Traffic Violation Recording System for POSO-Dagupan City Essay Sample

Information is really of import in a recording system. Designation is critical information for the constabulary service. public. authorities and any jurisprudence enforcement bureau. The right usage of information is extremely dependent on the available information system. Law enforcement bureaus with the enterprise to better efficiency and effectivity in the service proviso. they computerized their systems. Different informations such as location. personal information of those who outrage a certain jurisprudence are being integrated utilizing the capablenesss offered by engineering. As old ages base on balls by. the development of engineering have created chances for the effectivity and efficiency of a computer-based system and the betterment of bing 1s. In a underdeveloped state. the bureaus or any of their organisations have to follow to the new challenges of the environment they are in.

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As society is increasing in figure and progressing in engineering. jurisprudence enforcement bureaus have to travel with the tendency or they will be unable to run into the demands of society. In America. created a Traffic Violation Recording System which includes the monitoring a vehicles. The systems determine whether the vehicle is go againsting a traffic regulation and records of the image of the vehicle and a camera when the vehicle is detected for misdemeanor. In the Philippines. the Traffic Enforcement Unit is one of the four traffic operations Division under the Department of Public Order and Safety that proctors and prepares statistics. informations and studies on the traffic lawbreakers and responsible for carry oning traffic way with the coordination of Metro Manila Development Authority ( MMDA ) . They implement and enforce traffic regulations and ordinances in metropoliss to cut down unwanted incidents that may affect bush leagues and to maintain the streets by and large peaceful.

In achieving their aims. a computer-based system is present in their operation that provides them a fulfilling consequence. No uncertainty that in Pangasinan particularly in Dagupan City. the demand for developing engineering was excessively slow to make chances or an effectual and efficient computer-based system. Like in any other state where population is high. incidents are increasing twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. The Public Order and Safety ( POSO ) is one of the active jurisprudence enforcement bureaus that is responsible in supervising the safety status of the automobilists and maintains orderliness in the public main road in the metropolis of Dagupan. To present a quality service in the community. a computer-based system that is suited in managing a Traffic Recording System is what they need. It will assist them to supply a faster. more dependable. and more efficient manner of make fulling information that provides security and manage violator’s record alternatively of utilizing manual system. The advocates would wish to implement this survey for a better managing of violator’s record of the POSO. Aims of the Study

This survey aims to plan and develop a computer-based Traffic Violation Recording System for POSO-Dagupan City. The following are the aims of this survey:
1. Completeness
System has to incorporate all the of import facts that are needed to hive away the needed file of the lawbreakers.
2. Accuracy
System must be free from mistakes.
3. Seasonably
System has to be delivered and treat the information of the lawbreakers at the right clip.
4. Security
Data Security merely authorized individual is allowed to entree the information.
Significance of the Study
This survey will profit the undermentioned entities:
Community. This may assist bring forth involvements among the populace and private organisation or sector utilizing engineering to carry on a faster and efficient computerized recording system as a reliable option to the manual procedure of adding. updating of the records and a methods that best guarantee informations security. POSO-Dagupan. This may be a great aid to the POSO in heightening and incorporating its system through fast filling and accessing of records and pull offing of import information in an efficient mode. Advocates. This survey will assist the pupils to make a computing machine based system. Future Researchers. This survey will profit and assist the hereafter research workers as their usher in doing related survey.

Scope and Boundary line
This survey intended for the direction of violator’s record of POSO-Dagupan City. Computer-based that will supply user friendly package no demand for an internet entree. Store the personal information of the lawbreakers such as: Name. Age. Address. Contact Number. Gender. License Number. Plate Number and the misdemeanor including the sum of punishment. This will non include the manner of payment of the lawbreakers and omission of the file. Definition of Footings

Computer based system- a system which uses a microprocessor or computing machine for commanding or put to deathing undertaking it is designed. – a system which best use to do work easier done by a computing machine. Data Security – this refers to the assurance of safety that which secures or makes safe for maintaining information. – confidence that all information of lawbreakers will non pervert. Proponent – one who makes a proposal

Traffic Violation – province of being violated
– which will be stored in entering system of POSO-Dagupan. Technology -technical execution for the control of equipment.

Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature and Surveies
Related Literature
Most route accidents result from human mistake and sloppiness on portion of the drivers. Many researches find out that with the aid of a computer-based system. accidents are reduced. The creative activity of such systems can greatly better the traffic safety and main road betterment of any jurisprudence enforcement bureaus. Harmonizing to the Research Meetings with Traffic Accident Section from PNP Traffic Accident Report from Manual of direction and illustrations wrote the traffic accident information system plays a really important function in commanding traffic system particularly in Metropolitan Cites despite of several restrictions. Most common systems were designed to roll up informations utilizing standardised psychological graduated table and for efficient aggregation. coverage and monitoring of route traffic accidents.

Harmonizing to Nejati. O ( Sept. 23. 2011 ) provinces in his research for Smart Recording Traffic Violations via M-FRID that this sort of system is a great aid for jurisprudence enforcement bureaus in record direction. In this system. the record of lawbreakers are firmly monitored and kept. In this system includes the velocity tracking detectors and is used for despatching traffic misdemeanor to traffic section waiters. Drivers would experience the constabulary presence on roads and as consequence they obey traffic Torahs more than of all time. The International Journal of Information Management ( 2002 ) is an international peer-reviewed diary which aims to convey its readers the really best analysis and treatment in the underdeveloped field of enforcement direction.

Phillip Hills is the editor in this diary that focuses on high quality documents that address modern-day issues for all those involved information direction and which make a part to progressing information direction theory and pattern. The challenge for information direction is now less about pull offing activities that collect. shop and disseminate information. Rather. there is greater focal point on pull offing activities that make alterations in form of behavior of clients. people. organisations and information that leads to alterations in the manner people use information to prosecute in cognition focussed activities.

Information direction covers a broad field and promote from diverse countries of pattern and scenes including concern. wellness. instruction and authorities. The Operation and Traffic Management Research. states that Law enforcement bureaus must keep accurate. easy accessible records of the information that is relevant to the jurisprudence enforcement and public safety in their community. Like the traffic direction system it is design to assist jurisprudence enforcement forces in a sort of record-keeping undertakings. Local Surveies

Assorted efforts have been made to better Traffic Law Enforcement Operation. Different computer-based system arises to run into the demands of society. As old ages pass by this system was develop and supply efficient and effectual consequence in the Law Enforcement Agencies. The Metro Manila Traffic Navigator. the Philippines foremost digitized information system created by Skyway Somco was officially launched last August 2012. A joint undertaking of the MMDA and News. the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator is an online system that provides users a unrecorded and up-to-date traffic position of different paths in the Metro Manila. This system is a user-friendly so it’s easy to utilize and understand. It will let automobilists to see latest updates on the traffic state of affairs in Metro Manila. assisting them to take the most convenient route to take.

The said system provides route user with information and updates on deluging during heavy rains and bad conditions. Intelligent Transportation System ( ITS ) is to turn to Metro Manila Traffic Congestion ( 2009 ) created by Regina Jewel M. Macababbad improves the capacity of bing transit systems. ITS nowadayss feasible solution to traffic congestion jobs instead than concentrate merely on the intensive route substructure developments and betterments. This system besides use in traffic direction. appraisals and suited informations aggregation. The chief end of ITS is to better the overall efficiency of transit system. Some developed states have attained progresss in recognizing benefits of ITS in footings of safety. efficiency and improved transit system. Philippines were blessed for holding ITS that provides a really good and hearty public presentation.

The Traffic Management Group ( 2008 ) created a Traffic Accident Information System which monitored the traffic accident in Metro Manila. The system maintains the traffic signal control for the Metro Manila Area. It collects and summarized traffic accident from all constabulary territories. Accident record maintaining has been given much precedence in this system by concerned authorities bureaus. But this system didn’t work efficaciously in their operation. Some of the accident information available in constabulary files is all frequently uncomplete. It didn’t supply a precise information direction.

