Touching Spirit Bear Essay

In the fresh Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen he discuses the thought of ethical motives. As the reader reads the novel it is filled with many of import lessons from many positions. Understanding that all these lessons made Cole a better individual. The most of import lessons learnt from the book are life is what you make it. forgiveness. and that people can alter. The lesson “life is what you make it” was a large portion of the novel. But besides this lesson was brooding.

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When Edwin asked Cole to travel to the stop deading pool. he gave him a stick and says that the right terminal of the stick represented felicity while the left terminal represented choler. Cole broke the anger side of the stick. until he recognized that everytime he broke off the angry side it appeared once more. Edwin teaches Cole that choler could non be wholly destroyed. “Yes. was a large trade. It was a party. It was a banquet. It was a sharing and a jubilation. All because that is what I made it. Yours was merely nutrient because that is all you chose for it to be. All of life is a hot Canis familiaris.

Make of it what you will. I suggest you do your clip here on the island a jubilation. ” ( Pg. 166 ) The hot dog besides represented that life is what you make it. Cole made his hot dog merely a field hot dog. While Garvey on the other manus made his hot dog with great attention. Garvey’s hot dog was a jubilation because that’s is what he intended it to be. Cole made his hot dog merely a field hot dog and it did merely that. The sky besides symbolizes this lesson. Cole had the determination to look at the clouds or the Sun. If Cole had looked at the clouds he would believe the conditions would be cloudy.

If Cole had looked at the Sun it would look as if it was cheery outdoors. If we were to look at life as a atrocious and awful topographic point that’s how life is traveling to be. because that is how we made it. If looking at life as a joyful. beautiful topographic point that’s how life is traveling to be lived. It will be lived like a jubilation! Observing every minute of life and life everyday to the fullest. Throughout the novel. Cole is challenged to forgive and to gain forgiveness. Cole had to be willing to forgive himself and those who had hurt him.

A batch of forgiving had to be done before Cole could to the full mend. First. he was to forgive himself. “You’ll dance that dance when you’re ready. ” ( Pg. 184 ) Garvey said to Cole tie ining to the dance of choler. For most of the fresh Cole was full of so much choler. but by dancing the dance of choler. he let travel of some of his emotions and forgiving those who had hurt him. After Cole’s extract of fury of choler Cole was non every bit angry as earlier. he will ever cognize that choler was inside of him but he had the picks to allow travel and forgive those who had hurt him.

He was so ready to travel on. Cole could non to the full travel on without Peter’s forgiveness. Next. Cole needed to assist Peter. Cole was genuinely regretful for what he had done but needed to turn out that to Peter and his household. He needed to demo Peter that he trusted him. and he wanted to see if Peter could swear him. So before he started his healing. Cole asked to convey Peter to the island to give him a new start. He wanted Peter to acquire the 2nd opportunity at life merely like Cole had gotten a 2nd opportunity in the circle justness.

This lesson is really of import to the book. It teaches that forgiveness is the start to traveling on. It shows us that Cole got a 2nd opportunity by forgiving and having forgiveness. Cole experiences utmost choler throughout the novel. He was even known and portrayed as a really angry individual. As Cole gets to understand the thought of forgiveness and the beauty of life he changed to go a better and a peaceable individual. There are no bad people in the universe merely people who make bad picks.

Cole made several errors in his life but has learnt from them and is traveling through taking dips in the freezing pool. turn overing the ascendant stone to acquire rid of his choler so he would non do the errors of choler taking over him once more. The Cole foremost sent to the island was experiencing consumed by choler. resentment. and the feeling to unwillingness to alter. While the Cole at the terminal on the novel is a normal male child that is seeking command his choler jobs and seeking to gain forgiveness from others. After Cole had changed he seemed to believe that the island could alter anyone.

Cole thinks to himself that he has truly changed. “He felt like a new and a different individual. ” ( Pg. 198 ) That’s why he wanted to convey Peter. the male child who had tried to perpetrate suicide twice after Cole had beaten him up to the island to see if he can alter on the island and have another opportunity at life. like Cole had received. At the terminal. both Peter and Cole changed spiritually and mentally. The lesson “People can change” is an of import lesson from the book because even Cole the juvenile delinquent had changed into a normal teenage male child commanding his choler.

The most of import lesson that Cole learnt was that life is what we make it. to forgive and to gain forgiveness. and that anyone can alter. Cole ever had the options to populate life merrily but he ne’er knew how to get down. But as he learned from the lessons taught to him by many positions. he now knows how to get down populating life without the choler taking over him. he knows how to command his choler. Cole is now more knowing looking at the right terminal of the stick. focus oning his life on the Sun non the clouds. and doing his life a jubilation.


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