The Various Sources Of Finance Available To Businesses

Trade Recognition: This is a period of clip given to a concern to pay for goods that they have received. It is frequently 28 yearss but some concerns might non pay for 6 months and on some occasions even a twelvemonth after they have received goods.

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Bank O/D: When backdowns from a bank history exceed the available balance an overdraft occurs. In this state of affairs a individual is said to be “ overdrawn ” . If there is a anterior understanding with the history supplier for an overdraft protection program, and the sum overdrawn is within this authorised overdraft bound, so involvement is usually charged at the in agreement rate. If the balance exceeds the agreed footings, so fees may be charged and higher involvement rate might use.

Renting: Most concerns have to purchase equipment and machinery of some kind. Many houses have a fleet of company autos which certain staffs use or vehicles that they use for distribution. There are a figure of ways of purchasing these things. The concern might travel to the bank for a loan, arrange some kind of finance trade with the provider, use hard currency they have in the concern or set up a rental option.

Recognition cards: A recognition card works really much like trade recognition. you receive a statement you buy something utilizing a recognition card, you one time a month with the inside informations of the sum spent during the last month. You so have a certain period of clip to either pay the full sum or a minimal sum.

Bank loans: Bank loans are really flexible. They can change in the length of clip that the loan has to be repaid. Loans arranged with a bank that are less than one twelvemonth are regarded as short term finance. As with any other signifier of loan there are involvement payments to be made and this can be expensive and besides can change.

Share capital: A portion is a portion ownership of a company. Shares relates to companies set up as private ltd companies or public ltd companies.

Venture capital: Venture capital is going an progressively of import beginning of finance for turning companies. Venture capitalists are groups of persons or companies specifically set up to put in developing companies. Venture capitalists are on the sentinel for companies with possible. They are prepared to offer capital to assist the concern grow.

Retained net income: This is a beginning of finance that would merely be available to a concern that was already in being. Net incomes from a concern can be used by the proprietors for their ain personal usage or can be used to set back into the concern. This is frequently called ‘ploughing back the net incomes ‘ .

Owners ‘ capital: Some people are in a fortunate place of holding some money which they can utilize to assist put up their concern. The money may be the consequence of nest eggs, money left to them by a relation in a will or money received as the consequence of a redundancy payment. This has the advantage that it does non transport with it any involvement. It might non, nevertheless, be a big plenty amount to finance the concern to the full but will be one of the parts to the overall finance of the concern.

Undertaking 1 ( B )

Below are the deduction of the above mentioned beginnings in footings of legal, fiscal and dilution of control deductions, and bankruptcy.

Trade Recognition: The creditor has right to take legal action if the term is over, the dilution of the house is non affected and appropriate action can be taken, but the house do n’t travel bankrupt in this instance

Bank O/D: This is merely a installation given by banker to keep hard currency flow of the concern. By and large this is for short term.

Renting: This is done by and large on Assetss and paid by episodes, the ownership remains the same but the ownership goes to leaser, leaser has right to take over the ownership if the rental fails to carry through its duty. Here leaser has right to retrieve the sum if rental goes bankrupt.

Recognition cards: This is the installation provided by fiscal institute, a short term loan is given, without involvement and after stipulated clip the involvement is charged if non repaid, the fiscal institute has right to retrieve the sum bank in bankruptcy.

Bank loans: Collateral is taken against loans ; if the lender fails to carry through its duty the collateral is liquidated. Bank in bankruptcy has the right to dilution.

Share capital: fund raised from the populace, and dividend is paid as returns, a regulative organic structure proctors the working and rating of portion, the dilution of control deduction remains with the bulk of the portion holder.

Venture capital: The pre analysis is done before the acquisition of the concern, the finance is provided with the venture capitalist and the right or keeping remains with him.

Retained net income: The net income is plunged back into the concern, in order to turn its operations.

Owners ‘ capital: It is a self enterprise by the proprietors of the company to pump in the finance. The proprietor retains the dilution of control.

