The Swot Analysis Report Marketing Essay

SWOT analysis is an indispensable beginning of company informations and information. The intent of carry oning this study is to analyze the external environment menaces and chance and the company internal environment ( failings and strengths ) .


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The purpose of this study is to place the chances and menaces that Sony corporation is confronting in the market and How they could take advantage of there strength to get the better of their failing and be king in emerging markets.


Identify chances, menaces, failing and strength.

Explain ground for taking each component of chances and menaces related to PES and rivals

Explain ground for taking each component of strength and failings related to internal resources and capableness

Analyse how strength might be used to take advantage of chances and counter menaces.


Research Procedure

Collect informations

Interpret and analyze informations

Present in a study format

The group and single research

This study is an single research based on the group works findings. Findingss such as PES analysis and rivals activities have been used to analyze external environment of Sony Company.

Information beginning

Key research publication such as 360 Datamonitor and keynote ( really dependable )

Online newspaper, day-to-day intelligence and NY Times ( really dependable )

Website articles: Sony functionary web sites ( dependable ) and other ( less dependable )

And group research information ( dependable )

Plus my general cognition of the gambling industry ( non the most dependable )


Company inside informations

Sony Corporation is one of the biggest electronics company. They develop, design, industry and sale electronics around the Earth. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita funded Sony in 1946 ; the company name at that clip was Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo ( Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company ) . 1955, Sony lunched it foremost branded Enovation merchandise, a wireless transistor. Since that Sony kept presenting radical electronic ; first Trinitron Colour Television in 1968, Walkman in 1982 followed by the first CD participant and late Blue Ray phonograph record.

Key fiscal inside informations

Beginning Sony one-year studies: hypertext transfer protocol: // Sony has been sing changeless net income diminution since 2008. Compared to gross A?8,871.4 one million millions in 2008, the group has recorded A?7,181.3 billion during financial twelvemonth stoping March, 2011: stand foring about a 1.5 trillion of loss during those 4 old ages. And Sony is besides anticipating 520 billion supernumeraries loss for following financial twelvemonth [ 1 ] . The group is now be aftering to close down some fabrication bases and cut 10,000 occupations worldwide [ 2 ] .

FINDINGS 2: Swot Analysis

SWOT Analysis: Introduction

SWOT analysis is a concern tools that allow companies to fit their internal environment ( strengths and failings ) to the influence of external environment ( chances and menaces ) . Companies such as Sony Corporation usage SWOT analysis consequences to acquire a better apprehension of the strategic picks that they are confronting.




Partnership with FIFA World Cup

Focus on emerging states

Natural catastrophes at the headquarter base

Illegal invasions to PlayStation web and lose of client inside informations




Focus on company trade name

Diversified geographical clients base

Fiscal Decline

High cost fabrication base

External environment

Opportunities: Partnership with FIFA

Image from hypertext transfer protocol: // Sony has made a figure of strategic partnership and acquisition in the recent period. One of those confederations that benefit the gambling industry is with FIFA universe cup. The group obtained the highest degree of FIFA sponsorship for 8 old ages and gained the exclusivity to publicize their trade name on any merchandise related to FIFA e.g. Television, bowl, picture games etc. The exclusivity on FIFA merchandise mean that Sony is besides touching their rivals ‘ client in the gambling industry. In fact the picture game FIFA is one of best seller [ 8 ] game for last twosome of old ages and it is sold for other console platform such as Xbox and Nintendo [ 7 ] .

Opportunities: Focus on emerging BRIC states

From hypertext transfer protocol: // Brazil, Russia, India and China are the universe ‘s fastest turning economic systems with a immense demand of electronic and amusements. This offer the concern a big growing chances into this emerging markets. In India, Sony has a immense presence in the film and music industry and the group electronic gross revenues are turning faster than the state ‘s electronic market. So the group has a hug privilege over it rivals. Sony can retroflex this theoretical account into other emerging states.

