The Weakest Argument of Thomas Aquinas’ Five Ways Essay

Thomas Aquinas’ weakest statement is. without a uncertainty. the statement from step. In Aquinas’ 4th manner. God is defined as the Absolute Being which. in a sense. is used as a yardstick for the measuring of all qualities. There is a belief that some things are better than others. which can be applied to all things. but can it truly be applied to everything? Is one rose better than another if equal in age and attention? Who determines which 1 is better? If there were two indistinguishable twins. is one better than the other? Aquinas believed that things are good merely in proportion to how closely they resemble that which he considers perfect.

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Therefore. if there is nil that is perfect. there can be nil that is good. But this is non needfully true. Who defines flawlessness? Isn’t the construct of flawlessness based upon the qualities and standard set by the percipient? Is God viewed as perfect through the eyes of a Diabolists? What if a Satanist’s position of flawlessness is straight opposite? Aquinas’ goes on to state that if anything is good. there must be something that is perfect. and with this in head. Thomas Aquinas stated. “Therefore there must besides be something which is to all existences the cause of their being. goodness. and every other flawlessness ; and this we call God.

” But one time once more. this is non needfully true. Perfection is in the oculus of the perceiver. Aquinas believed that all things in our experience must possess some grade of flawlessness in order to be. but this is non true. Simply put. if there is a God that is perfectly 100 % perfect. so one must accept that there is something else that is perfectly 100 % progressive. If this is true. so it has perfectly no grade of flawlessness which negates Aquinas’ belief. In add-on. who measures the flawlessness of God?

And if one agrees that the flawlessness of God can non be measured. so one must accept that God does non be. Aquinas believed that all things that exist display steps from greater to lesser flawlessness. but this is non true. Can fire hold a step from greater to lesser flawlessness? Once once more. who determines or specify what is great and what is non? And if Aquinas uses this to turn out the being of God. he is at the same time turn outing the being of something that is wholly opposite of God. something wholly non good. wholly evil ; Satan.

There is a step that we find among things from more to less and frailty versa. Just as Aquinas believes that everything that exists possesses some grade of flawlessness. there must be a being that is the cause of the decease. devastation. pandemonium. immorality. and any other imperfectness of animals ; Satan. Simply put. this is the weakest statement of Thomas Aquinas’ Five Ways to turn out the being of God. It leaves to many gaps for unfavorable judgment and incredulity.


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