The simulation of wireless

Communicationss Networks Such As 3G Cellular And WLANs.


This undertaking is about the survey of The Simulation of Wireless communications webs such as 3G cellular and WLAN. Here 3G abbreviated as 3rd Generation engineering for nomadic communicating. 3G is the fastest turning engineering, if we combine the 3G and Wireless LAN we can make admirations. We already knows that the Local Area Network as LAN, where WLAN is the Wireless LAN.

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Here we are uniting the both engineerings. As for the Wireless LAN which is accepts the good informations transportation rate which will be up to about 100 mbps, but the lone drawback is the web covers merely the limited scope like upper limit of 100meters merely. As per the 3G webs with the limitless mobility any where and it can do easy informations entree which will covers the maximal web scope, but the drawback is it does non accept the good informations transportation rate. Where, this 3G allows up to merely 5 mbps. In this instance if we combine these both WLAN and 3G engineerings we can repair the job.

Main Aim And Objectives Of This undertaking:

The chief purpose of this undertaking is the survey of the assorted available methods to increase fast nomadic radio communicating. Here we are uniting the 3G and Wireless LAN Technologies for directing transmittal with firmly and we can acquire the high mobility and high informations transportation rate. After uniting these 3G and Wireless LAN technologies we can acquire the both characteristics which are high downloading velocity and mobility. A Wireless LAN is a web computing machine used for the informations communicating and to portion files. For radio web in may ways WiMAX can be used as a more common WiFi protocol. Here we are utilizing the two methodological analysiss which are Tightly matching and Loosely matching. The chief aim of this undertaking is to unite two methods and analyze which is better in them, the result of this undertaking will be to hike the velocity and web of the wire less communicaton.

Exposed Methodologies:

If we can joint the high mobility which is provided by the 3G webs and great informations transportation rate provided by the Wireless LAN, it will screen the our jobs for these two individual engineerings. By this we can make a new proficient and fantastic radio technological universe.

Here we are utilizing the two major methodological analysiss, they are:

1. Tight yoke.

2. Loose yoke.

These two methods were can be done into consideration and simulation on OPNET.

Expected Artifact:

After uniting the 3G and Wireless LAN Technologies for directing transmittal with secure and we can acquire the high mobility and greater informations transportation rate.

In Research:

General Background To The Subject And Specific Issues:

In past yearss, the nomadic phone was merely used for the doing the calls and directing the short messaging service or text messaging service. Here the SMS which will direct the informations alternatively of the call, where by this multimedia service we can direct the Multimedia Messaging Service which we can direct Images, sound, picture and besides life. And now yearss, we are utilizing the cyberspace in one manus which is inbuilt in the nomadic phones, by this cyberspace merely we can direct and have the electronic mails, exposures, music, picture, and information. These all engineerings are from the lone nomadic communications. The bettering Wireless LAN and 3G

Technologies For Execution:

At present the fast developing engineering is 3g for the nomadic communicating, where it was referred as the 3G. The chief ground for developing the merely 3G web is telephony coevals 3G, voice and information transmittal will be supervising from the last 2 coevalss to give the information rates, in add-on to this it was besides giving the some services like bet oning, pilotage which gives the location based service, electronic commercialism with secure, download cyclosis, sound on petition, besides we can download the vocals, it will link the all over universe with cyberspace. In past yearss, the nomadic communicating was used AMPTS, TAC and ETACS. Most used 2nd coevals mobile communications were based on the GSM. The major differences from the 1st coevals is with the parallel and 2nd coevals was digital. Apart with the GSM, CDMA were with the following coevals nomadic communicating including TDMA engineerings. These two engineerings are based on optimisation ; these two are covered under the ticket. These are the GPRS and border.

Analysis Of Existing Work:

In this analysis that we are utilizing the two methodological analysiss which are Tightly matching and Loosely matching. We are linking this in OPNET simulation. If we consider Loosely coupled, here is a waiter which is linking the 3G web and the Wireless LAN. Here the waiter is connected to the cyberspace, which these two are connected to the subnet. Here the two applications that are been connected by the electronic mail and informations storage. This is the profile for 3GUSER and Wireless LAN USER has mentioned excessively.

Technical Requirements:

Software demands:

To acquire Internetworking foremost I need Network Simulation Software which is for radio detector webs, OPNET and besides I will utilize my University labs.

Here I am utilizing the Tight yoke and Loose matching two methodological analysiss, for these two methods I will take the simulation package which was OPNET. This OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition which I am utilizing for the simulation edition. While imitating this OPNET tool will gives the clip hold, lading, client electronic mail traffic, informations transportation rate, and etc. by this I can acquire the consequence in graph besides.

Hardware demands:

Minimal 40 GB Hard disc

512 MB RAM

P IV Processor

Design And Testing:

In the figure it describes that the architecture on the Microsoft Visio. In this figure we are uniting the 3G web and the other engineerings like Wireless LAN and WiMAX ( Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access ) . This WiMAX is a telecommunications engineering of the radio informations transmittal ; it will assist to give the cyberspace entree from the many points. This engineering will provides te high transportation rate like 10mbps velocity. Normally this engineering is based on IEEE 802.16 is a criterion which is for the broadband radio entree.

In this figure is clearly that 3G Wireless LAN and WiMAX are connected points. If we take in office and we are exchanging these two and we are with the control entree. Here is the 3G LAN and WiMAX is the services, these are working independently.

These Wireless LAN and 3G webs are for the wireless communicating engineering, which are designed. It need the merely the service provide. The chief aims are that we are uniting the 3G and Wireless LAN and WMAX. These two engineerings will run together.

Project Management:


Work advancement

Work Duties

Time Line in hebdomads



Research on OPNET probe has conducted on simulation package

2 hebdomads


Development of 3G and WLAN web

Wireless LAN and 3G webs will be designed

3-5 hebdomads


OPNET simulation

Simulation will be done from the design of WLAN and 3G webs

6-7 hebdomads


Testing and Survey

The designed undertaking will be tested and study will be taken to cognize the exposures

7-9 hebdomads


Rectification of exposures

The concluding merchandise will be executed and rectified to the staying exposures

10 hebdomad

Status Of My Work:

Harmonizing to my undertaking direction up to now I was done the Research among the OPNET. First I made a program about my undertaking, which includes the mentions and genres which will assist to my undertaking. Here in first two hebdomads I was done the probe on the simulation package. Following 3 hebdomads I will finish the development of 3G and WLAN web. And following I will finish the Opnet simulation, proving and study here I will prove the undertaking and I will verify the mistakes on my undertaking and I hope I will finish my undertaking in 9 hebdomads. The concluding merchandise will be appeared in 10th hebdomad without holding any exposures. Now a yearss seeking on the Internet on different sites and will make it with in boundaries of clip.


In this undertaking the uniting the 3g and Wireless LAN will be done in two methodological analysiss which are Tightly Coupling and Loosely Coupling. In these two methodological analysiss we are without any mistakes. But in some instances it will do some issues that make one planning for sensible and more capable than the other. After we are imitating on OPNET the consequence will depend on these two methodological analysiss. It is conclude that the slackly coupled is better than tightly matching. Finally we will acquire the more net income of tightly coupled method. In slackly coupled architecture which allows 3G and Wireless LAN to work individually. It gives the installation that will assist each other. There is no demand of care hence no outgo on the undertaking. It is extremely compatible when the companies merge. Where the architecture is less heavy the service supplier can supply Wire less LAN ( Local Area Network ) of its ain and is besides compatible with the 3G service suppliers which are merged with it.


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