Having their concern expanded to developing states can assist Sony to derive incomes from merchandises that are in their adulthoods in the traditional markets. Those merchandises are n’t widely available to the market and the merchandise life rhythm is non maturating the same manner as it is making in the developed states. So the PlayStation 3 that is matured and confronting competition and replacements in the traditional market can still be a star in BRIC states.

Menaces: Natural catastrophes

In 2011, Japan has witnessed several natural catastrophes in signifier of temblor, tsunami and radiation leak. Those catastrophes have damaged 8 of Sony ‘s fabrication sites and one research and development lab. Those catastrophes did n’t merely impacted on there fabricating capablenesss but besides on their logistics: supply distribution and procurance of row stuff such as electronic constituents were affected. In the gambling activity of the group, the scheduled louche of Sony Vita for Christmas was delayed du to fabricating diminution and several games such as MotorStorm and Yakuza were besides delayed.

Menaces: Illegal invasion

In April 2011 the PlayStation web was hit by hackers who gained unauthorized entree to 77 1000000s user histories and stooled their personal information such as name, reference, electronic mail, day of the month of birth. This has raised serious inquiry about the security system of the group and could hold damaged their credibleness amount their gamer clients.

Internal environment

Strength: Focus on company trade name

Sony usage what is called umbrella stigmatization by puting the company name alongside of the merchandise name e.g. Sony Bravia, Sony Vaio, Sony PlayStation. By making so Sony use their biggest intangible resources: The company repute gained trough historical invention and success ( wireless, Walkman, robot etc ) to publicize the merchandise. This allows the merchandise to denote its individualities and draw strength from corporate trade name.

Strength: diversified geographical clients

Sony has a broad geographical coverage. Their merchandise and services are available universe natural state. Their telecasting plan, Sony Picture Television operates in 140 states and one of their most celebrated merchandise, Sony PlayStation is sold in 40 states worldwide. Having a diversified geographical presence offer the group unafraid resources such as assorted income, world-wide repute, assorted human cognition and civilization.

Failing: fiscal diminution

Sony ‘s fiscal diminution will hold negative impacts on the group public presentation and capableness because there will be a diminution on finance, work force, accomplishments, investing for R & A ; D and nucleus competency. Sony ‘s merchandises may besides lose public presentation due to less investing on research and development.

High cost fabrication base

Most of Sony ‘s fabrication installations are based in Japan off from its major ‘s client ‘s location. This mean that sonny supplier concatenation and distribution can be reasonable to menaces such as foreign exchange rate, revenue enhancements raise etc. This has a negative impact on resources because the cost of distribution can be affected by many external dainties.

How these strengths might enable the group to take advantage of chances and counter menaces?


Strength to suppress BRIC states

Sony has it trade name name as it biggest intangible assets, they have been know for their innovatively and quality merchandises for a decennary. That repute has surely reached their mark: economically developing states. The company ‘s strong trade name individualities will surely hike market entryway and client credence.

Diversified geographical range of the group mean that they are overseas telegram of covering with diversified linguistic communications, civilizations and personal believes barriers.

FIFA partnership: full off chances

“ The FIFA games cover all cardinal sectors of Sony ‘s concern – electronics, games, films and music. ” Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony Corp. Sony is working to take full advantage of this chance. As FIFA organize footballs tourney around the universe, the wild geographical coverage of the group allow subject to easy implement engineering and advertizement to wherever FIFA ‘s event are organized e.g. South Africa. Besides Sony will bask a support of their trade name individuality with such presence at the universe most watched event: the universe cup.


The illegal invasion on the PlayStation web, chap by loss of client ‘s personal information has been the biggest debacle and has cost the group 14 one million millions during last twelvemonth. Such a bad advertizement will hold negative impact on their strength ( trade name repute ) . The credibleness and client assurance will be severely hurt by the of 77 million clients data loss.

Son ‘s Diversified geographical client base could hold consider as strength in one point and failing on another. In fact, during the temblor and inundation, Japan substructure and economic system was severely hit. Not holding their client focused in Japan helped the group to minimise loss but on another point they have experience troubles to provide clients outside Japan.


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