The Value Of Beauty Cultural Studies Essay

Since 1000s of old ages ago, people have granted that beauty holds great value in their life. For beauty has power, therefore people do non mind seting so much attempt in hunt for beauty. To be beautiful, to look the best is what all people – work forces and adult females – desire. They are invariably looking for something new or better to heighten their visual aspect. They want others to hold good feelings on them ; be admired, appreciated, and respected. Having the same desire, it could non be avoided that the hunt for beauty has motivated ageless competitions among the people.

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However, it is non merely the physical beauty that people search for. They besides want to experience good, because it would heighten their beauty as good. In these yearss, more and more people are looking for a opportunity to acquire pampered ; an “ flight ” , a “ time-out ” to bask self-indulgence.

The beauty industry exists as a respond to these demands, to assist work forces and adult females to look and experience better. Offering assorted types of merchandises and cosmetics every bit good as services such as hairstyling, beauty interventions, and watering place ; the beauty industry lead people to one evident issue: the inclination to devouring beauty.

Beauty services have remained as one of the quickly turning industries. In Singapore itself, there is a strong demand for beauty industry. From 1995 to 2007, the sums of consumer outgo for personal attention merchandises increased by 36.7 % . Additionally, there is turning figure of salons since 1990s. In 2002, there were about 1507 salons in Singapore ( Buying Guide, 2002/2003 ) and the figure has been increasing with many new salons opening up in assorted shopping Centres. In the average clip, there are about 1511 hair salons and 1802 beauty salons in the state.

This essay aims to discourse about why people are devouring beauty and the phenomenon of devouring beauty in Singapore context. Over and above, it is besides the purpose to research designs for “ infinites of beauty ” – peculiarly for hair and beauty salons – in relation to heightening ingestion of beauty.

2. Devouring Beauty

2.1 The Search for Beauty

Why does beauty affair?

The Dove Global Study conducted in April 2007 described how the sense of beauty are of import in impacting how adult females feel about themselves, and besides how they act and take portion in life. Many adult females would experience better about themselves if they were prettier. They feel more confident and self-confident, being admired and appreciated by people around them.

The Dove survey conducted study on Australian females and found out that when experiencing severely about how they look, many females choose non to take part in societal events or parties or travel to a beach or pool, but alternatively take to remain place, watch Television or exercising. ( Dove Media Release, 2007 )

Looking from another point of position, beauty serves to pull the opposite sex. Peoples are more attracted to those with good expressions. Dr. David Buss, a professor of evolutionary psychological science from University of Texas conducted a study on human matting penchants. He found out that out of 10,000 people of 37 civilizations, a adult female ‘s beauty was at the top or near it on every adult male ‘s list. Further to this, he besides concluded from the survey that nil is more of import to a marriage-minded adult female than her good expressions. ( Buss, 1989 cited in Patzer, 2008, p. 6 )

However, it ca n’t be avoided that a batch of people are disquieted they are non beautiful or attractive plenty ; that no 1 would desire to match with them. As a consequence, there is an ageless competition among the people. Women compete to be more beautiful than the other, in order to pull the best work forces. At the same clip, work forces besides compete for places of power and laterality in order to complement their ability to pull the most beautiful adult females.

As people – particularly adult females – grow older, the desire to heighten their visual aspect additions. Possibly it is because of the advertisements we see on a regular basis – overwhelmed with images of beautiful theoretical accounts – that shaped such an ideal of beauty, which makes adult females afraid of going old and unattractive. They want to remain immature. The Dove Global Study revealed that in Australia, 87 per cent of adult females aged 18-64 said that they wanted to alter their visual aspect.

Beauty markets exist because there are regular demands to look immature, be reasonably, and have good self-pride. ( Xomba, 2010 ) . The beauty industry these yearss is no longer “ women-only ” topics. Both adult females and work forces presents give particular importance for self-grooming and self-indulgence. This circumstance has enhanced the demand for beauty merchandises and services, at the same clip increases the growing of beauty industry.

2.2 Singaporeans Attitude towards Consuming Beauty

Singaporeans want to look good, and they do n’t mind paying top dollar to experience good either. ( Palanisamy, 2008 )

For Singapore adult females, personal training is really of import. Many of them are engaged with occupations, working difficult everyday. In many instances, they are besides taking on dual duties in the family and at work. In order to maintain looking good and experiencing good, they need and do non waver to handle and indulge themselves by devouring beauty attention merchandises, sing salons and wellness watering place.

Having a good image is particularly of import for adult females come ining the work force ; since they need to run into with clients and trade with diverse corporate assignments. Beverly Skeggs ( 2001, p.22 ) said that for working category adult females, the concern with visual aspect is cardinal to the effort to procure economic and symbolic capital. Women come ining work force have higher expendable income. Because of this, they are able to pass more for beauty attention and self-indulgence.

