The Story Structure Element English Literature Essay

The One Thousand Dollars by O.Henry is the best short narrative. In short narrative the chief character is Mr Gillian. The subject of One Thousand Dollars we have to understand about how to pull off the money. Mr Gillian liability to pull off money him uncles after he died so him are required to supply us with a study of how him used this one 1000 dollar every bit shortly as him have spent it. Mr Gillian is really honorable individual, benevolent and him like listen other sentiment from him friends for manage him uncles money.

One Thousand Dollars Mr Gillian can open our heads how to do this determination because of the determinations we make have to believe about the good and bad to us and those who are around us. We besides need to swear in pull offing the money that has been entrusted to us. The moral of the narrative we have to be smart to pull off fiscal.

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ELEMENT 2 – Setting:

Types of puting child in the short narrative One Thousand Dollars is at the nine Gillian. There, the chief character introduced as a named Mr.Gillian was fitting Old Bryson in a reading corner. Second, Mr.Gillian went to the phase entryway of the Columbine There was run into his lover is a Miss Lauriere. There Miss Lauriere was fixing for her public presentation. Third, Mr.Gillian in a cab and speaks with drivers. Then, Mr.Gillian got out of the cab and run into a unsighted adult male on the pavement that selling pencils. Mr.Gillian be from one topographic point to another topographic point is to inquire person about the money a thousand dollars. Last for unimportant to the secret plan during the terminal of short narrative Mr.Gillian waiting for the lift.

Types of scenes major is at offices Tolman and Sharp. There, the attorney Tolman give the thin bundle of fifty-dollar measures to Mr. Gillian and required Mr. Gillian for make a study about how to used one thousand dollars. There is besides, Mr. Gillian present a study to the attorney. This is a of import portion of the short narrative.

The characters is a portion of scene is Mr. Gillian. He is a chief character for this narrative because he change over the class of the narrative. In the short narrative, Mr. Gillian strive to supply describe how to used one thousand dollars with a position to obtaining the 50 thousand dollars. But, his study unsatisfied and caused lost the 50 thousand dollars.

ELEMENT 3 – Attempt:

Attempt is the character takes action to make his end. The chief character in the short narrative is Mr. Gullian. He was takes action for provide his study how to utilize one thousand dollars. He went to run into and asked his friend known as Old Bryson, cab driver, a unsighted adult male about what you do with a thousand dollars if their had it. His end is get more than one thousand dollars. Therefore, he ever think the best manner use the money one thousand dollars for his study.

Gillian laid the money beside her manus on the desk.A Miss Hayden turned white. “ Oh! ” she said.A And once more, “ Oh! ”

Gillian half turned and looked out the window.A In a low voice he said, “ I suppose, of class, that you know I love you. ”

“ I am regretful, ” said Miss Hayden, as she picked up her money.

“ There is no usage? ” asked Gillian, about lightsomely.

“ I am regretful, ” she said once more.

“ May I write a note? ” asked Gillian, with a smile.A Miss Hayden supplied him with paper and write, and so went back to her composing tabular array.

Gillian wrote a study of how he spent the thousand dollars: “ Paid by Robert Gillian, one thousand dollars on history of the ageless felicity, owed by Heaven to the best and dearest adult female on Earth. ”

Textually Implicit Text

In this narrative, Young Gillian is a man-about-town. He clearly wastes money at nines and on chorus girls. Gillian spends the money well gives it to the adult female he loves ( even though she does n’t love him ) .He finds out that if he spent the money to the adult female he loves. Gillian shows the best side of love here. He knows that Miriam will non love him no affair how rich he is. So he sacrifices his felicity for hers. This text is textually inexplicit because we have to utilize the information in the narrative to do illations about the characters actions and end.

Textually Explicit Text

“ One thousand dollars, ” said the attorney Tolman, in a terrible and serious voice. A ” And here is the money. ”

Young Gillian touched the thin bundle of fifty-dollar measures and laughed.

“ It ‘s such an unusual sum, ” he explained, kindly, to the lawyer.A “ If it had been ten thousand a adult male might observe with a batch of pyrotechnics. A Even 50 dollars would hold been less problem. ”

“ You heard the reading of your uncle ‘s will after he died, ” continued the attorney Tolman.A “ I do non cognize if you paid much attending to its details.A I must remind you of one. A You are required to supply us with a study of how you used this one thousand dollars every bit shortly as you have spent it. A I trust that you will obey the wants of your late uncle. ”

“ You may depend on it, ” said the immature adult male respectfully.

In this narrative, Young Gillian is upset his affluent uncle left him with $ 1000 with strings attached. His hope was that his nephew would alter his shallow ways. He must pass the $ 1000 and turn out to the attorneies he did n’t pass it on something frivolous. He spends the whole twenty-four hours seeking to calculate out how to make that. This text have the relationship with the end is stated in the text.

Scriptally Implicit Text

“ Now, Mr. Gillian, Mr. Sharp and I will analyze your study of the one thousand dollars. ”

Mr. Tolman reached for the envelope. Gillian was a small quicker in taking it up. A He calmly tore the study and its screen into pieces and dropped them into his pocket.

“ It ‘s all right, ” he said, smilingly. A ” There is n’t a spot of demand to trouble oneself you with this. A I do n’t say you would understand these itemized stakes, anyhow. A I lost the thousand dollars on the races. Good-day to you, gentlemen. ”

Tolman and Sharp shook their caputs mournfully at each other when Gillian left.A They heard him whistling merrily in the hallway as he waited for the lift.

In the text, the relationship between one thousand dollar, its concluding observation that one thousand dollar, he spent the money to acquire love is non made explicit. The decision He will duplicate her felicity by a white prevarication at the terminal of the narrative, by stating that he had spent the money gaming.


A given money has used his money to acquire as his love for a adult female. Although he had to rip off a attorney for his money used to acquire the felicity of his love.



Young Gillian is characterized as something of a man-about-town. He clearly wastes money at nines and on chorus girls. His uncle has non liked this about him and has left him $ 1,000. Gillian does n’t cognize this, but if he spends it good, he gets $ 50,000 and if he does n’t he gets nil more. Gillian spends the money good — gives it to the adult female he loves ( even though she does n’t love him ) . Then he finds out about the $ 50,000. He finds out that if he spent the money severely, the $ 50,000 goes to the adult female he loves. When he hears this, he lies and says he wasted the money. Gillian shows the best side of love here. He knows that Miriam will non love him no affair how rich he is. So he sacrifices his felicity for hers.

ELEMENT 2 – THE Emotional Response:

In the literary unfavorable judgment we have to place the chief character Mr Gillian. Mr Gillian is good individual but him do n’t cognize how him pull off this one thousand dollars in him life. He meet with assorted spouses who have different backgrounds so they give different sentiment but him non accept they sentiment because their thoughts do non same with the demands. Mr. Gillian began to experience baffled as to what he would make. Mr. Gillian feels he can to pull off the money decently. But Mr. Gillian non affords to bear the duties given by his uncle.

First, went I reading this short narrative I started believing about what Mr. Gillian to pull off his late uncle ‘s money. Then when he started to inquire friends so I feel him can taking which of the sentiment will be accept by Mr. Gillian but in conclusion I feel so angry because Mr. Gillian already utilizing the money in Equus caballus racing.


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