Undertaking 1 ( C )

Case Study: You are the Financial Manager of a company who wants to build a dike in Bangladesh. You are required to advice your company on the most appropriate beginning of Finance presuming

1. The dike will necessitate a lower limit of 10 old ages to build

2. You have no experience of working in Bangladesh

Harmonizing to me Bank can play an of import function in lifting finance for the dike in Bangladesh, after sing all possible beginnings reference in above undertaking 1 ( A ) and Task 1 ( B ) ,

Loans are normally set for more than three old ages. Most are between three and ten old ages, and some tally for every bit long as 20 old ages. Long term loans are collateralized by a concern plus and necessitate quarterly or monthly payments derived from net incomes or hard currency flow.

Sing the above standards I think the Bank can be the best available option, where Bankss do set down financess for long term period runing from 3 old ages to 20 old ages and supra as per the undertaking. So the possibility to acquiring financess from Banks has higher chance. And if the undertaking exceeds its jutting span, the demand of financess can be available sing the flexibleness of the fund landing by the bank.

Undertaking 2 ( A )

Internal Beginning

Personal Savingss: Personal nest eggs of concern individual, spouse or stockholder.

Retained Net incomes: Undistributed net incomes can be used to finance fixed assets, R & A ; D etc. for enlargement and variegation, shock absorber against unanticipated eventualities.

Working Capital: Short term finance, difference between current assets and current liabilities can be used as a beginning of finance.

Sale of Assets: Businesss can sell those fixed assets that it is non presently utilizing, to stay feasible in an economic adversity a concern may be forced to shut the industry of certain merchandise or service

External Source ( Ownership Capital )

Share Capital: Owners are stockholders in instance of company, portion capital can be divided in two classs viz. ordinary portions and penchant portions. The stockholders get dividends as a portion in the net income of the company.

External Source ( Non-ownership capital )

Unsecured bonds: Secured loans with fixed or natation charges, hae precedence in having involvement over dividend. Have penchant in refund of principal in instance of settlement.

Chemical bonds: Chemical bond holders get involvement and are paid principal on a fixed day of the month. Some bond do n’t acquire involvement alternatively they are issued at a price reduction and redeemed at par. They are by and large issued by investment bankers.

Overdraft installation: By and large for short term beginning of finance. Temporary installation added by the bank.

Hire Purchase: Method of geting assets without paying full sum in a individual investing.

Renting: there are two types of renting viz. , finance leasing, where value of rent is significantly close to the value of the plus and operating rentals, where rental will non run for the whole economic life of the plus.

Trade Credit: Included under working capital direction, in short term beginning and involves acquiring lines of recognition from creditor.

Grants: from local or national authoritiess.

Venture Capital: Gained importance since the last 20 old ages, it is defined as capital contributed in the early phase development of the endeavor.

Factoring: Allows you to raise finance based on the value of your outstanding bills. Factoring besides gives you the chance to outsource your gross revenues ledge operations and to utilize more sophisticated recognition evaluation systems.

Franchising: Franchisee pays a franchisor for the right to run a local concern, under the franchisor ‘s trade name. the franchisor must bear certain costs and will bear down the franchisee an initial franchise fee to cover set up costs.

Undertaking 2 ( B )

Cash flow means an appraisal of the hard currency influxs and escapes for a concern or person for aA specific period of clip. Cash budgets are frequently used to measure whether the entity has sufficient hard currency to carry through regular operations and/or whether excessively much hard currency is being left in unproductive capacities.

On other manus, Overtrading is an instability between the work that a concern takes on and its capacity to make the work. It happens when a concern takes on work, but does non hold adequate current assets, or working capital, to run into the ensuing demands.

Therefore it is really of import from Financial Planning point of position to see Cash budgeting in order to avoid overtrading.

Taskl 2 ( C )

Corporate Information is needed both internally and externally

In 1975, the accounting Standards Steering Committee ‘s papers The Corporate Reported stated that the following users have sensible right to have information equity investors, loan creditors, employees, analyst-advisers, concern contacts, authorities and the populace.

