The Status of Women in Pakistan

The other dark side of the women empowerment advocacy figures (males) and personalities is that while thinking, speaking, and initiating women empowerment they always feel that women are put on a high scale than the male instead of having an equal status as per of the male; from the very deep down from their hearts and minds. Thus in a wider national consensus about the issues these males do have a very supporting role to the offenders of women at social, political, religious, and legal justice levels.

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Considering the present condition of Pakistani women do not even have the right to own their bodies, being exposed to the traditional male control over every aspect of their bodies, speech and behavior with stoicism, as part of their kismet (fate). Defiance of any sort translates into undermining male honor and ultimately family and community honor. Our exposure and working witness severe reported punishments for; bringing food late, for answering back, or for undertaking forbidden trips, etc. (Thanks to Sajida, a journalist in Larkana. ) Bragging about their feats

The role of media in Pakistan has also been lethargic in terms of improving the status of women. Pakistan television (PTV) plays have a crosscutting viewership, especially among women. However, plays mostly revolve around formula-based story lines, which cast women in either submissive roles or at the other extreme as westernized glamour girls. According to the survey conducted by United Nations Development Programme on “Portrayal of Women in Media” indicates that the viewers’preferences are now tilting in favor of more gender-balanced portraying of women.

The respondents of the survey feel that the negative stereotypical images of highly emotional and suppressed women should be reduced and downplayed. This is a sure sign of improvement in women’s status, as it would leave a positive impact on the male members of our society regarding the productive role of women and who might then stop considering them as mere vegetables who have no say of their own. Recommendations: Thus, 1. A change in male’s thinking pattern is required to change the existing notion of their egos; bragging about their feats; authority; monopoly, and power;


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