There Are Many Advertisements Directed at Children Such as Snacks, Toys and Other Goods. Parents Argue That Children Are Under Pressure. Advertisers Claim That the Advertisements Provide Useful Information. What Is Your Opinion?

There are many advertisements directed at children such as snacks, toys and other goods. Parents argue that children are under pressure. Advertisers claim that the advertisements provide useful information. What is your opinion? If you are careful enough, it is easy for you to find some advertisements, like snacks, toys and other goods, using children as selling target. When referring to that kind of phenomena, many parents hold their worries that children are under pressure. When children still do not have their own recognition and principle in their hearts, they can be influenced by those colorful TV commercials and big billboards easily.

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Taking the ads of snacks for example, KFC has always been opened near the theme parks which are full of children, and most children will be attracted by the striking cartoon image of the KFC uncle and get into the KFC to have child’s meal, however, having much junk food, like fried chips, hamburgers and carbonated beverages must be harmful to children health. In addition, many children will hope to acquire more toys than their classmates after they see so many toy ads from TV, which leads to terrible behaviors of comparisons among the children.

On the other hand, advertisers hold the view that the advertisements just show much useful information for the customers. For normal people, it is possible a convenient way to get familiar with the products from the TV commercials. People can make sure quickly that it is the products they need through this way, even if some TV commercials expand the function of items. All in all, it is impossible to let the advertisements directed at children disappear. Accordingly, maybe parents should take measures to develop the ability of judgment for their children, so that their children can cope with that kinds of advertisements more sanely.


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