The stages of a business plan development

This papers is inclined to clearly qualify and measure what I have contributed to the purpose in taking topographic point a realistically thought out concern program and what my purpose and my engagement toward my fellow group members was. I am traveling to depict my ain function in assisting the squad to accomplish its end in creative activity of the successful concern program. Besides I will supply grounds of my part to the coherence of the squad and how I facilitated the completion of the squad ends. My squad includes Miss Stacey Coetzee, and Mr. Thokozani Nkambule. We three are good friends and we believe that running a concern takes a batch of difficult work and strong committedness. With that in head, this is the single brooding study of how the concern program for Coffi Bean came approximately, and how I have contributed toward it.

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Team Work

A squad is a group of people who work together on the same undertaking. Harmonizing to Dawson and Andriopoulos ( 2009 ) , team formation and societal kineticss go though five phases, called forming, ramping, norming, executing, and recessing.


This is the initial phase of seting the squad together where persons learn about each other and the squad demands every bit good as the challenges, outlooks, and the overall construction of the squad ( Dawson & A ; Andriopoulos 2009 p:141 ) .A This is besides the information assemblage and explorative stage.A Anyone who has of all time been put into a squad or has been asked to organize one will most decidedly familiar with this stage and should be able to associate to it.


This is likely the noisy stage during which the members of the squad all have their ain thoughts and waies that they want to travel in ( Dawson & A ; Andriopoulos 2009 p:141 ) .A Oftentimes squad members argument, review, and face each other to make up one’s mind on the best class of action.A I ‘m certain my group members can certify to the fact that we have decidedly gone through our ramping stage ( or a few of them! ) .A This stage can be a spot uncomfortable and/or unpleasant but it ‘s still rather necessary for the growing and development of the squad.


This is the stage where the squad truly starts to work and work together as a team.A Individuals start to understand each others work wonts and ethic and everything seems much more natural.A Responsibility and functions are much more clearly defined, outlooks are set, and coaction is in full swing ( Dawson & A ; Andriopoulos 2009 p:141 ) .A


Not all squads reach this stage but those that do are the high-performing squads which have grown to go both knowing and efficient at what they do.A Supervision goes down as persons are now capable of doing appropriate decisions.A This is basically where the squad truly starts polishing and presenting superior consequences ( Dawson & A ; Andriopoulos 2009 p:141 ) .


This stage refers to the squad interrupting up after the undertaking has been completed ( Dawson & A ; Andriopoulos 2009 p:141 ) .A Most groups in all different types of scenes will travel through most of the phases over the class of a squad forming procedure.

When the lector foremost asked us to split ourselves into groups in which we would hold to develop a concern program, our group remained in the forming phase for rather a while.A It took us many yearss and many meetings to calculate out what we were making and do up a team.A We were four individuals in the group but one of the members eliminated themselves for evident grounds. In order to execute, I had to acquire individuals which were slightly more knowing in certain facets of concern so I am, and unluckily but appreciatively everyone already had chosen people so the people that were left merely decided to unite. Each member had or instead felt that they could specialise better in a field which they were more equipt in, and by this each member was automatically assigned to a specific portion in the concern program. I was ab initio responsible for operations program and the industry overview as I felt more fitted in this facet of concern, and as I ever see what people need and how things should be done. Stacey was assigned to concentrate on the selling facet, whilst Thokozani was granted making the fiscal subdivision and the place acquisition, because of his first-class capableness in accounting field. We each typed out our ain subdivisions, as we felt we should all be present for account on the others revelation and for blessing grounds.

Although the forming phase did take a piece, we were able to cover most of the norming phase at the same clip because we started cognizing each other rather well.A Once we eventually formed our squad, the remainder of the phases went much easier.A We were able to complete up the norming and began executing instead quickly.A Our group performed rather good together and pass really small clip, if any, in the storming phase.

We are presently completing up the adjourning phase right now until the completion of our single brooding studies.

