Using Film Language To Read Architectural Space Film Studies Essay

“ Narrative ” in Latin means stating a narrative, “ architecture ” can be defined as an art signifier or aA practiceA of planing and building. Harmonizing to these twoA definitions, narrativeA architectureA meansA anA artA of planing and constructingA buildingA toA conveyA a narrative. In different types of architecture, the narrative architecture is more functional and the use of this type of architecture is more direct. It is aA pieceA ofA constructionA that tell us a narrative, by utilizing theA infinite, A materialA and lighting. It needs theA imaginationA from designers toA transformA aA plotA into a infinite so theA meaningA of this infinite what toA expressA should be felt byA spectator.A This type ofA architectureA can helpA the audienceA toA understandA the narrative behind thisA spaceA by remembering their life experiences and construct upA thierA ownA perspectives for this space.A In order to do it easier for the audience to understand, utilizing the linguistic communication of otherA artA which can be aA mediumA of pass oning thoughts. Therefore, presenting movie linguistic communication intoA architectureA seems possible and easy to understand, becauseA the filmA is one of the most direct ways to state the narratives based on entering the world of human life style. TheA termA of narratives can beA understood as a series of interrelatedA events, characters and actions out of which theA audienceA so make aA fictionalA universe relied on their personalA understandingA of these narratives.

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Since most narratives come to us with spreads and information narrated out of order, one of theA spectator’sA primaryA taskA is to retrace theA taleA in footings of itsA fictionalA clip and infinite, but besides toA clarifyA theA causeA that affects the relationship between elements. ( Richard Neupert,2007 ) Looking at movie andA infinite, gives theA spectatorA a direct contact withA the narrative, which can assist the people a multi-understanding of the tale.A ButA the fact is that the movie and narrativeA architectureA isA complementary to each other.

Trying toA exploreA the relationship betweenA architectureA and theA designA of narrative infinite, utilizing theA narrativeA featureA inA the filmA toA improveA the representation of narrativeA spaceA designA will be emphasizedA byA the writerA in this essay. It will concentrate on discoursing the similarity between movie andA narrativeA architecture, andA addressA theA possibilityA of using montageA theoryA toA improveA the constructs of narrative architecture.

The definition

What is a movie?

Harmonizing to new oxford English lexicon, movie is a thin flexibe trip of plastic or other stuff coated with light sensitive emulsion for exposure in a camera, used to bring forth exposure or gesture image.

Depending on the definition from the lexicon, the movie can be recognized as an art signifier, whichA recordA theA realityA of the present universe into traveling images under the different position, thenA editA these images inA timeA orA spaceA orderA followed by the narrative the movie want toA Tell, A finallyA present them combined withA visualA and sonic effects.

What is narrative architecture?

As Monaco said in his book to back up the relationship between movie and narrative architecture: ‘The audience should take part physically in the infinite of a production every bit good as in its narrative, has led to an even more intimate brotherhood of play and theoretical ( Monaco, 2000:60 )

Based on the definition above, theA narrativeA architectureA can beA seenA as aA spaceA non onlyA effectA the senses ofA human, but besides provide a psychological consequence which can be translated intoA a seriesA ofA motionalA linguistic communication as aA storyA theA architectA wantA toA express.

The ground for utilizing movie linguistic communication into narrative architecture

If the narrative architecture is several formed infinites with Oder attempt to state a narrative to the audience. The inquiry how to convey the logic thought into a narrative and transform it into a piece of architecture should be paied attending in the pre-design work. More and more architect began to set their reply into pattern attempt to explicate their apprehension. As it shown on many museums, galleries or other narrative infinite design, narrative could be translated into architectural signifier by envelope stuffs, path, event, suites, and besides odor, sound and light effects. The narrative could be found beyond those all. The spacial psychological science these elements provide give the visitant a direct contact with the narrative. Therefore developing the spacial psychological science of narrative infinite seems the primary undertaking for the design procedure.

The movie chief by utilizing ocular effects to excite the mental understanding, has already developed a alone linguistic communication to pass on with audience. The shot technique, the redacting method, the presenting consequence has been used as the movie linguistic communication to tanslate the emotion and textual narrative into traveling image so e-understand as the similar emotion by witness. Establishing on the disscusion above utilizing the movie linguistic communication into narrative architecture aid witnesss understanding the narrative designers want to state and the emotion designers want to show, seems to be a sensible pattern.

The development of movie linguistic communication ( collage ) represented in The narrative infinite

Depending on the analysis above, it seems that utilizing filmA languageA in the presentation of the narrative infinite, gives the audienceA aA uniqueA position when reading the narrative space.A AndA the narrative thisA spaceA wantsA toA tellA is understoodA appropriatleyA by utilizing thisA artA linguistic communication.

