Turkcell Swot Analysis Essay Sample

Leading nomadic operator of Turkey Established in 1992 and It’s operated since 1994 The lone Turk In NYSE Europe 2nd largest Mobile operator 34 million endorsers in Turkey 62 million endorsers in 8 states 35th in INFO Tech 100 list. Bloomberg Businessweek

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Gartner CRM Excellence Award Best Use of Technology award by Loyalty Awards Oscar of the best Mobile Advertising Service ‘Tone & A ; Win’ Best New Service class in World Communication Awards with 3G and Fiber connexion service.

Current Market Situation

Avea 19 %

Vodafone 25 %

Turkcell 56 %


Keeping market and technological leading while retaining competitory advantage. Increase client satisfaction and trueness through bettering customer’s experience. Keeping growing through new investings and concern theoretical accounts.

SWOT Analysis Strengths

Well established 4G and Fiber services with really high velocity. High merchandise development and market development competences ( like Mobile selling and nomadic banking ) Employee wages and subdivisions are above the industry criterions. High engineering web control centre offering 24/7 coverage.


Operating cost in non low-cost for some topographic points in Turkiye emerging markets like Africa. India and South America. Merely Turk Telekom has Adsl and landline substructure. Required financess for enlargement


High prestigiousness and client trueness. Strong and stable economic betterment of the state. Broadband transmittal will increase dramatically during the coming five old ages Huge dependance on wireless-enable devices ( pilotage devices. digital camera and societal media High consumers expenditure in application shops. Increasing demand for nomadic services in many developing parts in Middle East and Africa.


Service and merchandise imitation in tough industry environment. Low cost and monetary value scheme of rivals. Dainty of providers sole understandings with rivals. Merged companies like Turk Telekom. TTnet and Avea.


Use the high velocity 4G and fiber web for fullfilling the extremely increasing demand for informations services and multiply net income of it. Reducing runing costs in developing states by more R & A ; D in concern procedure. Stabilize in the current Euro Asia market. Partnership or long-run understandings with providers.


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