The Stranger Analysis Paper English Literature Essay

In Albert Camus ‘s “ The Stranger ” , the absurdness of life from Camus ‘s eyes are put on show through the chief character Meursault. The sense that the significance of life is in the human experiences and that things should n’t be questioned is the footing of who Meursault genuinely is as a individual. These personality traits reveal that Meursault is a perfect illustration of an existential philosopher. From Meursault ‘s purely physical manner of depicting the events he comes into contact with, to his deficiency of feeling and overall backdown from everything in his life points towards the features of a perfect existential philosopher. Even his position on life and decease, with the position being that life truly is n’t deserving life, is a direct portraiture of existential philosophy. Throughout the fresh Meursault is portrayed as the absurd hero ; the character that non merely does n’t wish he had another destiny, but accepts his sentence and does nil about it. This apparently unlogical and at times thwarting manner of thought is what drives the full novel. Therefore, in “ The Stranger ” , Albert Camus portrays the chief character Meursault as the perfect existential philosopher, showing that life is non merely absurd but meaningless every bit good.

In the novel, Meursault ‘s state of affairss are described in a alone manner in the sense that there is no emotional fond regard to any of it ; merely the physical facets of every state of affairs are recorded or thought by Meursault, which shows the deepness of his existentialistic personality. Throughout the fresh Meursault ‘s physical description of things provide the reader with non merely the secret plan of the narrative but a deeper expression into the absurdity of life that Camus believes in. For case, upon mourning the decease of his female parent, whom he refers to as Maman, Meursault takes in the sights of her funeral screening, such as his the caretaker ‘s dress being dressed in “ black with pin-striped pants ” , instead that turn toing the fact that his female parent is so dead ( Camus 13 ) . He besides describes the base keeping his female parent ‘s coffin up for the screening as “ walnut-stained boards ” ( 6 ) .The manner Meursault seems to ignore his female parent ‘s decease and focal point chiefly upon the more fiddling and unimportant facets reveals a cardinal point in the life of an existential philosopher ; that human emotions ca n’t be explained and are hence non expressed at all. Meursault took what seemed to be a traumatic event in his life, being the passing of a household member, and diminished it into an passionless ordeal that caused him to lose valuable work yearss. He even goes every bit far as to depict the minutes when his female parent was being buried, by stating that “ reddish Earth ” spilled over her coffin and the “ white flesh of the roots ” mixed in with the soil ( 18 ) . Another clip, as Meursault is being questioned sing the slaying of the Arab adult male, he notes the analyzing magistrate ‘s “ sunken bluish eyes ” , even though the badness of the state of affairs was much more than Meursault acknowledged, and besides demoing that Meursault genuinely did n’t care that he was being tried in tribunal as a liquidator ( 64 ) . He besides describes the tie his attorney was have oning one twenty-four hours as “ odd-looking ” and “ with wide black and white chevrons ” ( 64 ) . This shows that he genuinely does n’t care about his quandary at all and that it ‘s merely another nonmeaningful event in his life.

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By merely depicting the physical facets of life, Meursault reveals another trait of the existential philosopher ; that he does n’t care about anyone or anything, irrespective of who or what it is. Meursault merely goes through his twenty-four hours making whatever happens and does n’t make anything about it to alter what is go oning in his life. This is the point of view that Meursault has throughout the novel ; that things merely go on the manner they happen and they are unmanageable by anyone, particularly himself. This position on life is apparent particularly when he is covering with the decease of his female parent. When his foreman reveals a small irritation towards Meursault that he is bespeaking yearss off for the funeral of his female parent, Meursault replies “ It ‘s non my mistake ” ( 1 ) . This passionless action and overall withdrawal from his female parent ‘s decease shows the reader that Meursault is a true existential philosopher ; that his deficiency of emotions extents to flush the most sensitive topographic points for most, that being household. Besides, when Meursault arrives back at his work from his short leave, his brag inquiries him about his female parent Maman. When asked how old Maman was, Meursault replied “ about 60 ” , claiming he responded in the manner he did as to guarantee that he was n’t wrong in stating her age ( 25 ) . The fact that he does n’t retrieve his ain female parent ‘s age is yet another illustration of how Meursault is an existential philosopher in the sense that he has no feelings towards anyone, even his household. The smallest sum of attention or experiencing toward a household member would merely be retrieving a birthday or an age, which Meursault evidently does n’t hold, so hence retrieving how old his female parent was was n’t of import to him at all. Even after his female parent passes he ne’er one time admirations why his female parent had to decease at that clip in his life, or even something every bit important as why she died. He simply accepts the state of affairs at manus and ne’er inquiries it, which reveals his existential philosophy even more. His emotional withdrawal during the fresh frustrates many characters that Meursault comes in contact with. They are unable to come to footings with Meursault ‘s existential philosophy as a whole, and hence battle with him about this throughout the novel. A chief illustration of this is Marie, Meursault ‘s girlfriend or love involvement throughout the novel. Marie falls profoundly in love with Meursault after run intoing him shortly after the decease of Meursault ‘s female parent. Because of this she proposes matrimony to Meursault, to which he replies yes, but non for the grounds Marie was trusting for. Meursault agrees to get married Marie because it was what she wanted, and non because of a love or even a desire for her. This is apparent when he says the love in inquiry by Marie “ did n’t intend anything ” , and that he “ likely did n’t love her ” ( 41 ) . This shows how small value Meursault genuinely holds on life ; that even the smallest things such as love are non possible to him.

The true existential philosopher believes that life is worthless and basically nil in the overall strategy of things. This personality trait is besides found in Meursault in the novel as he deals with many facets of life and decease. Towards the terminal of the novel, when Meursault is coming to footings that he will pass a great trade of his life in gaol and finally decease, the extremist and dramatic position of decease that Meursault has is revealed to the reader. His position is that his destiny does n’t count and that decease is ineluctable and will go on sooner or later in his life. He comes to footings with the fact that he will so decease and is comfy cognizing this, which is a instead unsettling thing for bulk of people. Meursault is at easiness and comfy knowing that he will decease sooner or later in life. This is apparent with his legion refusals to be visited by the chaplain of the gaol. After his 3rd refusal, his logical thinking was he did n’t “ hold anything to state to him ” ( 108 ) . The refusal to see a chaplain non merely reflects on Meursault ‘s spiritual positions, but on his position on life itself and how he did non believe life was ageless. By him declining to see the chaplain he was voicing the sentiment that he did n’t believe in God, which stems back to the existentialistic position that the significance of life is in the human experiences and non in Gods or God. Meursault besides had the existentialistic point of view of decease, which was that it would come shortly plenty and that life truly was n’t deserving much. This is apparent when, upon believing about his entreaty, he says that “ everybody knows life is n’t deserving life ” ( 114 ) . This feeling of both ineptitude and nothingness roots straight back to the experiential position on life ; that there truly was no point in it. Meursault came to the realisation that whether a individual died at a immature age or an old age it did n’t affair ; that life would still go on on and sooner or later that individual would be wholly forgotten by everyone, even the people they called close friends or household.

Throughout Albert Camus ‘s novel “ The Stranger ” , the thought of existential philosophy is portrayed through the chief character Meursault. His inability to experience emotions and portray them to others is displayed as a major illustration through the novel.


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