“ Collage ” as the most celebrated movie presenting technique, has been recognized as the commen sytax in movie linguistic communication. The particular consequence this technique nowadays can be conclude as one word: “ complex ” .

It use the complex film editing, follow an specific Oder, complex several unrelated traveling image together, consequence a concluding emotion writer want to show. As Pam cook ( 2007 ) described in his book: ‘The most celebrated scenes in battlewagon Potemkin provide a dramatic illustration of collage maps to make struggle on many degrees at one time, actuating intricate and multiple reactions from the audience. The Odessa steps go an impossible narrative infinite, because clip and infinite are distorted instead than clarified. ‘

The following undermentioned portion will concentrate on the case-studies of utilizing movie linguistic communication into narrative architecture design or utilizing movie linguistic communication reading an architecture design and the movie linguistic communication will be emphasized below is “ collage ” .

The instance survey

The instance survey is traveling to analyzeA three exampleA of movie linguistic communication utilizing in narrativeA spaceA design and explicate the ground whyA thesA spaceA is easy to understand the narrative behind.

Incidentallyi??theseA practiceA toA doA aA narrativeA infinite partially based on the montage-analyzing. MontageA thinkingA used in these threeA museunA was presentedA as several different elements shown below:

1 Color andA intersectionA of infinite

2 Lighting and forms

3 TheA spaceA order, A unrelatedA several differentA shapeA ofA spaceA beA orgnizedA as the exhibition hint.

Case study1: China National Film Museum

CHINA NATIONAL FILM MUSEUM ( CNFM ) is one of the world’sA largest professional museum.A Founded in 2005 inA jubilation of 100 old ages of Chinese film, CNFMA isA designedA to showcase the history of Chinese film, A to host movie technologyA exhibition, A academic exchanges andA research in order toA advanceA cinema civilization bothA in China and worldwide.

Sing theA inside, theA thingA that make it alone is the usage of coloring material. The interiorA is madeA up of three basic stones.A TheA colourA of them are black white and grey, which can be understood as the background colour.A Thanks to thisA darkA andA heavyA background, A colourA ofA yhrA elephantine glass windowsA reallyA stand out.A When the visible radiation go through these Windowss, the beauty of the buildingA arisesA with the delightA touchA ofA colourfulA light reflecting on the surface of the background rock. The interior infinite is aA riseA of collage, which is nil like the traditional dingleA lineA intersection. The ground of this design is toA showA the imbrication backwards andA forwardsA filmA productionA history.

This is one of the mostA classicalA caseA utilizing montageA thinkingA toA presentA a infinite, The colour changing and blending provideA anA chance to witnesss to research their ain experienceA dueA toA theseA assorted representation. Peoples built their ownA understandingA depending on theA identicalA self-experience and happening the narrative theA spaceA creatorA wants toA tellA in their ain exploredA manner.

Case study2: entries in a Design Competition in 2007

This MuseumA was designedA toA tellA aA trueA narrative asA implicitA for all peoples who savedA andA lifeA untilA the following generation.A Come back is aA religion, and the narrative this designerA wantA toA presentA will get down fromA hereA andA expandA intoA ourA memories

When museum was built as a memorial.

Where infinite was made as memorial topographic point.

When event and path were created as a secret plan of narrative.

When homo was born as the participant.

And Allah was merely one topographic point for hope.

TheA spaceA creatorA putA thisA storyA into pattern and expressed hisA feelingA of this narrative as theA diverseA spaceA altering and theA imaginativeA lightingA system. The utilizing ofA brilliantA illuming system provide aA vividA plotA bringA us into theA darki??onlyA hadA fearA and anger.A ThusA when endorsing to the peace andA brightA topographic point, it is likeA lost everything. Lost theA house, farm, money, and besides peoples who lovedi??Can lead people go into the emotion ofA the peopleA from the earthquake.A peopleA through this brilliantA complexingA ofA spaceA and lighti??complete aA processA of reading aA narrative. This can be recognized as another successfulA caseA of collage utilizing inA architecture.

Case study3: Dogged captives of war museum

It would be safe to state that most designers haveA interestA of playing with forms and signifiers. The signifier of aA certainA buildingA usuallyA riseA the “ first feeling ” of the edifice. InA caseA of signifiers whichA fallA toA catchA people’sA oculus, people would be more likely to disregard or even unaware its being.

Since theA formA is soA of import, what is theA performanceA advantage of theA formA of captives in the war museum?

