The Vice President, the product manager and the misunderstanding Essay Sample

Mr. Brewster as being the Misunderstanding in the instance was promoted to a place as the Assistant Product Manager which he was comparatively unfamiliar. He wasn’t given adequate clip to cognize more of his field. And shortly a meeting was called by the Vice President ( Mr. Smith ) to all merchandise directors to discourse selling schemes. Since his immediate superior. the Product Manager ( Mr. Reynolds ) can’t attend the said meeting. he was asked to stand for and for him to derive more cognition to his occupation. But. Mr. Smith had no thought or bury even. due to brief debut of Mr. Brewster by his immediate higher-up that he was new to his occupation and that he was merely asked to stand for the meeting. And during the meeting when asked for updates by Mr. Smith. that’s where the misinterpretation happen. that besides hurt Mr. Brewster’s self-worth. Mr. Smith was annoyed to the feedback he got from Mr. Brewster that he was visibly unprepared. Mr. Smith known for his bluntness got no control. announced to them as Mr. Brewster as the illustration of sloppy staff work. On the other manus. the VP innocently humiliated Mr. Brewster on that affair for he assumed that everyone should be prepared with their studies.

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To do everyone cognize or give updates of the current position of each section foremost before continuing into more schemes.

VP- Nick Smith
– a crusted veteran with a repute of bluntness
– misjudged Brewster of the deficiency of cognition to his occupation
– humiliated Brewster during the meeting
– quoted “inadequate planning” of the selling section in general
– aware of his raggedness to Brewster by inquiring Reynolds after the meeting. sing his inappropriate and unjust intervention but finally accepted his errors
– after recognizing his errors. called instantly Brewster to inquire an apology and point that he had forgotten that Brewster was new to his occupation – advised Brewster non to let himself to be misjudged

Director of Marketing – Jeff Reynolds
invited Mr. Brewster to go to the meeting and shortly introduced him to the VP – would somehow interrupt Smith to rectify his opinion but think it might abash both his higher-up and his subsidiary – candidly told his superior the attitude or character he showed to Brewster

Merchandise Manager
– can’t attend the meeting

Assistant Product Manager – Tom Brewster as The Misunderstanding – promoted to his first caput quarters assignment. comparatively unfamiliar with the merchandises represented the meeting in the absence of his immediate superior for him to derive more cognition in his new assignment – expressed assorted choler and discouragement

1. Mr. Brewster should hold interrupted the VP by supporting himself in allowing the VP aware of his current position. His sentence shouldn’t have stopped at that place merely by stating “I don’t know Sir” .

2. Knowing the fact that the VP had this repute of being blunt. Mr. Reynolds should hold told him or even allow him aware the current position of Mr. Brewster’s new occupation.

3. The VP should non state things that would mortify person particularly in forepart of a crowd even if he is the VP of the company.

It is hence complete to take action on figure 3. that the VP should non state things that would mortify person particularly in forepart of many people. If merely the VP ( Mr. Smith ) didn’t arrant those words to the crowd. Mr. Brewster should hold non been humiliated. They said to watch our oral cavity before we speak for us non to ache feelings of other people. The VP should hold reserved his indignation reaction in his head foremost and name the attending of Mr. Brewster right after the meeting. Because in this manner. no 1 will acquire humiliated. There will be respect with one another. And maintain professionalism. Fear will non be created besides among other directors in times they had oversights in their terminal. By keeping professionalism and regard. it will besides convey harmoniousness in the organisation and will besides animate the remainder of the group to bring forth more in their section. Communication plays a critical function in all facets of our lives. If merely. Mr. Reynolds took the clip presenting Mr. Brewster to Mr. Smith and Mr. Smith spare the clip with it. so Mr. Smith wouldn’t have such reaction after all.


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