Equity Investors- require information to help portion trading determinations so they can make up one’s mind conditions to subscribe to new issues or sell existing portions. They want to do opinions sing motions in future portion monetary values, likely future dividend payments and direction efficiency. They require information to assist them make voting determinations in AGM. They need to look at profitableness ratios to find direction efficiency.

Business Contacts – include providers, trade creditors, clients, concern challengers and directors, investors and employees.

Suppliers and trade creditors information demands are similar to those of the short term providers.

Customers ( specially purchasers of fixed assets ) need to cognize information which will assist them understand the long term viability of the concern. For e.g. purchasers may necessitate replacings and after sale attention hence would non desire to buy from a company which they perceive may travel in settlement shortly.

Business Rivals – for every administration ratio analysis is really of import. Equaling administrations need of import fiscal ratios of each other to compare how good or how worst off they are making. They use each other ratios as industrial benchmarks. Additionally need information about any particular offers, new publicities or new concern ventures.

Directors – demand about all fiscal projection associating to facets such as administrations long term viability, short term place ( e.g. hard currency flow ) , labour efficiency etc.

Investors – demand information about the long term viability and hard currency flow ( to see involvement and principal is paid on clip )

Employees – demand information about long term viability of the administration to see occupation security. Additionally they need information about the profitableness so that they can acquire committee or negotiate wage rise with direction.

Loan creditors – e.g. unsecured bond holders, suppliers of short term loan. In instance of short term suppliers they need information about hard currency flows, net realisable value of assets, precedence of refund. Long term creditors like to cognize the overall strength of concern and estimation future place of the concern. They need information excessively make up one’s mind what to impart and on which footings and conditions.

Government – the govt. need information for revenue enhancement point of position which it can acquire from the fiscal histories. Additionally the authorities may necessitate to look into the fiscal wellness of assorted industries to do budgetary grants and offer subsidies.

Public – As a step to advance moralss and societal public assistance administrations are progressively supplying the general populace with information on societal public assistance disbursement. Public companies are bound by jurisprudence to do its fiscal statement unfastened to members of the populace

Undertaking 2 ( D )

“ The aim of fiscal statements is to supply information about the fiscal place, public presentation and alterations in fiscal place of an endeavor that is utile to a broad scope of users in doing economic determinations. ” ( 1 ) Fiscal statements should be apprehensible, relevant, dependable and comparable. Reported assets, liabilities and equity are straight related to an organisation ‘s fiscal place. Reported an income and disbursals are straight related to an organisation ‘s fiscal public presentation.

Fiscal statements are an intended to be apprehensible by the readers who have “ a sensible cognition of concern and economic activities and accounting and who are willing to analyze the information diligently. ” ( 2 ) Financial statements may be used by users for different intents:

Owners and directors require fiscal statements to do of import concern determinations that affect its continued operations ( 3 ) Financial analysis is so performed on these statements to supply direction with a more elaborate apprehension of the figures. These statements are besides used as portion of direction ‘s one-year study to the shareholders.

Employees besides need these studies in doing corporate bargaining understandings ( CBA ) with the direction, in the instance of labour brotherhoods or for persons in discoursing their compensation, publicity and rankings.

Prospective investors make usage of fiscal statements to measure the viability of puting in a concern. Fiscal analyses are frequently used by investors and are prepared by professionals ( fiscal analysts ) , therefore supplying them with the footing for doing investing determinations.

Fiscal establishments ( Bankss and other loaning companies ) use them to make up one’s mind whether to allow a company with fresh working capital or extend debt securities ( such as a long-run bank loan or unsecured bonds ) to finance enlargement and other important outgos.

Government entities ( revenue enhancement governments ) need fiscal statements to determine the properness and truth of revenue enhancements and other responsibilities declared and paid by a company.

Sellers who extend recognition to a concern require fiscal statements to measure the creditworthiness of the concern.

