Victimization of Women

Intimate Violent Victimization of Women What do you think are the most significant factors that explain violent intimate victimization? According to the article in chapter 4 on victimization the most significant factors that contribute to violent victimization is relational in nature. Specific factors include but are not limited to the following: 1) Family and date rape 2) Alcochol and drug abuse 3) Socio economic (disadvantaged) have higher instances of abuse.

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Even though I agree with the article; I also see runaways falling victim to prostitution in order to survive on the streets and are also abused by pimps and even in some instances by police. Why? I think that the data presented in this article reflects the history of mankind. When we look at how women were used as pawns to unite kingdoms during biblical times and even currently in various parts of the world.

In many countries because of religious rites and practices women have no say in what they desire or who they want to marry. There are Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries who will allow daughters to be killed if they do not abide by their parents wishes. Do you think that college administration and police adequately address the problem of date rape at your college? I know that my institution as well as institutions around the country have policies in place regarding date rape.

However, not having been involved personally or knowing anyone involved in a case I do not know the level of expertise that they use in handling of these cases. Do you think the criminal justice system takes intimate victimization more seriously now? Based upon many documentaries on abuse and the impact that it has on society, and families they are now taking women victimization more seriously, due to the murders of their abusers and law suits against police departments who failed to protect the victim.


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