Understanding The School Curriculums Role Education Essay

It ‘s deserving understanding the school course of study plays important functions in schooling where pupils can acquire good instruction, cognition, accomplishments and values as schools have good policies, high qualified instructors, adequate stuffs, and other supportive things. So the course of study will be influenced by reflect the manner in which policy shapers, instructors and society by and large view the nature and beginnings of cognition.

Anyhow, Schools are of import institutes and they develop civilization or environment which may be favourable or unfavourable to actuating alteration and the execution of inventions. Developing the school civilization or environment is of import for school decision makers such communicating with pupils, parents and the community, and the creative activity of a school clime of high outlooks and answerability. A school which may be with a comparatively unfastened clime, where instructors communicate with other instructors or interact with pupils and where the principal and supportive instructors is more likely to seek to implement a alteration and they may see as an effectual school. The grade of instructor lovingness and interaction with pupils has a important impact on dropout rates, and that the impact is strongest for pupils. School successful in covering with dropout reference overall school clime in order to ease pupil battle ( Kennelly and Monrad, 2007, p.11 ) .

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1.2. Rationale to Sovannaphumi School in term of an Effective School

The school that I will take to believe about the effectual school and be familiar with it is Sovannaphumi School, SPS, located in St.184, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.

In response to the market needs, Sovannaphumi School was established in 2009, owned by Mr. Chea Thialy, intends to carry through the client demands, consist of bing clients and possible clients. Sovannaphumi School provides a comprehensive scope of General English Program for full-time and parttime classs from kindergarten to secondary ( K-Level 12 ) . SPS was established academic partnership with all NTC ‘s concern units and other establishments and organisations both locally and internationally. In its committedness to supply life-long acquisition chances, SPS offers relevant and practical preparation for its pupils and staff. It is a high standard school equipped with modern academic installations and stuffs to back up and ease the instruction in category. It has developed and innovated school plans and academic course of studies every bit good.

In term of an effectual school, SPS has established its ain statement of Vision and Mission in order to take the school with high quality instruction and acquisition in instruction.

Related to Sovannaphumi School, one of an effectual school, it has ain feature of how to be an effectual school or active school when we compare the 8 features of effectual school, stated in chapter 10 by Paul Morries. p.p. 123 -124.

1.3. Thesis Statement

The intent of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences between certain effectual features applied in Sovannaphumi school ( SPS ) and 8 features of effectual school stated in the text edition about the Hong Kong School Curriculum, Development, Issues, and Politicss by Paul Morris, 1996. p.p. 123-124.

‘Clearly stated educational ends ; a well-planned and organized plans for run intoing the

demands of its pupils ; a systematic and identifiable procedures for finding educational

demands in the school and puting them in order of precedence ; a committedness to acquisition and an

outlook that pupils will make good ; a high grade of staff engagement in developing

school ends and doing determinations ; a motivated and cohesive instruction force with good squad

spirit ; Principal is concerned with his ain and his staff ‘s professional development, and able

to do the best usage of his staff ‘s accomplishment and experience and chief ensures that the school ‘s

plans are on a regular basis reviewed and that advancement towards their ends is evaluated. ‘


Definition of An Effective School

Harmonizing to Lamb & A ; Rice ( 2008 ) noted that effectual school which has these sorts of specific features such as:

‘Strong leading, a clear focal points on accomplishment, supportive and positive school civilization or clime, including supportive relationship among pupils and instructors, good communications with parents, and targeted plans that address the demands of different groups of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. The plan, designed to raise degree of pupil battle and keeping, focal point on bettering pupil accomplishment and cut downing achievement spreads, bettering the quality of relationship between pupils and instructor, spread outing options, turn toing public assistance demands and raising pupil assurance and self-pride. ‘

The First Difference between Suggested Aspects and Sovannaphumi School ( SPS )

Clearly Stated Educational Goals in Chapter 10: School must province the exact

ends to all implementers who will carry on the plans in larning and learning.

Educational Goals at Sovannaphumi School: This school has clearly stated the

educational end. This SPS end permeates all facets of the plan to run into the mental, physical, and societal demands of the pupil. SPS will strongly supply the pupils with qualified instruction at the present clip and in the hereafter. This school has its ain motto named ‘Learning to Grow. ‘ This school builds support and committedness for the school ‘s development program. In contrast, SPS may non inform this information to learning staff. The school ‘s ends are limited to a little figure of chiseled ends that apply to all kids in the school.

2.3. The Second Difference between Suggested Aspects and Sovannaphumi School ( SPS )

2.3.1. A Well-planned, balanced and Organized Program for Meeting the Needs of its pupils: School must be ready to run into the pupils ‘ satisfactory. All plans at school must be certain linked with the good academic course of study.

