The South Africa Infrastructure Industry

South Africa Infrastructure Industry
Infrastructure and impact on the economy of South Africa
This manuscript delivers a broad summary of how infrastructure industry impacts on the economy of South Africa, concentrating on the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The document starts by giving a brief history South Africa’s economy and the infrastructure therein. It highlights infrastructure types by elaborating on that which impacts the growth immensely, how provision is given to the public and the private sector and funding. It explores the National Infrastructure Plans that the country expects to achieve.
Further emphasis is on how the infrastructure type impacts different growth sectors, for example, the economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product, energy, transportation and telecommunication sectors about World Cup tournament.Introduction
The establishment of South Africa was under the act of union that saw a massive transformation in terms of infrastructural engineering and scientific research – and the infrastructural service delivery. The economy of South Africa has two level of economic development: one in line with other developed countries, for example, the western countries and the other composing of basic infrastructure. Therefore, it is a productive and an industrialized economy that composes a number of characteristics just like developing economies, including labour division between informal and formal sectors and uneven wealth sharing and the general income (Perkins, 2011). According to Bogetic & Fedderke, 2006, the country’s transportation infrastructure is one of the best in Africa as it supports both the domestic and regional logistics needs.
South Africa’s economy is the second largest in Africa with 24% of GDP accounted for by the purchasing power parity according to the World Bank ranking. The country’s GDP tripled to $400 billion since 1996 with foreign exchange rising from $3 billion to nearly $50 billion resulting to a rising and…

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