Media and the general populace are besides interested in fiscal statements for a assortment of grounds. ( 4 )


Current assets

Cash and hard currency equivalents


Histories receivable

Prepaid disbursals for future services that will be used within a twelvemonth

Fixed assets

Property, works and equipment

Investing belongings, such as existent estate held for investing intents

Intangible assets

Fiscal assets ( excepting investings accounted for utilizing the equity method, histories receivables, and hard currency and hard currency equivalents )

Investings accounted for utilizing the equity method

Biological assets, which are populating workss or animate beings. Bearer biological assets are workss or animate beings which bear agricultural green goods for crop, such as apple trees grown to bring forth apples and sheep raised to bring forth wool.


Histories collectible

Commissariats for guarantees or tribunal determinations

Fiscal liabilities

Liabilitiess and assets for current revenue enhancement

Deferred revenue enhancement liabilities and deferred revenue enhancement assets

Minority involvement in equity

Issued capital and militias attributable to equity holders of the Parent company

Unearned gross for services paid for by clients but non yet provided

Undertaking 3 ( A )

A hard currency budget for the period widening between September to February is as below.







Income ( A )








Gross saless



Expenses ( B )








Monthly O/H







Difference ( A ) – ( B )







Undertaking 3 ( B )

The monetary value to bring forth 50 rings will be GBP 2,780.00

Cost per Ringing



Hours ( 10 X 2.5 )

Polishing ( 8 / 5 )

Indirect cost ( 7000 / 500 )

Entire cost per pealing

Cost of 50 rings ( 55.6 x 50 )

Undertaking 3 ( C )







gross revenues






Direct Material Cost





Variable Cost





Fixed Costss





Advertisement Outgo





Depreciation on Machinery





Net income before revenue enhancement





Tax @ 25 % on Net income





Net income After Tax





After the above analysis it is non recommended to come in into this undertaking, as the sale starts worsening and so as the PBT and PAT

Tank 4 ( A )

The intent of

Net income and Loss history: The intent of the net income and loss history is to Show whether a concern has made a Net income or LOSS over a fiscal twelvemonth. costs between “ cost of gross revenues ” and operating costs.

Balance Sheet: In fiscal accounting, a balance sheet or statement of fiscal place is a sum-up of the value of all assets, liabilities and Ownership equity for an organisation or person on a specific day of the month, such as the terminal of its fiscal twelvemonth.

Cash Flow Statement: The intent of the statement of hard currency flows is to supply an entry for the hard currency balance shown on your balance sheet.A But, in kernel, the statement of hard currency flows provides a concern with so much more.A An scrutiny of the statement of hard currency flows will demo you precisely where your hard currency excess or shortage is coming from.

Undertaking 4 ( B )

There are three types of fiscal statements:

Income Statement: The income statement shows all points of income and disbursal for your humanistic disciplines or trades concern. It reflects a specific clip period.

Balance Sheet: Accounting is based upon a dual entry system – for every entry into the books at that place has to be an opposite and equal entry. The net consequence of the entries is zero, which consequences your books being balanced. The cogent evidence of this equilibrating act is shown in the balance sheet when Assets = Liabilities + Equity.

Statement of Cash Flows: The statement of hard currency flows shows the Immigration and Naturalization Services and outs of hard currency during the coverage period.

Undertaking 4 ( C )

Analysis the fiscal statements utilizing appropriate fiscal ratios for Navi Ltd.



Gross Profit Ratio

Gross Profit / Gross saless * 100



Mark Up Ratio

Gross Profit / Cost of Goods Sold * 100



Net Net income Margin

Net Net income or EBIT / Gross saless Revenue * 100



Tax return on Capital Employed

Net Net income ( operating Net income ) / Capital Employed * 100



Current Ratio

Current Assets / Current Liabilitiess



Acid Test / Quick Ratio

Current Assets – Stock / Current Liabilitiess



Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio

Gross saless Revenue / Net Book Value of Fixed Assetss



Asset Turnover or Asset Utilization Ratio

Gross saless gross / Entire Fixed + Total Current Assetss




( 5 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //en. .org/wiki/Financial_statement #

( 5 ) ” The Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of the Financial Statements ” International Accounting Standards Board. Accessed 24 March 2010.


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