Merely like the adult females, Singapore work forces besides pay great attending towards beauty and personal training. Singapore work forces these yearss possess a strong aesthetic sense and are willing to pass more clip and money on personal training attempts to heighten their visual aspect. ( Euromonitor International, 2009 ) , as they require good personal presentation in their callings. They are besides more interested manner and personal attention tendencies, in contrast to traditional masculine work forces. Reacting to this fact, nowadays there are salons that specialises in work forces ‘s training ; non merely including hairstyling services, but besides massage, seventh cranial nerves, slimming, and watering place.

Figure 1

ACE Salon for work forces

1 Raffles Place, Singapore

Figure 2

Hydrating Facial Treatment

at Urban Homme

Face and Body Studio for Men


Harmonizing to Euromonitor International ( 2009, p.82 ) , consumer disbursement in Singapore on personal attention merchandises such as cosmetics and toilet articless rose by 36.7 % during the review period 1995-2007, traveling from s $ 2 billion in 1995 to S $ 2.8 billion in 2007. ( See Appendix 1 ) The increasing sum is because Singaporeans enjoy better incomes these yearss. On that history, they could use more for beauty attention merchandises.

2.3 Singapore Life style: Influences to Consuming Beauty

Consumerism has been so much a manner of life in Singapore. This life style has brought considerable impact to the demand and growing of the beauty industry. Essential factors in Singapore life style that affect the beauty industry in Singapore are the manner tendencies, the media, advertisements, and the fast-paced life style.

2.3.1 Fashion Tendencies

Singapore is good known for its up-to-date manner manners. From the sole international trade names by outstanding interior decorators to the local trade names ; all handily gathered within the island ‘s omnipresent shopping Centres. Even recently, more and more shopping promenades and manner retail mercantile establishment are built in order to carry through the high demand on manner. It is mentioned that there are presently a batch of manner retail shops housed in more than 250 promenades fantastically arrayed throughout the state, offering consumers assorted manner manners and tendencies from both Asian and Western states. In add-on, there are besides regular manner events such as the Singapore Fashion Week and Singapore Fashion Festival. All of these contribute in allowing consumers to remain up-to-date on the latest manner tendencies.

Manner tendencies are ever associated with hair titling and makeup. The immature occupants of this state, who are cognizant of the latest manner tendencies, would wish to hold new hair and makeup manners that would be suited with the latest manner tendencies. So this will increases the demand for beauty products/cosmetics and beauty services like salons.

2.3.2 Mass Media

Singaporeans enjoy comprehensive and extremely developed telecommunications web, enabling information and advertisements to be spread around easy. There are assorted agencies of mass media such as telecasting plans, pictures, books, magazines, and web sites ; all screening images that “ laud young person and beauty ” everyday. The images that people see on a regular basis from the media in fact drama large function in advancing beauty ingestion. The media have given homogeneous beauty perceptual experiences to people ; presenting the message on “ keeping high criterions of beauty, having images of thin famous persons ( Donnellan, 2006 ) . These criterions tend to be accepted by adult females. To be able to accomplish this criterion of beauty, they would non waver to devour more and more beauty merchandises and services. Still, work forces besides could non avoid the influence of the media and advertizements. Nowadays there are Numberss of advertizements advancing personal attention merchandises for work forces, using theoretical accounts with good expressions and figures that resemble those of muscle builders. Fed by these ads invariably, work forces could non assist but interested to devour those merchandises to go like the theoretical accounts.

2.3.3 Fast-paced Lifestyle

As a farther affair, in this fast-paced life style of Singapore, people often suffer from inordinate high degrees of emphasis and force per unit areas. In order to get the better of this issue, today people care more about their well being, and this leads to the turning self-care tendencies. Peoples are looking for interventions that could acquire them experience pampered, rejuvenated and refreshed. Beauty and health Centres that offer self-pampering services have become popular among many Singaporeans, particularly the busy working professionals with feverish agendas who desire to loosen up after work and rejuvenate. As mentioned by Lim ( 2003, p. 12 ) , “ in this nerve-racking society, both pupils and executives need clip to loosen up themselves. Visiting a salon that offers a good haircut and other services in a cosy atmosphere is an enjoyment. ”

2.4 Designs for Spaces of Beauty

Beauty is presently precisely what the design market will bear. As consumers have become more educated about the potency for design to heighten – or take away from – their experience of the universe, they are demanding that the topographic points they visit to put in their ideal of the beautiful reflect it every bit good. ( Eakin, 2005 )

In the yesteryear, design for infinites of beauty tends to be overlooked. But along with the intensifying concern of beauty industry, designers and interior decorators began to spread out their plants to make infinites that would incorporate this activity of devouring beauty. Spaces of beauty such as salons and twenty-four hours watering places are being exposed to a singular bend over ; going more modern-day and unconventional.

