The Things They Carried Essay

Every work of literature has a repeating subject. Whether it is about a love. guilt or a desire for retaliation. every character comes across a battle between their passion and duty. The Things They Carried characteristics many characters that overcome struggles. Jimmy cross struggles with his duty to his work forces every bit good as his love for a adult female that does non love him back. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross is a immature. unworried adult male who is still seeking for his hereafter. Without recognizing what he was acquiring himself into. he applies for the Reserve Officers Training Corps at his college in New Jersey.

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Many of his friends knew he did non care about the war. Even Cross himself ne’er gave it a 2nd idea. He ne’er thought he would really travel to war by taking the Reserve Officers Training Corps class. Later that twelvemonth. he is drafted to the war as Lieutenant of several work forces under his charge. and he is diffident about everything he does. He had no desire to be a team leader. allow alone take a group of work forces into a unsighted war. Up until the twenty-four hours he was drafted. Jimmy Cross did non care for the war and what was go oning. Bing merely a sophomore in college. he was still a immature adult male with no experience when it came to war and being Lieutenant.

As the war goes on. Cross begins to hold on that he is responsible for the safety of his ain work forces. Although he did non desire to be. he understood that person had to be the leader. While they were all in Vietnam for the war. Jimmy Cross’ work forces find him twenty-four hours woolgathering often. His head was on Martha. a adult female he fell in love with while go toing college in New Jersey. Even he would happen himself twenty-four hours woolgathering about old memories of her and what his hereafter would be like with Martha. Lieutenant Cross carried assorted reminders of his love for her. He would frequently read letters from her and regard at her exposure she sent him.

He knew she did non love him back like how he loved her. Cross wished things were different between the two of them. He wanted her to love him back but he knew that was excessively good to be true. When Ted Lavender died. Jimmy blamed himself. He felt guilty for non watching over his work forces at the clip when they needed him the most. He should hold saved Lavender but alternatively. his head was filled with ideas of Martha. a adult female who gave no indicant of of all time loving him back. As a consequence. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross struggles to do the right determination for his work forces and Burnss all letters. exposure and memories of Martha.

His battle for Martha’s love kept him from protecting his work forces and he now holds guilt for Lavender’s decease deep within. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross struggled throughout the novel often. He had struggles with what he wanted from Martha. and his duty to his soldiers. In the terminal. Cross steps up and takes control of his state of affairs. He becomes the leader that everyone expects him to be by giving up Martha and concentrating on the war and his work forces. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross did what was right for his work forces to maintain them safe from injury.


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