Procedure of the Initiation

First I came up with the thought of a java store as my female parent is ever argumentative about how she likes her java and what she enjoys most about it. This was my exclusive inspiration, aside from the thought of a athleticss saloon which I thought was a bit far-fetched as it required a batch of attending and dependable people. Each group member came up with an thought and we evaluated each, but our chief focal point was to concentrate on service, obviously we had to take from an cyberspace cafe , the athleticss saloon, a mountain motorcycle store and the java store, one member had suggested a casino and a vesture store, we had brainstormed all these thoughts and the following clip we met we all gave our sentiments on which would be more realistic and we decided on the java store, we agreed upon the name Coffi-Bean which we felt is merely a small “ bean ” about to break out, entirely because of its possible to turn extensively and because we had agreed on a somewhat freshly urbanised country Southdowns.

Industry and Competitive Analysis

I was responsible for the operations program of the squad and the analysis of Porter ‘s five forces. I was involved in determination devising, supplying thoughts and sentiments, running the Sessionss and the analyzing of Porter ‘s five forces. I motivated squad members and myself to make ends, and did planning before traveling on to following parts of the concern program. Even though, this concern program was really difficult and required a batch of work and was really time-consuming, our squad worked really good together which made it easier.

Incorrect determinations can blow investing support and hold clip to market, or worse, create corporate pandemonium that affects the really foundation of the house ‘s fiscal stableness ( Drummond, Ensor & A ; Ashford 2008, P: 140 ) . That ‘s why Stacey uncovered a market spread in the freshly established location where the supply was smaller than demand. Associating to our concern, spread analysis can be defined as an attack to placing the unmet demands of consumers, in which respondents are asked to imagine the ideal java store and so to rate assorted java stores on cardinal properties ; if no bing java store measures up to the ideal, a spread exists which could be filled by a java store ( Drummond, Ensor & A ; Ashford 2008, P: 146 ) . Through elaborate research of local and national market demand curves, we identified market spread chances that aligned with our strategic and tactical concern growing aims. The spread in the market was identified after Stacey brought to our attending that the java and eating house industry was dining at that present clip, and that there was a demand for little cosy topographic points that were non organizing a portion of the big generic ironss. She besides convinced us that the java concern in general does non demo marks of decelerating down. And because of the new inventions such as flavorers and additives, the concern would be feasible and it should go on for some clip.

Looking back at our concern program, I still believe that we have chosen the right industry to be in because ; at nowadays, clip is right for opening a java house. I did some research and found out that Coffee houses were holding a great trade of success, which was and still is evidenced by the full houses every twenty-four hours of the hebdomad. And because Southdowns is a new country in Centurion it had no such topographic points yet.

A competitory analysis is a critical portion of any concern program ‘s selling program. With this rating, we can set up what makes a merchandise or service unique, and hence what characteristic your concern plays up in order to pull the mark market ( Hitt, Ireland, & A ; Hoskisson 2009, p:58 ) . Competitive analysis can be defined as placing the rivals and measuring their schemes to find their strengths and failings relative to those of your ain java store ( Hitt, Ireland, & A ; Hoskisson 2009, p:58 ) . Looking back at the concern program, I have pin-pointed accurate cardinal rivals. The biggest competition there was, was Mugg & A ; Bean located all the manner in Centurion Mall. And a client from our country had to drive 10 to 20 proceedingss, in order to make that java house. The bulks of these constitutions were and are located on the cardinal side of town. And merely a few were get downing to open in the freshly established country.

Presentation Experience

A professional and well-written concern program is the foundation towards the growing and success of a concern. However a good and high quality concern program presentation is an indispensable for companies seeking for financess. A concern program presentation is normally a type of talk, given by an person or group, on a specific work-related subject ( Scarborough, Douglas & A ; Zimmerer 2009, p:217 ) . The thoughts presented should include industry research and program outcomes, such as a new advertizement for a merchandise designed to increase net incomes ( Scarborough, Douglas & A ; Zimmerer 2009, p:217 ) . The success of a concern program frequently depends non merely on its contents, but besides the quality of the presentation itself ( Scarborough, Douglas & A ; Zimmerer 2009, p:217 ) .

Showing the concern program was a awful undertaking. While I have no job speech production in forepart of big group of people on merely about any subject, opening our concern program and single ideas for unfavorable judgment was really nerve wracking. I felt like the panel was looking at me like a cervid caught in headlamps. Straight after the presentation I felt uneasy and uncomfortable that possibly the panel hated the presentation and that they would state, oh, do n’t acquire him to talk again- he was tiring! But after I have received the group ‘s feedback, I realized where our jobs were. I every bit good as my squad members were reading excessively much from the slides and at the same clip failed to include many of the of import facets of the concern program into our presentation. That said, I have learned that for all my hereafter presentations I will be more clear about my nonsubjective, I will understand my audience, I will concentrate on the content and non the additions, I will acquire the audience to associate to the content and to ever seek and convey my point without reading from the slides.

