The ultimate gift Essay

Reaction paper about the film of
“The Ultimate Gift”

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Reaction paper about the film of “The Ultimate Gift”

The narrative is all about Jason that has turned out to be such a ego centered. lazy immature adult male. He is a selfish trust fund cat who arrives tardily for his grandfather funeral. Jason thought he was traveling to inherit a piece of wealth from his gramps but first. in order to acquire it. Jason must finish the gift challenges. Along while working with this gift challenges that his gramps assigned. he met Emily and Alexia. the female parent of Emily. who help him to go through the gift of friends. Jason discovers by accident that Emily is enduring leukaemia. and sees this household as a opportunity to develop a strong bond.

Jason tries his best to assist Emily hold a great life while it lasts whilst Emily besides encourages a love affair between Jason and her female parent. In the terminal. Jason chooses to construct a infirmary called Emily’s Home. before Emily died. Jason passed the 12 disputing gifts and receives one concluding gift of $ 2. 000. 000. 000.

I like about the film is that they showed or stand for the 12 gifts which is could assist us erudite tonss of life lessons. Like the gift of friends. Jason already cognize who is the existent 1 who can stand for him though he don’t have something to offer for. Unlike his girlfriend who dump him when nothings left to him. But on the other manus. Emily accepted for him that she could travel and turn out that she was a good friend of Jason though Jason haven’t promise anything in returned.

I didn’t like the portion of the film when Emily has passed off because that’s the clip when a bead of a liquid from my left oculus was fluxing unto my face whilst my right oculus was sort of “teary” . By the manner. I’m non merely the lone one was like that. Almost of us though.

The gifts that I value today are the gifts of work. friends. larning. household. dreams. and gratitude.
The gift that I should develop more is the gift of money. I could develop it by salvaging it and value it because it’s difficult to work for money.


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