‘The Shawshank Redemption’ by Frank Darabont Essay Sample

In ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ . directed by Frank Darabont. Darabont uses the characters of Andy and Red to develop the message of the importance of hope. Through Andy we learn that if we have hope we can keep self-respect and strength of head through even the toughest of fortunes. The character of Red shows us that if we lose our hope. we become imprisoned by fright. but his relationship with Andy is besides developed to demo that hope can be gifted to others. This message is genuinely relevant in our society today. no affair what fortunes we face in our day-to-day lives. Darabont uses techniques of camera work. illuming. coloring material. symbolism. voice-overs and duologue to assist us greater understand this thought.

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First Darabont uses the character of Andy to demo that if we have hope. we can keep self-respect every bit good as giving this to others. As human existences. we all have an innate right to be valued and treated with regard. In the prison the inmates do non have this. but many are content to merely accept this. and in making this they lose their humanity and individualism. When we are introduced to Shawshank. a surging aerial shooting dwarves the captives and shows how undistinguished they are. The lighting is dull and exanimate. with all inmates have oning indistinguishable Grey apparels. demoing us that the captives have lost all individualism. On Andy’s foremost dark the new inmates are stripped of their apparels and marched to their cells. where they are taunted and heckled by the other inmates as ‘fresh fish’ .

Darabont has done this to demo how the new inmates have been stripped of their self-respect. but besides that all other captives are acting like animate beings and have lost their humanity. However. Andy instantly stands out from the other captives. His shirt. although Grey like the other inmates. is buttoned to the full up. and he stands tall. In a voice-over. Red describes Andy as holding. ‘A walk and a talk that merely wasn’t normal around here ; like he had on an unseeable cloak that would screen him from this topographic point. ’ Andy has maintained a sense of dignity and self-respect despite the rough conditions of the prison. and this is because he has non allow the prison take his hope off. Andy’s hope can be seen when he speaks up against the authorization of the guards. and is about pushed off a four-storey edifice because of it. However. a close-up on Andy’s face shows his unagitated finding.

Andy knows a loop-hole around one of the guard’s money jobs. and barters a trade with him that the workers each get a beer. Red comments in a voice-over. ‘We sat and drank with the Sun on our shoulders and felt like free work forces. ’ Andy’s actions have given the work forces self-respect and a sense of freedom. which is so rare in such a rough environment. Red believes Andy has done this. ‘Just to experience normal once more. if merely for a short piece. ’ In the prison they are so degraded by their conditions and the governments. The other captives are content to transport on as they are. but Andy saw even the smallest of chances. and the hope he had propelled him to move. which in bend gave him and the other captives self-respect.

Darabont’s intent in this is to demo us that in our lives. even where state of affairss are oppressive or compressing. if we are able to happen hope within ourselves. so we can keep self-respect and portion it with others. We are urged to take action if we see a demand or even the smallest of possibilities for conveying self-worth to others. and are encouraged to hold the hope to contend against the subjugation that we face daily in our lives.

Darabont besides helps us to understand that hope can acquire us through the toughest of fortunes and will let us to maintain our strength of head through it all. When Andy plays music through the speaker unit to the inmates against the orders of the warden. he is put in lone parturiency for two hebdomads. However. when Andy comes out afterwards. he tells the others that it was the. ‘Easiest clip I of all time did’ . A panning shooting shows the aghast faces of the other captives. To them. ‘easy time’ in the hole is inexplicable. However. Andy tells them that he focused on the music and the hope that this gave him. instead than brooding on his fortunes. ‘That’s the one thing they can’t confiscate. non of all time. We need it so we don’t bury that there are things in this universe non carved out of Grey rock. That there’s a little topographic point inside of us they can ne’er lock off. and that topographic point is called hope. ’

Because Andy didn’t succumb to the walls that surrounded him. he was able to acquire through the tough circumstance he faced. Darabont besides helps us to understand this thought by demoing that though it is improbably difficult to keep our strength of head in oppressive conditions ; if we have hope so we can acquire through our lowest minutes and do it through the other side. We discover that Andy has been wrongly convicted. but when he eventually has a manner to turn out this. the Warden dismisses him. Andy. whose hope has existent possibilities for the first clip. battles back. and is put in the hole for two months. In contrast to the first clip Andy is put in the hole. we see him from a high angle. huddling from the visible radiation when the door opens. When he is eventually let out. Andy sits in shadows. and the lighting is really gray. Darabont’s intent in this is to do us believe that Andy has eventually been defeated. His strength and hope that he carries within himself appear to hold eventually cracked.

