TNK-BP Company Essay

TNK-BP is an oil company that was created by the international oil company BP and Russian pool AAR ( Alfa Group and Access-Renova Group ) . It’s a range confederation since: 1. BP and AAR’s relationship is spouses. they are non rivals. Harmonizing to the transition. although AAR has some concern to make with oil. viz. Sidanco. But it was chiefly focus on banking. retailing. telecommunications. media and vodka. but BP is the oil company. which evidently is making oil concern for life. So they seldom portion things in common before TNK-BP. 2. Their part of resources is different. Russia is known to be the largest oil and gas modesty state in the universe. and AAR has entree to these monolithic nature resources.

And BP was the 2nd largest private sector oil company in the universe ; it has retailing operations over 80 states. So as it stated in the transition: ”a landmark joint venture that brought together BP’s know-how with Russian natural resources” 3. The nature of confederation is different. For BP. because of the increasing demined in developing states such as Chinas and security jobs in Middle East that threats the oil supply. it has to look for new oil Fieldss to research in order to procure the proviso of oil in the long term in the hereafter. And for AAR. it has resources. but it needs the western expertness and capital to work its huge energy militias. So they really have different intent.

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Harmonizing to the definition of the nexus joint venture. besides known as range confederation. it’s “driven by complementarities between spouses. -contribution of complementary competencies and assets
-strategic move is different for each partner”

So TNK-BP is a perfect tantrum in. there’s no uncertainty that TNK-BP is a range confederation.


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