Tourism development in New Zealand

Executive Summary
Tourism development in New Zealand is the result of different factors that permanently interact with each other, all being crucial in the overall strategy success. New Zealand’s tourism policies and planning strategies are efficient, although there is still need for an efficient implementation. Nevertheless, the stakeholder involvement and collaboration is a key reason for development and economic growth. However, in order to maintain a healthy economic growth and a continuous development, more partnerships need to be implemented between the tourism stakeholders. Moreover, marketing and sustainability issues need to be carefully addressed. Giving the remote location, as a destination New Zealand is highly dependable on its marketing strategy. However, it has been proven that the country can successfully promote itself, while marinating a high level of sustainability. In this respect, it can be argued that although improvements can be made, New Zealand is overall successful in addressing its sustainability issues. Overall, the country inspires travellers to value nature, tradition and culture, being aware of their importance for both visitors and local people.
Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. New Zealand’s policies and planning strategies
3. Stakeholders’ involvement and contribution
4. Destination marketing
5. Sustainability issues
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
1. Introduction
In the last decades tourism has reached a point where it influences to some extent almost every industry, while being a major player in many aspects of people’s existence. A perfect example where the tourism industry represents a great deal of importance on both the people and the region itself is New Zealand, this sector contributing to almost 10 per cent of the GDP while providing employment for 1 in 10 locals (TIANZ, 2012)….

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