Foreign Surveies
The Saher System ( 2013 ) Saudi Arabia launched a system to do roads safe called The “Saher” is a state-of-the-art traffic direction system that can supervise vehicle and track them utilizing a licence home base acknowledgment engineering. Some traffic visible radiation are equipped with stationary and nomadic cameras that record traffic misdemeanor. When a misdemeanor is committed. the system request information from the Traffic Center Database and issues an automatic ticket. Now it’s working on all chief through menus in the major metropoliss. it is supervising traffic misdemeanors as they happen. The Intergraph Corporation Part Of Hexagon Group ( 2013 ) created an Integrated System for Police Record Management. In which. constabulary section can update. portion. and entree critical informations via-one centralised database. This system enables to make an incorporate and centralised constabulary records direction for reserving informations unity and heightening section efficiency. The best solution for the jurisprudence enforcement direction from instance direction records to information on accidents and discourtesies. This system provides them a fulfilling consequence.

Ciolli. Robert ( Toorak. AV ) ( 2005 ) created an machine-controlled traffic misdemeanor monitoring system a method for tracking. placing and entering traffic misdemeanors. The system improves traffic sensing and provides comprenhensive misdemeanor informations as an evidentiary record for traffic misdemeanor enforcement intents. The sides looking cameras better the ability and efficiency of tracking a vehicle and improved traveling between assorted field of position. while keeping a positive designation of the vehicle and an improved ability to measure a traffic misdemeanor such as go throughing the incorrect side. The U. S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still utilizing this system.

Chapter 3
Methodology of research and Sources Data
Tool in the Development Procedure
The advocates will utilize Microsoft Access 2007 to do and develop the
system. The Microsoft Access 2007 is a computing machine application used to make and pull off computing machine based databases on desktop computing machines. Method usage in the Development of the System

Software Engineering is of import factor to do the system more executable for execution. and at the clip same to cut down the Numberss of mistakes that may be committed the Rapid Application Development ( RAD ) theoretical account is focused on integrating of the different bing faculties. The advocate had chosen the RAD because it has appropriate and it’s tantrum with the advocate system. The RAD theoretical account is composed of four ( 4 ) procedure ( 1 ) Requirement Analysis ( 2 ) System Design ( 3 ) Development & A ; Integration ( 4 ) Software Validation.

Procedure to Developing the System
The first procedure is Requirement Analysis. This phase was of import since the undertaking designation and choice of the POSO’s demand must be identified. analysed. prioritized and manage. The advocate takes the importing gathered and show inputs. procedure and outputs the System map. The 2nd procedure is System Design. In this phase. it composes of planing database and users interface based on information gathered on the other system. Planing the construction and logical design of the propose system for more executable execution in the procedure. The 3rd procedure is Development Integration.

The single plan units or plan that were develop and incorporate that gives thoughts to guarantee that the package demand will run into as complete system. The last procedure is System Validation. Involves rectifying mistake which were non discovered in earlier phases of the life rhythms. bettering the execution of the system units and heightening the system service as new demand are discovered and extra inputs and alterations when the system demands for it. To find the acceptableness of the system. following graduated table will be used by the user to rate the system. Scale Corresponding Remark

4. 50-5. 00 Excellent
3. 50-4. 49 Very Good
2. 50-3. 49 Good
1. 50-2. 49 Fair
1. 00-1. 49 Poor
Research Instrument Use
The aggregation of the information is needed to look into the premise of the advocate for these ground. the proponent employed different technique in roll uping informations. Interview. From the interview. the advocate acquired informations on the jobs encountered in the bing method hence. helping them in explicating their aims. Observation. This method aid the advocate to explicate solution that will finally reflect in the design of the proposed system. It gave information to the advocate on what possible technique. operations and agreement to be implemented. Internet. The proponent utilizations cyberspace to garner relevant information about the proposed survey.


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