Values, Health Perception Essay

This family’s values consist of unity and trueness. They pattern unity through ever being honest with each other and holding good household ethical motives directed by the Bible. Loyalty is besides expressed through valuable clip spent together as a household unit. Health is defined by exerting and eating wellness diets. Making healthy nutrient picks and take parting in activities as a unit enable them to progress their wellness as a household.

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Thin proteins such as poulet. thin beef. land Meleagris gallopavo. whole grains and pastas and veggies constitutes a normal repast. Whole grains and pastas consists of brown rice and quinoa. Vegetables are enjoyed natural. steamed and on occasion baked. With this being said. nutrition is really of import to this household and they recognize that eating healthy provides the energy that they need to go on to make the things they enjoy. They besides feel better when repasts consist of healthy points and appropriate helping sizes. In an attempt to eat healthy. the household limits their household repast excursions to one time or twice a hebdomad.


In order to fix for a good night’s remainder. a dark clip modus operandi is established. The household normally gathers in forepart of the Television after dinner to “unwind” . Showers are taken prior to bed in attempts to aide in drowsiness. The female parent of this unit peculiarly enjoys reading in bed as it makes her “relax and makes [ her ] feel drowsy so that [ she ] can fall asleep faster” . The male parent enjoys uncluttering his phone of any unread messages and electronic mails as a manner to fix for the following twenty-four hours and have a clear “ending” of the twenty-four hours.

Work. drama and remainder is a changeless reconciliation act for most households and this household is no exclusion. With the female parent being a stay at place female parent who works independently from place. homeschools their girl. serves as the financial officer for the church board. involved in her daughter’s miss lookouts troop and is the president for the District Bible Quiz Meet she seldom has a free minute. The female parent attempts her best to put her working about household times and agendas herself a exercise first thing in the forenoon. The forenoon exercise helps acquire raise her energy degrees and get down “the twenty-four hours out right” . Evening clip is dedicated for household clip for both parents and kid in which they do at least one activity as a household.


Water is the chief drink of pick for this household with the exclusion of the male parent who thinks java should come intravenously. The household eliminates all sugary drinks and sodium carbonates with their repasts. The girl on select and rare occasions is allowed to order a soft drink with her repast on an excursion every bit long as its caffeine free. In add-on to imbibing H2O and unsweetened tea. the female parent enjoys her day-to-day helping of Shakelogy ( a protein shingle ) that aides her in being “more regular” . The female parent and girl both have a history of irregularity in which the female parent has learned how to contend this conflict through diet. exercising and H2O ingestion. Her girl. up until age 9. struggled with irregularity daily and frequently needed to take Miralax to aide in riddance. Now that the girl is older. a Shakelogy modus operandi has besides been formed. Like the female parent. this has aided in going more regular in riddance forms.


As already mentioned. activity and exercising is practiced by this household daily. The female parent and male parent jointly are working out together in an in-home exercising plan designed for weight listing. The girl is extremely involved in Girl Scouts and walks and hikings are frequently incorporated into the girls’ excursions. The male parent enjoys running and takes the Canis familiariss on an eventide tally every twenty-four hours. They besides have discovered that through diet and exercising. they have been able to guard off complaints. unwellness and have gained energy.


The hubby suffered a traumatic encephalon hurt while functioning in the Army 15 old ages ago. As a consequence. the hubby struggles with depression. low self-esteem. memory loss. problem concentrating. temper swings. impulse determinations. etc. The hubby takes medicine on a regular basis to help with these side effects. However. memory loss is something that will ever be a battle. Forgeting things often is thwarting so this household has learned to accommodate and get the better of this but integrating calendars. utilizing his iPhone. and supportive encouragement by his married woman who aides him in retrieving of import things.

The married woman has a household history of Alzheimer’s and both her aunt and grandma passed off from the disease.


None of the household has a centripetal shortage such as have oning spectacless or hearing AIDSs. The household prevents extra strain on the eyes by doing certain to hold equal lighting when executing activities such as eating dinner. reading. prep. etc. Television is besides watched at a sensible sound volume and they ne’er watch it in the complete dark.


Self-perception is of import in this household and they don’t speak negatively to each other as a manner of maintain self-perception. Even during an statement. linguas are bitten and negative words are refrained as to avoid negative ideas and actions. If something does go on to be said. apologies are ever given. As mentioned earlier. the hubby suffers from depression and low self-pride at times due to memory loss. the female parent is ever encouraging and ne’er blowing up or degrading in her words. Life is perceived as being created by God and something that is to be considered cherished.

Role Relationship

As caput of the family. the hubby is the religious and chief fiscal supplier for the place. The female parent takes attention of the place which includes jobs. homeschooling their girl and works a portion clip occupation from place. Helping with jobs and any assignments that may be given are fulfilled by the girl. She is required to assist feeds the Canis familiariss. clean her room and aid in jobs throughout the house.


As a married twosome. it is of import for them to do and take clip for each other. They do non deny one another if sex is desired or needed by the other spouse. Sexual activity is required in a healthy relationship and is recognized as assisting to keep a intimacy and united relationship between the two. Spending quality clip with each other is besides of import in doing certain to let for and maintain a flicker between them reserved for familiarity. The twosome has recognized that by keeping quality clip spent together. it impacts their love life in a positive manner which reflects in their day-to-day life by diminishing battles. tenseness. etc.


Grieving has been experienced as being sad the loved one is gone but non feeling hopeless. They find this hope in that their household knows who God is and that they will someday be reunited together in Eden. Communication is supported by supplication and active hearing. Death can be a nerve-racking clip. and as with most nerve-racking state of affairss. the household finds that praying helps de-stress them. By taking nerve-racking emotions. there is less crossness. less active and snarling at one another. Not taking snarling at or crossness as a personal onslaught besides helps the household support each other during heightened nerve-racking times.


Impaired memory related to TBI as evidenced by jobs retrieving things ( Ackley. Betty J. Ladwig. Gail B. ( 2011 ) . p. 538 ) . This diagnosing is of import for the household due to the fact that the father/husband suffered a traumatic encephalon hurt in the Army. As suggested by Ackley. intercessions would include utilizing different cues such as “alarm tickers. electronic organisers. calendars. lists…to trigger certain actions at designated times” ( p. 539 ) . This household already is on their manner to helping with the impaired memory by utilizing such devices. Hazard for irregularity related to alter in usual feeding forms ( Ackley. Betty. . Ladwig. Gial B. ( 2011 ) . p. 268 ) . If this household were to stop utilizing the Shakelogy. the irregularity may or may non return. With the girl and female parent both holding a chronic history of irregularity. alteration in usual feeding forms could decidedly be a hazard factor.

Ackley. Betty J. . Ladwig. Gail B. ( 2011 ) . Nursing Diagnosis Handbook ( 9th Ed. ) . pp. 268. 538- 539 ) . St. Lois. MI.


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