Tim Burton

Some people say Tim Burton is crazy; however, I think he is a genius. The way he chooses different cinematic techniques to express the feelings in the scene is just brilliant. Two of Burton’s trademarks are bottom lighting, and low angles. Tim Burton uses these cinematic techniques in order to enhance the fact that his characters are dark in many scenes and also to make the viewer feel scared of them. Tim Burton in Edward Scissorshands uses low angles in order to create suspense.

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For example when Jim yelled at Edward and told him to leave, Edward stormed off in rage, and started to cut everything in his path and while Edward was on a destructive rampage, the camera was getting lowered at the same time. This use of angles makes the character seems bigger and it makes them seem powerful and threatening. Also in A Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton uses lots of bottom lighting to install fear in the viewer. For example, whenever the camera is on a close up of Jack Skelington, lighting seemed to be coming from the ground.

This use of lighting makes shadows on the character’s face and it makes the viewer know for sure that Jack has a dangerous and evil sense to him. Tim Burton uses these cinematic techniques consistently throughout his movies, not just the ones I’ve stated. Tim Burton, although does seem a bit insane at first, is not crazy at all. If people just take a little time to appreciate all the all the time, and effort he puts into his work I think people will understand that he is truly a great director.


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