This is stating a narrative of the yesteryear of a captive of war. Peoples paid small attending toA specialA populations, and captives of war museum is non merely about the foreign state. There is no such independent marquee saloon. Prisoners of war areA the soldiersA who non willing toA killA in the war. They are like a rock, in the resistless force of the onslaughts on the tear with the nextA twistA with cleft, but they stillA maintainA theirA integrityA ofA characterA and their blue artlessness. TheA architectA is planing this as a get downing point to get down: the rock, sing the distortion of local harm but still full ofA tensionA to keep theA shapeA anti-earthquake flat. The texture outlines theA overallA frameworkA of fair-facedA concreteA buildingA wallA roughA metaphorA they gray life, and dark ruddy pulverization at the top, which tells the symbolic significance about the agony with the shed blooding bosom sinking.A It represents theA imageA of the edifice damaging while still casting though.A The architecturalA formA sharpA angles on eachA sideA areA reflectedA Iron out theA kindA of captives of war never-say-die spirit.

Of class, havingA the formA ofA architectureA is non enough.A The design of this exhibition focused on the temper of the building. Architects hope that thisA buildingA to be created for the audience of the particular groups of captives of concern.A However, sing theA exhibitionA hall onlyA holdA 40 exposure, the designers began toA realizeA the importance of the architectural thoughts: “ I hope that captives of war museum Building to be a solution of these cherished exposures emerging into the audience to state the whole painful experience of captives of war – one time the destiny of the anti-Japanese soldiers.A ” As an designer is toA mobilizeA all touchable andA intangibleA meansA to make a moreA artisticA entreaty to show the temper and ambiance.

A Sing the general design, 40m * 34m square plane is divided into two parts irregularly implemented an existent state of affairs of a practical exhibition of H2O for the infirmary, during which the roof leaked a moisture-free infirmary as a passage. The entryway marquee designed as a wall Jiazhi Byzantine channel. Visit before come ining the galleries, the audience during a visit to the exhilaration caused by the other hall, the temper will be active in this infinite by bit by bit quiet down. Museum of the door into the captives of war from the minute the audience has ever been a heavy ambiance, surrounded by nerve-racking conditions, interrupting with architectural signifier, deformed texture consistent to travel back to salesroom is a uninterrupted sequence of turns and bends of the infinite.

In this uninterrupted sequence of enclosed infinite merely in the narrow courtyard, and the high walls of places leaked out a little hole one hole through which to detect merely the trees to conceive of an out-of-door terrace that unlimited wide Sky.

A In add-on to sequence hall, exhibition suites into the deeply 5-7m, narrowest point is merely 3m, this position of the audience can merely shut if the exhibits – exhibits of captives of war exposure aid beef up the ocular impact.

A After sing the galleries full section, the audience will come in an enclosed outdoor infinite – Water Institute. Water Court so that they can go forth the captives in the museum used to hold a memorable topographic point to believe. The surface simpleness of the room softly so that people can halt and reexamine and analyze the destiny of captives of war in this particular population, reflect a misinterpretation of their community who inspire us and unjust to those used on the battleground. Been unyielding battle against the Nipponese people should understand.


We all know the art of collage is aA uniqueA public presentation of a movie method, but collage is the first architecturalA term, which meansA composing, assembly. Often used for the three humanistic disciplines, which explained the significance of clip and infinite interrupting with people to collage redacting practices.A HoweverA when mentioning collage forA the film, it is aA perfectA reading. Such as Charlie Chaplin to the multitudes of workers into the factoryA gateA toA catchA the lens, and the sheepA were drivenA interface with the lens ; Pudovkin the spring thaw of glaciers in the lens, the lens and workers ‘ presentations of convergence together toA raiseA eA theA originalA public presentation to a new significance. Eisenstein Eisenstein, Sergey that willA linkA togetherA the lens out, the consequence of “ notA two Numberss, but instead the merchandise of twoA Numberss. ” We nowA exploreA whether this film can beA veryA commonA and narrative attack when constructing the perfect tantrum, possibly it should be called an accent onA traditionalA accomplishments and who can break better it.

There is no uncertainty that using the movie ‘s collage which carries certainA uniqueA means ofA expressionA on developing theA buildingA design construct wouldA bringA more inspirations.A In consequence, it would be more likely toA achieveA anA architectureA that can expressA certainA narrativeA to flawlessness.

Using the movie linguistic communication ( Montage ) to read the Narrative Architecture might be the best manner to understand and basking these narrative infinite. The truth isthat the movie linguistic communication reading is fundamentally more suited for the infinite with narrative component but can non be used as a common method. The relationship between collage and architecture particularly narrative architecture should be concerned systematically. Depending on the geographic expedition of the relationship, hope more inspiration of the interaction between movie and architecture would be stimulated in the hereafter.


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