However. this is really used to show that true hope ne’er dies. and will salvage us even in the most hopeless state of affairss. Throughout his clip at Shawshank. Andy has been carving a hole through his cell wall through which he escapes the prison. His hope has given him the strength to interrupt down the walls that oppress him. and push through even his darkest minute to make the freedom and joy on the other side. When Andy has escaped he tells Red. ‘Hope is a good thing. possibly the best of things. and no good thing of all time dies. ’ Darabont through this helps us to understand that if we have hope. and fight to keep this in all state of affairss. so we will be able to do it through any conflict that we face or force that opposes us. Our hope can ne’er genuinely be locked off. and hence if we are able to happen hope or believe positively about our hereafters. we need to maintain ahold of this tightly.

In the prison. the work forces have no hope of a hereafter. They come to trust on the walls that cage them in. and this drains their hope or belief in of all time acquiring out of the prison. Just as Andy is an incarnation and symbol of hope. the character of Red shows us the contrast of a life without hope. We see this through the parole meetings that Red attends throughout the movie. Red is asked why he should be allow back into society. but each clip he repeats the same emotionless statements. Red can merely see his current life. and has no hope for his hereafter. He tells Andy. ‘I don’t think I could do it on the exterior. it’d panic me to decease. ’ He. instead than Andy has a better cause for hope ; he has the possibility to acquire out of Shawshank and make a new life on the outside. but his deficiency of hope is forestalling him from seeing this. Red’s character is paralleled with another inmate at Shawshank. Brooks Hadley. who became institutionalised and could non get by in the outside universe ; perpetrating self-destruction.

After Andy has come out of the hole for the first clip. Red says to him ; ‘Hope is a unsafe thing. Drive a adult male insane. It’s got no topographic point here. Better get used to the thought. ’ However. when Andy answers. ‘Like Brooks did? ’ . Red storms off ; he can’t face the effects of non holding hope. Red lives his life anticipating nil so as non to put on the line letdown. and believes that hope will do more injury than good. He can merely see the furnishings of his yesteryear. non the possibilities of his hereafter. Red’s turning point is when Andy makes him assure to happen something for him when he gets out of prison ; cognizing that Red will happen it difficult to last on the exterior without any hope or intent. Red is eventually paroled. and he besides finds it difficult to set to life on the exterior. In a voice-over. Red says. ‘All I do any more is think of ways to interrupt my word. ’

At one phase. there is a close up of a gun that Red is looking at in a pawn store window ; an about indistinguishable shooting to when Brooks leaves the prison. However. the shooting pans to a compass. and the voice-over continues. ‘Only one thing stops me ; a promise I made to Andy. ’ Red uses this compass to detect a box that Andy has hid. that encourages him to fall in Andy in Mexico. where he is populating after get awaying from Shawshank. The hope that Andy has given Red sets him free. Red tells us. ‘I find I am so aroused I can hardly sit still or maintain a idea in my caput. I think it is the exhilaration merely a true adult male can experience. ’ The film ends with a voice-over from Red ; ‘I hope I can do it across the boundary line. I hope to see my friend and agitate his manus.

I hope the Pacific is every bit bluish as it has been in my dreams. I hope. ’ Andy has shared his hope with Red. which gives him life and the ability to last through alterations that proved excessively much for Brooks. who had no hope. Darabont uses Andy’s character to demo how we can do an impact on the lives of others in hopeless state of affairss. Although this film is set in a prison. the thoughts it nowadayss are no less relevant. Though we may non be physically caged in. there are many topographic points in our lives that can pin down us mentally. spiritually and emotionally. which require us to be hopeful in order to interrupt through them.

Through the characters of Andy and Red. Darabont has helped us. the audience. to understand the timeless thought of the power of hope in people’s lives. Although at times this movie is dark and the characters seem to hold lost all hope. the way of Darabont is genuinely uplifting in promoting us to take action in our ain lives today. There are many topographic points in the universe where hope seems ineffectual. but as Darabont shows us “Hope is a good thing. possibly the best of things. and no good thing of all time dies. ”


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