The Soviet Montage Assignment Film Studies Essay

Soviet Montage theory was chiefly developed by Sergei Eisenstein, a Russian movie manager and theoretician, whose instructions about movie and redaction still play a large portion in movie history. In contrast to classical Hollywood Cinema that used widely popular redacting techniques like cut acrossing, eye-line and action lucifer, in ”Eisenstein at 100: A Reconsideration ” , it is argued that Eisenstein ”re-functionalized ” these known devices in order to make more emotional and cognitively piquant movies.[ 1 ]Eisenstein ‘s theory of rational collage was achieved through apposition of contrasting images and its chief purpose was to coerce the viewing audiences to take active portion in the reading of the movie. Jacques Aumont references in ”Montage Eisenstein ” that rational collage takes the witness and his reactions into history, arousing a procedure of organizing associations between the contrasting images and therefore finally uncovering the statement that the film maker is seeking to convey.[ 2 ]

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My short movie, following the theories of Soviet rational collage, addressed the tendency among immature adult females in today ‘s society to conceal their visual aspect behind inordinate usage of cosmetics. My statement or synthesis was that twenty-first century adult females are more and more inauthentic. From that I developed the contrasting images, which became my thesis and antithesis. My aspired result was to arouse a reaction out of the viewing audiences by contrasting adult females seting on more and more make-up with non-diegetic shootings of a bar being decorated with unneeded sum of icing, finally doing it look unpleasant and uninviting. The purpose was to convey out my point of position without doing any obvious connexions between the two images.

For the chief plot line of two misss seting on different types of cosmetics, I used a impersonal scene with all the shootings taking topographic point in forepart of a mirror, connoting at the turning compulsion today ‘s society has with physical visual aspect. In contrast I wanted the shooting of the bar being decorated to hold a really bright and vivacious scene to make a clear struggle between the two. To accomplish this I used colored paper to cover the surface of the tabular array, and motley icing which efficaciously covers up the initial simpleness underneath. I decided to utilize different shooting angles to further juxtapose the opposing images. For the scenes in forepart of the mirror I changed the camera angles multiple times, with the added usage of large close-ups. In comparing, the shootings of the bar are all from the same angle, with the bordering staying precisely the same throughout. To make a elusive connexion between the scenes, while still following the chief thoughts of Eisenstein ‘s theory, I used similar action in uninterrupted shootings between the misss and the bar e.g. a shooting of a miss utilizing hairspray cuts to a shooting of a bar being decorated with gilded play spray.

The chief jobs I encountered while shooting were due to a deficiency of a clear adequate vision of what I wanted the terminal consequence to look like. After get downing the redacting procedure I realized that I had a batch of unneeded footage that was excessively insistent and decelerate in gait. For illustration there were scenes of the two characters walking and holding a conversation outside that I intended to include to the movie, but during redacting realized that there was no connexion between those peculiar scenes and the narrative I was seeking to state. Unfortunately, these complications did non come out until I had already started cutting the movie together. In add-on, there were shootings that I did non believe of while fixing for the movie, which prevented me from bring forthing a section that genuinely showed my point of position on the topic the manner I had intended. There were besides a twosome of proficient issues, for illustration the deficiency of infinite to utilize a tripod for all shootings with the two misss, therefore doing the handheld scenes less aesthetically delighting to watch. However, the issues I came across while shooting and redacting this movie decidedly gave me a better understanding how to fix for the following assignments by maintaining my chief focal point on developing a really clear thought and visualising the movie before the shoot.

In decision, with this assignment I tried to make a short movie following the theory on rational collage developed by Sergei Eisenstein. He aspired to oppose the harmoniousness of typical Hollywood film by utilizing contrasting images to make a struggle and evoke audience engagement to make an apprehension of the scene. Despite of some jobs with clearly visualising my purpose with the film and therefore being to the full satisfied with the terminal consequence, I managed to happen two contrasting images that in my sentiment were in conformity with Eisenstein ‘s chief points about collage. Personally I believe that the shootings of the misss using makeup and a bar being decorated successfully managed to convey my original synthesis that twenty-first century adult females are progressively more inauthentic, therefore doing the short movie a success within the restraints of the attack used for this assignment.


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