To Kill a Mockingbird Loss of Innocence Essay Sample

Many immature kids view the universe as if it is the best topographic point of all time. that everyone is a sort and soft individual. But as the same childs get down to travel to school they learn that what they thought was non true. One of the first things they learn from their parents is to non to speak to aliens. At that minute they realize the universe may non be all butterflies and angels. In fresh the To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Scout. Scout. who is a immature guiltless miss. has learned through a crisis faced by the town that the universe is an unjust topographic point. and towards the terminal she begins to understand the lessons she has learned.

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Lookout is about to turn six when the book begins. Lookout and her brother Jem have met a new child named Dill. and they play throughout the summer. The Begin playing the backyard every twenty-four hours. They are moving out characters from Tom Swift and The Rover male childs. Then they try to acquire Arthur Radley ( Boo ) to come out. These playful Acts of the Apostless are meant to do to harm. they do non cognize that what they are making may be bad.

While these games go on. they reach appoint where they about acquire killed by Nathan Radley’s scattergun. That dark they realize that what they have been making is existent and has effects. During Christmas they receive air rifles from their male parent. but are told non to hit mocking birds. They did non understand why until Miss. Maudie told them that mockers don’t do any injuries except provide music for everyone to hear. The test that her male parent was about to take portion in was altering her life.


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