2.3.2. Well-planned and Organized Program at Sovannaphumi School: Comparison to this point, SPS have developed system for be aftering their ain plans to run into the pupils. SPS use the academic course of study, and excess course of study. This school has implemented the school-based course of study to promote the schools to follow the demands of pupils. Furthermore, the school usage Model the values promoted by the school. See appendix A. , but this school may bury to ask for the teaching staff to take part in fixing and forming school plans.

2.4. The Third Difference between Suggested Aspects and Sovannaphumi School ( SPS )

2.4.1. A Systematic and identifiable procedures for finding educational demands in the school and puting them in order of precedence. School should hold the clear process for making policy and specific be aftering to run into school ends. Making-decision must be determined with formal guidelines for affecting teaching staff and other of import people. This characteristic did non advert about the occupation duty for whom makes policy determination and implements it.

2.4.2. Puting policies for the schools and be aftering to do the school success. SPS has functions and occupation duties of school direction. The Decision devising is approved by the proprietor, general manager. It is besides related to the fiscal instance. School course of study readying has been made by a group of school direction. SPS has schemes for instructors to affect the school determination devising. See appendix B, but in existent pattern instructors have non been participated in this determination devising. Teachers have no clear occupation duties during their work.

2.5. The Fourth Difference between Suggested Aspects and Sovannaphumi School ( SPS )

2.5.1. A committedness to acquisition, and an outlook that pupils will make good. School should happen all effectual methods in instruction and acquisition and motivate students to larn their school topics. School should hold the warm advice or consultancy in order to promote them to analyze difficult and receive high class. In contrast, this characteristic should advert about the instructor committedness. For illustration, pupils have commitment to larn, but instructors do non hold committedness.

2.5.2. Comparing to Sovannaphumi school pupils seem non to perpetrate their acquisition even the school have clear policies. Some pupils come to school, non experiencing much to larn, but some have committedness to larn. SPS may non hold clear policy of weak students or pupil ‘s job. Anyway, SPS has policies to actuate the outstanding pupils and the method appraisal of pupils larning. Students will acquire high class if they follow school policy or/ and course of study. See appendix C.

2.6. The Fifth Difference between Suggested Aspects and Sovannaphumi School ( SPS )

2.6.1. A high grade of Staff engagement in developing school ends and doing determinations. This references about high staff engagement. But it did non province the staff who has deficiency of experience in engagement and is afraid of sharing thoughts or information in order to develop school ends and doing determination.

2.6.2. Some teaching staff at SPS has high cognition and thoughts to affect in the defining of school end and some have deficiency of experiences. See appendix B. Besides this, SPS have encouraged instructors to go to the preparation class of school engagement in schooling.

2.7. The Sixth Difference between Suggested Aspects and Sovannaphumi School ( SPS )

2.7.1. A motivated and cohesive instruction force with good squad spirit. Teachers have good cognition and high grade at school. School should hold good morality and good environment in working topographic point and construct good relationship between principal and instructors.

2.7.2. Some instructors are less motivated in their instruction. They can supply the positive feedback of the school procedure but they are allowed in some restrictions. Principal are disquieted about instructors who have non graduated. School encourages them to larn more, but they have to pay by themselves. It ‘s a sort of less motive.

2.8. The Seventh Difference between Suggested Aspects and Sovannaphumi School ( SPS )

2.8.1. Principal is concerned with his ain and his staff ‘s professional development, and able to do the best usage of his staff ‘s accomplishment and experience.

2.8.2. Principal at SPS is concerned with the capacity edifice of instructors. Teaching developing class is of import for orientating new class book.

Principal is confident in long experience instructors and supply more research of new techniques.

2.9. The Eight Difference between Suggested Aspects and Sovannaphumi School ( SPS )

2.9.1. Chief ensures that the school ‘s plans are on a regular basis reviewed and that advancement towards their ends is evaluated. Before using school course of study and policies, chief must be cognizant of school ends and efficaciously implement those procedures.

2.9.2. Before running the school, principal has reviewed some plans to utilize in acquisition and learning such as text edition, stuffs, working procedure, school policies. By the terminal of the twelvemonth, principal will be after to measure the school end by utilizing cardinal public presentation indexs, analyze the school accomplishment and rating signifier. This school does non inform the KPI of staff rating, and school procedure yet. We are non certain who will be the best implementer in schooling. See appendix D.


Features of an effectual school in this book is of import for Sovannaphumi

school, specially for school principal and instructors who are cardinal public presentation implementing the school end. SPS is an effectual school, even its features is different or similar to the features of an effectual school in text edition by Paul Morris. These features are indispensable for cardinal public presentation, instructors and other people in school. These features provides clear focal point and high outlooks for staff and pupils, strict instructional plan, larning environment, instructional leading, school-based professional development, partnership with organisations, parent and health professional battle, instructor, pupil voice and engagement and this can bring forth the integrating of engineering into learning and larning. So I can urge that any schools which use these sorts of features will be an effectual school, be benefit for pedagogues who want to develop their school as an effectual school in order to make the school end.


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