Alternative Scenario

Looking back, I think our anticipations for return on our investing and for future growing were merely approximately right. We did take into history the losingss that might happen despite this we kept in head what we had learned that hazard pickings is all about concern and that ‘s what makes a success. Our chosen concern was designed so that it could germinate with changing clip, we focused on flexibleness and stability as our mere attractive force was to seek trueness in our market. We had researched java houses and concluded that they are feasible ; as people are going more demanding in our clip on relaxation and a comfy ambiance, by placing this we perceived that it is an ideal concern chance. Although competition might be tight, we concentrated more on the fact that their are n’t any java houses in that specific shopping Centre which besides attracted us to that location and because Stacey is so acute on entertaining there are n’t any amusement stores which we felt was a competitory border the java house would hold and although there is no cover charge for all amusement events, Thokozani felt this was a good manner to obtain financess on adding these supernumeraries. We might hold disregarded our advertisement costs a small, as we ab initio did n’t desire to pass a batch on our first gap as we were unsure of the result, but most surely the potency of the java store is well a good chance.

Even though I think that our concern program was merely approximately right in order to accomplish our growing aims, there are still few points or alternate add-ons that I would hold preferred to be included in it. No two concern programs are likewise, a concern program for one java store – say a insouciant, fast-food constitution – will be much different than that for another java store – such as a formal sit-down topographic point. Therefore it is the alone facets of a eating house that aid to give it a competitory advantage. First, the concern program should hold had the subdivision that carefully explained nutrient and drink production. Where will nutrient be prepared? What safety processs would be implemented to protect employees and clients from the dangers of nutrient toxic condition? In fixing certain menu points ( dishes ) , how will consistency be maintained ( i.e. computerized formula file, usage of requisition signifiers, etc. ) ? Second, when Thokozani prepared the gross revenues projections for our concern program, he should hold taken into consideration the estimated figure of repasts and/or drinks that would be served daily/weekly/monthly, as good the mean day-to-day place turnover and the mean cheque.

Utility of the Business Plan

The concern programs utility is non limited to assisting the enterprisers raise financess to back up the gap of the concern ( Madura 2009, p:208 ) . The concern program will be used as a usher for doing concern determinations throughout the life of the concern. It provides a sense of way for concerns future development ( Madura 2009, p:208 ) . The success or failure of any house is partly dependent on its concern program. A complete concern program usually includes an appraisal of the concern environment, a direction program, a selling program and a fiscal program ( Madura 2009, p:208 ) .

The eating house concern is a really ambitious concern field to come in. When get downing a new concern, we as proprietors will hold a batch of determinations to do. Making a high-quality concern program will let an proprietor to hold a usher to cite as challenges arise ( Fullen 2005, p:184 ) . A eating house without a written and well-thought-out concern program runs an highly high hazard of failure in its first twelvemonth of operation ( Fullen 2005, p:184 ) . In my sentiment the portion of the concern program which we did n’t truly look into were our actions to take when and if the unanticipated competition has to come in the market, unexpected disbursals has arise or if our funding chances has to alter based on the current economic state of affairs. If by some opportunity these adversities do non happen, it is easier to set a eating house concern program for that than it is for covering with state of affairss we did non expect and program for.


Overall, I truly enjoyed traveling through all the phases of the concern program development, because I was able to use what I learned in category to a real-world situation.A Many categories teach you a clump of material but ne’er give you the chance to see it for yourself.A For case, I ‘ve learned so much about preparation of selling, direction and fiscal schemes, but have ne’er had to travel through that in existent life.A Other categories teach you things, but you ne’er use it until old ages subsequently, at which clip you have forgotten some, if non all of it.A I was able to take what I learned each hebdomad in category and utilize it to assist me with the concern plan.A I think this speedy application of the rules allows for greater development as a leader will be able to utilize what I have learned now and old ages in the future.A I can besides utilize our group preparation and development as an illustration when I ‘m in future groups and construct upon the successes and learn from the failures.A This concern program made a large impact on me and the remainder of my group.

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