The Second Largest Sector In India Marketing Essay

The Apparel sector is the 2nd largest sector in India every bit far as employment is concerned. The first being agribusiness, the dress market is one of the most underutilized market after China. In the past two decennaries, the dress industry has made a immense spring frontward in footings of altering its entire mentality. The tendency has changed from what was one time a ‘made-to-order- market to a present ‘ready-to-wear ‘ market. Traditionally, the individual who needed the garb gave the order and had to wait for the garb to be sewed and so shipped or delivered to them. The component of manner and the fad for design was lower due to the deficiency of major trade names in the market.

Once the thought of ready-mades came into being, where people could travel to a retail merchant and take their apparels alternatively of telling them and waiting, new large participants entered the market. This intensified the competition for the traditional sellers when they started opening up their professional retail ironss. For illustration, the work forces ‘s dress market is about 46 % of the entire market in India. Urbanization has besides had its portion in this alteration in tendency. Along with it, the penchant for readymade garments has increased manifold. Raymond, one of the largest and major participants in this industry, has been a great success in the manner it had aligned itself and its schemes in the face of turning alterations in the market. With a great path record for the past 75 old ages, it has been able to prolong itself as one of the market leaders in the Indian branded dress industry.

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The adult females formal and cultural garb industry

Womans without any 2nd idea are the 1s who are the most interested in having any sort of dress. Be it an Indian cultural traditional saree, western wear or corporate formal wear. Recognizing the sort off demand in adult females wear sector there have been lot off Textile industry which has established and there has been large participants. In Indian scenario there are diverse fabric industry harmonizing to the tradition of the province and part giving a wider scope of pick and creativeness. No other sector will be able to vie in footings of creativeness and designs.

The Chosen Brand – Raymond Hers – A new line of adult females ‘s wear from Raymond

Reasons for taking this sector

Most of the adult females and work forces are non cognizant of the adult females brands being under Raymond harmonizing to our study.

With the rapid growing in the readymade garment sector, at the rate of 20 % , there is an increased demand for the adult females western, insouciant & amp ; concern formal wear in the present scenario.

Raymond has a great name in fabric industry and ColorPlus & A ; Park Avenue being the trade names is one of the of import trade names from the company.

Womans are doing their presence in the universe of corporate sector which demands them to dress in formal garb. And adult females are looking out for more pick & A ; trusted trade names for their vesture.

The trade name has a big range for variegation with its truth quality and manner

More than 27 % population is working population in the corporate sectors of India which can be targeted through

Since India is a underdeveloped state, per capita addition in income along with buying power increasing gives great range for market.

Other than Allen Solly & A ; Van Huesen trade names in India under Madhura Garments non many trade names are good known in the adult females corporate western wear.

Therefore it is of import for Raymond to do its already bing adult females trade name more seeable by marketing the same in a wider scope and busy the greater adult females population through the best scheme.

This is the right clip to perforate the industry, chiefly because there has been increase in the adult females ‘s admittances into B-schools and other high terminal industries. Therefore the demand for the same is predicted to lift exponentially in the coming old ages.

Situation Analysis

Industry overview

The Indian fabric industry is one of the largest and most of import sectors in the state as it is the chief beginning of foreign exchange gross every bit good as employment in India. The industry has been self reliant from the terminal to stop of the supply concatenation, from natural stuffs to the bringing of finished goods, adding significant value at each phase. However, the industry is extremely disconnected.

The entire premium adult females ‘s western wear market in India is estimated at Rs. 2700 crores.

Sectors within the Industry

The industry prognosis is comprehensively depicted in the figure below

Figure: Prognosis

The Company – Raymond Group

The Raymond Group was incorporated in 1925. In a few old ages, it transformed into a planetary participant in the readymade fabric industry from being an Indian fabric major. Raymond is an incorporate fabric maker and the flagship company of the Singhania Group. The chief beginnings of gross include

Fabrics ( Suiting cloths for the Indian market )

Garments ( readymade and interior decorator wear for domestic and export markets )

Industry of jean cloths ( for export intents ) .

Other concerns including files and tools and car constituents.

26 % of the company gross revenues are from exports.

Concentrating on quality and leading, Raymond has ever strived to look for new avenues to spread out. It was the first company in 1959 to present a poly-wool blend in India to make universe ‘s finest accommodating cloth, the Super 240s.

