Verizon Communications Inc Corporate Governance Finance Essay

Mr. Lowell C. McAdam is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Verizon communications Inc. He became Chief Executive Officer on August 1, 2011. Mr. Adam has risen through the ranks at Verizon to go the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

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From October 2010 until going Chief Executive Officer, Mr. McAdam served as President and Chief Operating Officer. Before this, he held important executive places at Verizon Wireless from its beginning in 2000 and was instrumental in constructing Verizon Wireless into an industry-leading radio supplier. He was President and Chief Executive Officer of Verizon Wireless from 2007 until October 2010, and before that served as the company ‘s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Before the formation of Verizon Wireless, Mr. McAdam held executive places with PrimeCo Personal Communications, a joint venture owned by Bell Atlantic and Vodafone AirTouch, AirTouch Communications and Pacific Bell. Mr. McAdam has served as a Director of Verizon since March 2011. Mr. McAdam has been a member of the Board of Representatives of Verizon Wireless since 2003 and has served as its Chairman since September 2010.

The entire sum of compensation that Mr. Lowell C. McAdam took in 2011 was $ 23,120,499. This compensation included the wage, restricted stock awards, non-equity inducement program compensation and alteration in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation net incomes as shown in the tabular array below.

Table 1.0 Compensation for Lowell C. McAdam

Compensation for 2011


$ 1,400,000

Restricted stock awards

$ 18,750,099

All other compensation

$ 480,719

Non-equity inducement program compensation

$ 2,362,500

Change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation net incomes

$ 127,181

Entire Compensation

$ 23,120,499

Mr. Lowell C. McAdam stock ownership for 2013 was 210,714 portions.

The Board of Directors

Who is on the board of managers of the company? How long have they served as managers?

There are 12 managers at Verizon. They include: –

Lowell C. McAdam. He became Chairman of the Board on January 1, 2012 ; Robert W. Lane who has served as a manager since 2004 ; Donald T. Nicolaisen who has served as a manager since 2005 ; Hugh B. Monetary value who has been a Director since 1997 ; Richard L Carrion, member of the Board of Directors of Verizon Communications, Inc. since 1995 ; Rodney E. Slater ( since March 2010 ) ; John W. Snow since 2009 ; Sandra O. Moose who has served as a manager since 2000. Other managers include Joseph Neubauer, Melanie Healey, Clarence Otis Jr and Martha Frances Keeth whose term of offices are non clear.

Mr. Lowell C. McAdam is the lone indoors manager since he is the main executive officer.

Some of the managers of Verizon Communications Inc. hold other places of CEOs in other companies. They include Robert W. Lane, Joseph Neubauer, Hugh B. Price, Richard L Carrion, Clarence Otis Jr and John W. Snow.

Mr. Lowell McAdam C. holds the most portions of all managers with 210,714 portions.

Share Voting Structure

There are differences in voting rights across portions. For illustration, portions outstanding have voting rights and represent ownership in the corporation by the individual that holds the portions whereas exchequer portions are portions held by the corporation itself, holding no exercisable rights.

The incumbent directors own merely a little portion of the entire equity ( 0.01 % ) as compared to establishments that own 56 % and Fundss that own 28 % .

Fiscal Market Concerns

Many analysts follow the house since it is one of the biggest telecommunication corporations in the universe. Some include Forbes, forenoon star etc.

The stocks of Verizon Communications Inc. , which is in the diversified communications services industry, trade at the New York Stock Exchange. The mean stock trading volume is 12,596,916. The stocks trade at an norm of 45 dollars and the market capitalisation is about 130.48 billion dollars.

Social Constraints

Verizon shows emerging strength on environmental direction, corporate administration, workplace diverseness, and community dealingss. The company has established a Corporate Responsibility Executive Council composed of senior executives, which identifies issues, establishes precedences, paths consequences, integrates corporate duty into the company ‘s concern operations, and studies to the board of managers. Verizon is working to cut down its nursery gas ( GHG ) emissions through its aggressive energy preservation plan and is presenting new energy-saving engineering and alternate fuel beginnings. The company late released a human rights policy, which references the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, given the company ‘s history of labour dealingss jobs, including allegations of anti-union tactics and decreases in rewards and benefits, it is of import that it spread out its policy model to beef up protections for its employees consistent with the International Labor Organization ( ILO ) nucleus labour criterions. Verizon besides has a history of workplace safety accidents, though the company has improved its public presentation in recent old ages, cut downing hurts and conformity misdemeanors.

II. Stockholder Analysis

Major Direct Holders ( Forms 3 & A ; 4 ) include:

McAdam Lowell C at 210,714 portions, Mudge W Robert at 18,698 Shammo Francis 2at 4,219 Milch Randal S 2 at 20,218 and Reed Marc C at 20,112 portions as at Feb 14, 2013.

The insider holders of stock include:

Carrion Richard L. ( manager ) with 1245 portions, Chestnut Roy H. ( Officer ) with 238 portions, Gurnani Roger ( Officer ) with 10,804 portions, McAdam Lowell C. ( officer ) with 210,714 portions, Mead Daniels ( officer ) with 12,003 portions, Melonie Antony J. ( officer ) with 7,515 portions, Milch Randal S 2 with 20,218 portions, Mudge W Robert with 38,698 portions, Neubauer Joseph ( manager ) with 17,022 portions, Price Hugh B. ( manager ) with 58 portions, Reed Marc C. ( officer ) with 20,112 portions, Ruesterholz Virginia P. ( officer ) with 4,087 portions, Shammo Francis ( officer ) with 24,219 portions, Stratton John G ( officer ) with 19,005 portions and Tauke Thomas J. ( officer ) with 6,957 portions.

The figure of establishments that hold portions in the company are 1493 who hold 56 % of stock at Verizon.

The company is listed in the Buenos floor, Argentina.

Insider Retentions

The insiders in this company include:

Ivan G Seidenberg who is the former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Lowell C. Mcadam, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Daniel S. Mead, Executive Vice President, President and Chief Executive Officer – Verizon Wireless Joint Venture

Francis J. Shammo, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Virginia P. Ruesterholz, Executive Vice President and President – Verizon Services Operations

Randal S. Milch, Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Insiders hold 0.01 % of stock in the company. Most of the insiders have been selling portions in the last twelvemonth.


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