it may merely reflect some light down on that bantam small movie nearby that trades with a really of import topic, but cost about nil to do.

And so it would look that the current province of the independent filmA industryA is that it exists alongside the “ large six ” movie studios ( who are in camouflage ) on the movie festivalA circuit. The two industries exist like David and Goliath, but with more tolerance of each other these yearss. There is a symbiotic relationship between them that is much like a bird that rides on the dorsum of a river horse and cleans bugs off in exchange for nutrient and protection from marauders. They need each other in different ways. And allow us non bury that without this necessary connexion, the Hippo would eat the bird for tiffin

Independent Movies

Filmmaking besides takes topographic point outside of the studio system and is normally called independent filmmaking. Since the debut of DV engineering, the agencies of production have become more democratized. Film makers can conceivably shoot and redact a film, create and redact the sound and music, and blend the concluding cut on a place computing machine. However, while the agencies of production may be democratized, funding, distribution, and selling remain hard to carry through outside the traditional system. Most independent film makers rely on movie festivals to acquire their movies noticed and sold for distribution. However, the Internet has allowed for comparatively cheap distribution of independent movies ; many film makers post their movies online for review and acknowledgment. Although there is small profitableness in this, a film maker can still derive.

Specifying the phraseA independent filmA is likely related to an “ art ” . It can besides be variant to each creative persons in visualizing the subject and which is subsequently translate to the viewing audiences. The distinction on a large studio movies and little art-house type movie has been distracted in recent decennaries due to the infiltration of the “ large six ” Hollywood movie studios atA movie festivals.

The proficient definition of the phrase independent movie is: any film that was created with less than 50 % of the cost which use to do the “ large six ” major movie studios, which are Columbia Pictures ( MGM and UA ) , twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures/Touchstone Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios.

The most proficient and slightly more hard to use definition of the phrase independent movie is: any character-driven movie that is made outside the traditional Hollywood movie system with a really little budget and keeps the artist/filmmaker ‘s original vision integral without corporate corruptness, with an accent on character development and a strong, original and/or controversial storyline.A A A

The bosom of the independent movie industry has ever been in the movie festival circuit, but it truly began to take clasp of it in the late 1970s.A The Sundance Film FestivalA was created in 1978 to showcase unknown endowment and convey moreA movie productionA concern to the State of Utah.A SundanceA was a low small event in the beginning. It was all about showcasing independent filmsA and independent filmmakers.A

But the movie festival circuit has changed a batch since 1978. Hollywood stars are now demoing up in the movies that play at festivals likeA Telluride, Seattle, A Toronto, Santa BarbaraA andA SundanceA in an attempt to see a piece of the hard-core moving side of the movie industry, which is something they seldom get to see in big-budget studio movies.

The large studios have followed the film star ‘s way and now the movie festival circuit is full of films that are cast with large names feigning that cipher knows they are celebrated, and funded ( 50 % ) by sliver divisions of all the major movie studios ( Sony Pictures Classic, Fox Searchlight, Miramax Films, Warner Independent, Paramount Classics, Focus Features, etc… ) . Are these types of movies really “ independent movies ” ? The reply to that inquiry is really much open to reading by the person.

Some smallA independent filmsA achieve nil more than critical acclamation at movie festivals while others achieve that, every bit good as fiscal success. This can go on if a “ bombilation ” is created about a little movie. Independent movie distribution companies can offer a nice trade for independent movies that do good atA movie festivals. They need to provide films to 100s of states and 1000s of overseas telegram and satellite Television channels all over the universe. TheA movie festivalA circuit provides them with a batch of good, yet inexpensive movies to buy.

But every one time in a piece a little independent movie gets so much media attending at aA movie festivalA that it is purchased by a major movie studio and screened in major theaters all over the state. Case in point ; The Blair Witch Project. The first official public showing was on January 23rd, 1999 at the Sundance Film Festival.A Writer-directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez made this movie for $ 25,000. By the terminal of the festival they sold their film for 1.1 million dollars to Artisan Entertainment, who so went on to do $ 248 million dollars with this small film!

When a little movie hits the Large Time it is no longer considered to be anA independent film.A This is because of the non more than 50 % major studio support judicial admission that exists in the definition of the phrase independent movie. Even though the little movie was produced on a shoelace budget, the selling budget that the major studio implemented when they purchased the movie put it manner over the 50 % support class.

While the termA independent filmA may be defined merely in the oculus of the perceiver there is one certain characteristic that all true independent film makers possess that the big studios will ne’er hold, and that is the willingness to take hazards when they tell their narratives.

The “ large six ” movie studios are big corporations, and corporations of that size do non let risk-taking in their concern patterns. They will merely put in histrions and narratives that have already been proven to do a batch of money. This may take to to fiscal success, but it will besides take to originative stagnancy. It is this really ground that will ever forestall them from wholly commanding the movie festival circuit and theA independent filmA industry.

Independent filmsA are finally about original and originative story-telling byA independent film makers who are non afraid to seek new techniques or set their creative and fiscal cervixs on the line

History of Blog

Blogs ( a shortening of web logs ) became popular through their built-in simpleness of usage and additive, journal format.As personal web pages became more and more complex and disjointed, they fell out of favor. The clip, attempt and barrier to entry made them hard to get down and update. Even with easy-to-use tools, a bulk of web users were non traveling to plan and make their ain web page. The web log sprouted out of the spread left between the complex toolsets and complex web page hosting demands. Blog sites like and have a rich set of page templets that allow you to setup founts and colourss merely one time, and so make content everlastingly more.

Blogs technically have been around since about 1997 but did n’t derive popularity until 2001. Dot-com booming and busting left small room for a engineering that seemed to hold evaded the over-hyping epoch. As web log gained impulse as personal, topical and political position out-lets, people were already believing about where the engineering was headed.

Multimedia in a blogosphere

As with anything on the web, development ne’er sleeps. Text was great but images were better. Soon web log sites allowed image upload, giving more life to stations. And one of the first multimedia discrepancies of the web log format was the exposure web log, where each web log entry consists chiefly of a image, with some brief commentary.Another discrepancy of this is the minute web log, or nomadic web log, incorporating image, text, and little picture and sound and sound cartridge holders sent straight from a nomadic phone.

While photo web logs became popular rapidly after web logs, sound and picture took longer to emerge. Most blogging package rapidly added tools for uploading and hosting images. Since images do n’t take up that much bandwidth, they could be hosted right with the web log without being a fiscal load.

Audio and picture were a different narrative. The first barrier to entry for audio blogging was cost. In the first twenty-four hours of the twenty-first century, the bulk of US cyberspace was still dial up, and the cost of hosting web logs was tremendous. Added to this was uncertainness about the legality of administering on-line music, witness the saga of Napster. The licensing footings for even legitimate cyberspace wireless were now here near settled, and MP3 had n’t yet go the district attorney facto criterion.

For picture, these legal bandwidth and criterions issues were 10 times worse. Streaming, an effort to forestall copying by maintaining the information on the waiter and doling it out to media participant in little, arrhythmic balls, was the province of the art for on-line picture. Watchable picture, by and large ten times larger than sound when compressed was truly limited in distribution to broadband spectator on college or corporate webs.

The tools to make video web logs are going more common, less expensive, and better known to pupils. Camera-capable cell phones and digital cameras that can enter short picture sequences make it comparatively easy to get and post picture to the Internet. As content gaining control and redaction tools become more prevailing and easier to utilize, digital picture might go a important communications channel. Just as consumers are utilizing phones for sound recordings and subjecting them to Web sites that dynamically turn their files into a podcasts, the same could go on for picture and associated picture web logs.


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