Raymond Apparel Ltd

Raymond Apparel Ltd. ( RAL ) is a 100 % subordinate of Raymond Limited and ranks as one of the top dress companies in the state. The company as such is committed to supply entire client centric solutions every bit far as the fabric industry is concerned. Bing a forbearer in the worsted suiting class, Raymond has been able to supply a broad assortment of merchandises to the count of 20000 and supra. This caters to all age groups, assorted occasions and manners. It has now come to be renowned for fabricating the finest cloths in the universe. Be it wool or wool-blended worsted suiting or forte jeans, it has been able to supply the highest quality to its clients.

Raymond Ltd has been touted as being one of the few companies in the state to hold brought the wool from the dorsum of the sheep to the dorsum of adult male. This is non an exaggeration as this has led to it going the largest incorporate maker of worsted cloth in the universe.

Raymond has a incursion of 60 % of the entire worsted accommodating market with a entire capacity of 31 million metres of wool and wool blended cloths. It is considered to be the lone company to provide to the demands of a broad assortment of age groups, occasions and manners in over 50 states. This has doubtless made it the most preferable pick of international design houses.

After a long stretch in the fabrics market, where it made a standing grade, Raymond so moved into the garmenting industry with extremely successful ventures like

Silver Spark Apparel Ltd

Regency Textiles Portuguesa Lda ( for mulct Tailored Suits, Trousers and Jackets )

Ever Blue Apparel Ltd ( Jeanswear ) and

Celebrations Apparel Ltd ( Shirts ) .

It has some of the best trade names that have gained regard among the clients including Raymond, Raymond Finely Crafted Garments, Manzoni, Park Avenue, ColorPlus, Parx, and Zapp! and Notting Hill.

For all this success, Raymond has depended on its expansive retail presence in the state. It has established “ The Raymond store ” , an sole concatenation for its merchandises and stand-alone trade name shops for its other subordinate trade names like Manzoni, Park Avenue, ColorPlus, Parx, and Zapp! And Notting Hill.

Raymond is now one of the largest participants in cloths, interior decorator wear, jean, cosmetics and toilet articless, technology files and tools and other diverse markets. It has been able to make a turnover of US $ 600 million. It uses the latest film editing border engineering and ensures that all its workss are ISO certified, thereby guaranting its uninterrupted committedness to supplying quality merchandises to its clients, at the same clip being environment friendly.

Raymond ‘s Group of Companies

Raymond Apparel Ltd: Raymond Apparel Ltd. has some of the most extremely rated apparel trade names in India in its repertory – Raymond Finely Crafted Garments, Manzoni, Park Avenue for Men & A ; Women, ColorPlus for Men & A ; Women, Parx, Be, Zapp! and Notting Hill. It has successfully retained its top topographic point in its field for a figure of old ages.

ColorPlus Manners Ltd: ColorPlus is among the largest smart insouciant trade names in the premium class. The demand for this company arose from the turning demand for a high terminal, insouciant wear trade name in the state for work forces and adult females

Apart from this brad it has a few other trade names that command regard from its client base.

Silver Spark Apparel Ltd. – A garmenting installation that manufactures formal suits, pants and jackets.

EverBlue Apparel Ltd. – A state-of-the-art jean dressing installation.

Celebrations Apparel Ltd. – A installation set-up for the industry of formal shirts.

J.K. Files & A ; Tools – Angstrom taking participant in the Engineering Files & A ; Tools section and the largest manufacturer of steel files in the universe.

Ringing Plus Aqua Ltd. – A prima maker in the technology automotive constituents.

J.K. Helene Curtis Ltd. – Angstrom taking participant in the class of training, accoutrements and toilet articless.

J.K. Investo Trade ( India ) Ltd. – JKIT is an investing company registered with Reserve Bank of India as Non-Banking Financial Company.

Raymond Zambaiti Pvt. Ltd. – A Greenfield installation fabricating high value cotton shirting.

These are non the lone few industries under Raymond, there are few more which has been the portion of Raymond for old ages together.

( Referee: )

The Existing Brands for Womans

ColorPlus is among the largest premium class smart insouciant wear trade name in the state. The company acquired by Raymond caters to the turning demand for a high-end, insouciant wear trade name in India.

Fig. ColorPlus

ColorPlus was originally the premium insouciant wear trade name owned by Raymond limited company, with which it entered the turning adult females ‘s wear section. It launched ColorPlus adult female, an thorough scope of smart-casual vesture. The venture was aimed and targeted at the independent, many-sided adult female of today. It has different sections to provide to the demands consequently:

The western wear adult females ‘s section

Day wear scope

Sporty insouciant wear scope

Outdoor scope

Business casuals range

ColorPlus is besides recognized as a premium set in the work forces ‘s subdivision. It continues to be the client ‘s best pick due to their trade name trueness for its advanced and colorful ware. With ColorPlus Woman, they would certainly be able to make the same highs that the original work forces ‘s wear section reached.


