Travel Agency Research Essay Sample

A travel agency’s chief map is to move as an agent. selling travel merchandises and services on behalf of a provider. Consequently. unlike other retail concerns. they do non maintain a stock in manus. A bundle vacation or a ticket is non purchased from a provider unless a client requests that purchase. The vacation or ticket is supplied to them at a price reduction. The net income is therefore the difference between the advertised monetary value which the client wages and the discounted monetary value at which it is supplied to the agent. This is known as the committee. In many states. all persons or companies that sell tickets are required to be licensed as a travel agent. In some states. air hoses have stopped giving committee to go bureaus. Therefore. travel bureaus are now forced to bear down a per centum premium or a standard level fee. per sale. However. some companies still give them a set per centum for selling their merchandise. Major circuit companies can afford to make this. because if they were to sell a thousand trips at a cheaper rate. they still come out better than if they sell a 100 trips at a higher rate.

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This procedure benefits both parties. It is besides cheaper to offer committees to go agents instead than prosecute in advertisement and distribution runs without utilizing agents. Other commercial operations are undertaken. particularly by the larger ironss. These can include the sale of in-house insurance. travel usher books and timetables. auto leases. and the services of an on-site Bureau de alteration. covering in the most popular vacation currencies. The bulk of travel agents have felt the demand to protect themselves and their clients against the possibilities of commercial failure. either their ain or a supplier’s. They will publicize the fact that they are surety bonded. significance in the instance of a failure. the clients are guaranteed either an tantamount vacation to that which they have lost or if they prefer. a refund.

Many British and American bureaus and circuit operators are bonded with the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) . [ 3 ] for those who issue air tickets. Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing ( ATOL ) for those who order tickets in. the Association of British Travel Agents ( ABTA ) or the American Society of Travel Agents ( ASTA ) . for those who sell bundle vacations on behalf of a tour company. A travel agent is supposed to offer impartial travel advice to the client. However. this map about disappeared with the mass-market bundle vacation and some bureau ironss seemed to develop a ‘holiday supermarket’ construct. in which clients choose their vacation from booklets on racks and so book it from a counter. Again. a assortment of societal and economic alterations have now contrived to convey this facet to the bow one time more. peculiarly with the coming of multiple. no-frills. low-cost air hoses.

Several countries of a travel agency’s focal point wage committees to the bureau which becomes it’s chief income. These chiefly are: auto leases. sail lines. hotels. railroads. rubber-necking Tourss. circuit operators. etc. A fixed per centum of the chief component of the monetary value. is paid to the agent as a committee. Committees are non paid on the Tax constituent of the monetary value. With respect to Air Travel nevertheless. committees are going a thing of the yesteryear. In the United States. most airlines wage no committee at all to go bureaus. In this instance. an bureau normally adds a service fee to the net monetary value. Reduced committees have taken topographic point since 1995. when first committee decreases hit North America: a cap of $ 50 on return trips and $ 25 on one manner. [ 4 ] In 1999 European air hoses began extinguishing or cut downing committees. while Singapore Airlines did so in parts of Asia. [ 5 ] In 2002 Delta Air Lines announced a zero committee base for USA and Canada ; after a few months United Airlines. American Airlines. Continental Airlines. Northwest Airlines. US Airways and American Trans Air joined Delta. [ 6 ]

Types of bureaus
There are three different types of bureaus in the United kingdom: multiples. miniples and independent bureaus. The former comprises a figure of national ironss. frequently owned by international pudding stones. like Thomson Holidays. now a subordinate of TUI AG. the German multinational. [ 7 ] It is now rather common for the big mass-market circuit companies to buy a controlling involvement in a concatenation of travel bureaus. in order to command the distribution of their merchandise. ( This is an illustration of perpendicular integration. ) The smaller ironss are frequently based in peculiar parts or territories. In the United States. there are four different types of bureaus: mega. regional. pool and independent bureaus.

American Express and the American Automobile Association ( AAA ) are illustrations of mega travel bureaus. Independent bureaus normally cater to a particular or niche market. such as the demands of occupants in an upmarket commuter town or suburb or a peculiar group interested in a similar activity. such as featuring events. like football. golf or tennis. There are two attacks of travel bureaus. One is the traditional. multi-destination. out-bound travel bureau. based in the arising location of the traveller and the other is the finish focused. in-bound travel bureau. that is based in the finish and delivers an expertness on that location. At present. the former is normally a larger operator like Thomas Cook. while the latter is frequently a smaller. independent operator.

Airline consolidators and other types of travel consolidators and jobbers are high volume gross revenues companies that specialize in selling to niche markets. They may or may non offer assorted types of services. at a individual point of entree. These can be hotel reserves. flights or car-rentals. Sometimes the services are combined into holiday bundles. that include transportations to the location and housing. These companies do non normally sell straight to the populace. but act as jobbers to retail travel bureaus. Normally. the exclusive intent of consolidators is to sell to cultural niches in the travel industry. Normally no consolidator offers everything ; they may merely hold contracted rates to specific finishs. Today. there are no domestic consolidators. with some exclusions for concern category contracts.


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