The urgency of making profit in commercial banks

In commercial Bankss, doing net income is the concluding mark and loaning as general, retail recognition as specific play an of import function to file away that. However, the competition in retail recognition market is really difficult and each commercial bank has to maintain bettering their service to run into higher and higher clients ‘ demand.

The survey aims to happen out how to apologize the retail recognition operation at Technological and Commercial Join Stock Bank ( Techcombank ) in the context of current state of affairs and thin thought theory.

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The thesis gives out the overview of banking market and currenr procedure of retail recognition market of Techcombank as the base for deep analyses. The current patterns at Techcombank were investigated through observations and in depth interviews with some Techcombank ‘s experts in related sections. Questionares were besides sent to some current clients to measure the felling for current service.

The consequences from analysing the current procedure are the basic for writer to publish some recommendations to better.

Although, due to the limited clip and ability, the research was done merely through 3 – month informations of secured loans in 2 biggest subdivisions of Techcombank. Author expects that some suggestions will apologize retail recognition operation of Techcombank and it can be widen in other arear.

Table of Contentss

Introduction 1

1. Rationale of the survey 1

2. The intent of survey 1

2.1. Research inquiries 1

2.2. Research objectives 2

3. Research methodological analysis 2

4. Research range of Study 3


I.1. Concept of Lean Thinking 4

I.1.1. What is Thin? 4

I.1.2. Brief history of Lean 5

I.1.3. Lean Today 7

I.2. Lean services 7

I.2.1. Definition 7

I.2.2. Principle of Lean 8

I.2.3. Lean Thinking in Financial Service 8


II.1. Overview of Retail recognition market 12

II.1.1. Over position of banking industry in 2010 12

II.1.2. Techcombank ‘s chief rival analysis in retail loaning 17

II.2. Over position of Techcombank 21

II.2.1. Techcombank Introduction 21

II.2.2. Techcombank organisation construction 23

II.2.3. Lending merchandises for retail banking of Techcombank 24

II.3. Current Retail Credit Process of Techcombank 25

II.3.1. Process debut 25

II.3.2. Advantages and Disadvantages of centralized retail recognition procedure: 26

II.4. Apply Lean Thinking in Retail Credit Process at Techcombank under clients ‘ position 26

II.4.1. Value to the client 27

II.4.2. Process flow and clip holds 31

II.4.3. Wastes 33

II.5. Apply Lean Thinking to analyse current Retail Credit Process at Techcombank 33


III.1.Improve Value to client 37

III.1.1.Documents requirement 37

III.1.2.Training 37

III.2.Improve Process flow and Time delays 38

III.3.Decrease Waste 40

III.4.Recommended new procedure 41

III.4.1.New procedure 41

III.4.2.Advantages from new procedure 44

Decision 46

List of Tables

Table II.1: Competitor comparing of Techcombank about loaning merchandises 20

Table II.2: Chief Financial indexs of Techcombank 22

Table II.3: Average existent Turn-around clip to treat a loan at Techcombank 34

Table II.4: Compare existent Turn-around clip to treat a loan among Techcombank and some rivals 35

List of Figures

Figure I. 1: Principle of Lean 8

Figure II. 1: Market portion in Vietnam Retail Credit Market 21

Figure II. 2: Techcombank organisation construction 23

Figure II. 3: Lending retail merchandise Matrix of Techcombank 24

Figure II. 4: Retail recognition procedure in Techcombank 25

Figure II. 5: Age of client in the study 26

Figure II. 6: Number of clients separated into merchandise sorts 27

Figure II. 7: Groups of clients 28

Figure II. 8: Cardinal drivers of client in taking loaning service 28

Figure II. 9: Measuring the quality of recognition services 29

Figure II. 10: Value to client rating in client satisfaction study ( 1 ) 29

Figure II. 11: Value to client rating in client satisfaction study ( 2 ) 30

Figure II. 12: Procedure flow and Time detain rating in client satisfaction study ( 1 ) 31

Figure II. 13: Procedure flow and Time detain rating in client satisfaction study ( 2 ) 32

Figure II. 14: Waste rating in client satisfaction study 33

Figure II. 15: Average existent Turn-around clip to treat a loan at Techcombank 34

Figure II. 16- Current retail recognition procedure 36

Figure III. 1: Recommended new procedure 41

Figure III. 2 – Detail procedure from Branch to RCC 42

Figure III. 3 – Detail Procedure from Branch from having consequence from RCC to CCA 43

List of abbreviations

Techcombank-TCB: Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Vietcombank-VCB: Vietnam Commercial Joint Stock Bank for Foreign Trade

ACB: Asia Commercial Bank

ADB: Asiatic Development Bank

International monetary fund: International Monetary Fund

Weber: World Bank

Vinashin: Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group

BIDV: Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam

MB, MBank: The Military Commercial Joint- Stock Bank

Saigon-Hanoi Bank, SHB: Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank

VIB: Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank

NFSC: National Financial Supervisory Commission

SBV: State Bank of Vietnam

Car: capital adequateness ratio

VNBA: Vietnam Bank Association

Vietbank: Vietnam Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Mekong Bank: Mekong Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank

GPBank: Global Petroleum Commercial Joint Stock Commercial Bank

DaiABank: DaiA Commercial Joint Stock Bank

HDBank: Housing Development Commercial Joint Stock Bank City. HCM

Sacombank: SaiGon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Agribank: Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

EABank, Donga: East Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Vietinbank: Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade

ANZ: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited

Standard Chartered Bank: Standard Chartered Bank ( Vietnam ) Limited

Chief executive officer: Chief Executive Officer

PFS: Personal Financing Service

SME: Small and medium enterprisers

CIB: Corporate and Institution Banking

RCC: Retail Credit Center

CCA: Center of Credit Admin

SLA: Service-Leverage-Agreement

Car loan = Auto Loan: Loan to purchase auto

House Loan = Mortgage: Loan to purchase house

F1: Secured Auto-overdraft

Cheapness: Turn-around clip


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