The major rivals for Raymond are:

Madura Garments: Madura Garments is a division of Aditya Birla Nuvo. They are India ‘s prima dress and retail company and own/have ageless licence for premier trade names like Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England, Byford to call a few.

Future Group: Has assorted retail ironss – Pantaloon Manners, Central Mall and Brand Factory, and at the lower terminal through Big Bazaar.

Shoppers Stop: Promoted by real property developers, Rahejas, it is a lifestyle concatenation with major focal point on dresss.

Koutons Retail India: It operates 2 ironss of shops – Koutons and Charlie Outlaw. Koutons has 1350 shops all over India while Charlie Outlaw, launched in October 2006, has 537.

Globus Stores: It was launched in January 1998 and is a portion of the Rajan Raheja group. Globus has 30 shops.

Provogue India: Provogue is retailed through a concatenation of sole trade name mercantile establishments called Provogue Studio at 70 locations in the state.

Westside: Westside is a Lifestyle Chain, established in 1998 by Trent Ltd. The company has already established 31 shops with many more coming up.

FabIndia: Fabindia is an cultural retail concatenation is present in all major metropoliss of India. Presently there are over 88 mercantile establishments in add-on to international shops in Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Doha, Qatar and Rome, Italy.

Benetton: Italian dress concatenation and proprietor of the celebrated United Colors of Benetton trade name.

Marks & A ; Spencer: Operates 10+ shops through its so Master Franchisee Planet Retail Holdings. However, Reliance Retail is M & A ; S ‘ new spouse in India and all hereafter shops will be opened in JV with Reliance.

Reference ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Madura Coats Ltd operates chiefly work forces ‘s vesture, with a more recent entry into adult females ‘s outerwear with Van Heusen Woman

Van Heusen Woman

A Van Heusen adult female is catered to the modern-day adult female, supplying a complete closet solution for them. It aggregations are characterized by elegance, manner and versatility. Be in any juncture, insouciant acquire together or the formal meeting or any societal event, this is the best 1 can travel for.

The Van Heusen Woman scope includes tops at Rs.1,100 ; pants at Rs.1,300 ; outer wear in a Rs.1,595 -Rs.13,000 scope ; knits and winter wear between Rs.1,100 and Rs.1,500 and suits and sport jackets at Rs.3,500 -Rs.6,000 ; 100 per cent silk stoles at Rs.1100 ; cuff links between Rs.600 -Rs.900 ; bags and belts at Rs.700 -Rs.1,900 and a fashionable aggregation of accoutrements runing from manus bags, places and belts to scarves, stockings and cufflinks. Van Heusen Woman is divided into three manner classs -World wear, for the international concern traveler ; Every Day Formals, for the working adult female who wants a professional yet feminine expression ; and Informal Wear, for occasions when she wants to allow her hair down and still do caputs turn.

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SWOT Analysis

Ansoff Matrix Analysis

Figure: Ansoff Matrix to place the scheme to be followed to establish a merchandise.

Marketing Aims

Raymond ‘s corporate mission ( Complete wardrobe solutions for Indian work forces and adult females aˆ¦ )

Break even aim

Short term ends

Long term ends ( Each of them is tagged with a deadline )

Selling Scheme



Upper category, in-between category and lower center

Office departers and household adult females


Formal wear for Upper category, office traveling adult females ( Give backup dataaˆ¦Eg, Raymond servers the upper category adult male )

Cultural wear for upper category household adult females


A trade name typifying excellence, quality and leading.

A one halt store supplying assorted solutions to clients across assorted merchandise classs ( all for adult females )

A trade name of planetary excellence utilizing various alien cloths to function various demands of consumers ( research on alien adult females cloths and gas )

Marketing action plan


Explain all past Raymond ads. Focus on the sensitive household adult male, appealing to the adult female. ( Travel to the Raymonds web site for a list of all thw ads that have come till now ) ( The trade name is already associated with womenaˆ¦So, gas on this line )

Largely Television media. Print is presently used. We need to come up with a originative ad to advance this line for adult females.


Topographic point

Distribution channels to be used for this merchandise.



The Product hierarchy

The followers shows the merchandise hierarchy that we are following to


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