At the same clip, the proprietor of beauty services are seeking to pull more consumers by supplying services in infinites that will give the consumers advanced and alone experiences. Their aims are clear: to do consumers maintain coming back for services in their beauty stores. AIDA ‘s Hair Salon in Manhattan designed by ARCHI-TECTONICS for illustration ; seeks to pull more consumers with its alone design characteristics. The signifier of the infinites seems like it is being distorted because of the folded wall and ceiling. The folded wall could transform into desk, siting elements, and at the same clip created built-in system of illuming, drifting mirrors, and sound systems. The sculptural facade gives dynamic consequence, ask foring people from the exterior to be funny, desiring to come into the salon and see what ‘s really go oning in the salon.

Figure 3

AIDA Hair Salon, New York

A position of the bluestone facade

Figure 4

AIDA Hair Salon, New York

A position to the waiting country and outside

The design for hair and beauty salon at Clemenceau Avenue, Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore intends to promote the activity of devouring beauty. Unlike most of the salons, which are located inside shopping promenades, the salon is established in a stand-alone edifice for the want to hold clannishness and privateness. The salon offers broad scope of hairdressing services and beauty interventions, giving everything consumers need in one convenient topographic point. The salon intends to make a retreat from the feverish life style of the outside universe ; a topographic point where people could non merely receive beauty interventions but besides feel wholly relaxed interior.

Situated in the urban country of Singapore, the salon is surrounded by assorted comfortss that give the location several advantages. It is in the locality of legion shopping Centres, office edifices, educational establishments, and high-end residential belongingss. This enables the salon to pull more consumers of assorted societal fortunes: pupils, working professionals, or even homemakers.

Comfort is a really of import key in the infinite for devouring beauty. It is what consumers seek while basking beauty services: to experience comfy in a pleasant atmosphere. Aware of this fact, the design endeavour to make alone experience and pleasant atmosphere so that the consumers would experience satisfied, and therefore they are willing to come once more to the salon.

Inspired by the thought of braided hairdo, the infinites are articulated in beds and overlapping, playing with split-levels. The zig-zag mode of the plait contributes to the angular signifier of the infinite. All of the infinites are interlaced and linked together by a triple- volume infinite in the Centre that serves as a sofa.

The infinites for hairdressing services and other beauty interventions are separated in different degrees. This is to do the consumers basking both services to experience more relaxed ; non acquiring distracted with excessively many activities traveling about. Because of the layering of split-levels, each infinite could hold interaction to the other, allowing people from one infinite to cognize what is traveling on at the other infinites. The usage of semitransparent stuff like frosted glass besides helps to heighten this possibility.

Communicating the signifier of the interior infinite, the facade has angular gaps as good ; designed to go forth a strong feeling for people from the outside and pull them to come indoors ; to bask beauty services offered by the salon. The gaps let walkers go throughing to catch a glance of what ‘s go oning in the interior infinite. Simultaneously, it besides provides positions to the urban environment from the interior.

To make the sense of rest, natural elements are incorporated into the infinite. One of the natural elements is the H2O, which could be seen from the shampoo country. The shampoo country is non straight exposed to the styling and coloring country, with subdued illuming that allows people to loosen up while lying down and holding their hair washed. At this point, they could see H2O characteristic above that is contained on top of crystalline fiberglass. This H2O characteristic overlaps with the infinites on the 2nd floor. So people on the 2nd floor would go through through and could see this H2O characteristic while basking their beauty interventions. The sofa is presented with a position to the garden at the side of the salon.

3. Decision

Beauty does matter. As more people realize this fact, everyone is seeking their best to be beautiful ; viing to be more beautiful than the others. Likewise, experiencing good besides contributes to one ‘s personal beauty. In this feverish and fast-paced life style, people need a good clip to loosen up from all their feverish day-to-day modus operandis. They wish to be pampered with assorted interventions that would do them rejuvenated and refreshed. To carry through those desires, they are willing to pass money to devour beauty merchandises and services.

It is true that the beauty services are what the consumers seek in the first topographic point. However, there is another concern that should non be ignored: the environment and infinites that holds the activity. Peoples demand for an ideal environment to bask their beauty services and interventions.

This is how design takes portion: making infinites and environment for the activity of devouring beauty. Not merely ordinary infinites but infinites that could give consumers alone experience. Having beauty services in infinites with pleasant atmosphere and alone experiences would fulfill the consumers. Once they are satisfied, they are decidedly willing to come once more. In add-on, they would portion their experiences to others as good, which consequences in conveying more and more consumer. Ultimately all of these would take to heighten the behavior of devouring beauty.


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