The Role Of The Investigating Task Force Criminology Essay

The paper discusses the function of the look intoing undertaking force in relation to terrorist act. It describes the three types of clandestine operations involved together with the equipment coverage applied. Extremism and its three aspects are besides explained, distinguishing it from terrorist act. Finally, it briefly describes the four basic attacks that are used in look intoing terrorist groups.

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The Role of Investigating Task Force

Condemnable Investigation Task Force ( CITF ) is one of the curious organisations that stem from the United States ‘ Department of Defense Military Police Corps following the campaign for the War on Terror. Its central office is at Fort Belvoir, Virginia and several withdrawal bases in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba ; Iraq ; and Afghanistan. Its construct day of the months back to February 2002 as a consequence of a Presidential military edict to look into the accused terrorists in the United States in the mentioned bases. The aim is to either mention the instances to the DoD office of Military Commissions for condemnable prosecutions or taging the detainees to be released and/or transferred to the detention of their states of beginning ( Edwards & A ; King, 2007 ) .

Bing a military unit, CITF comprises a scope of members from every subdivision of the United States armed forces. This is because undertaking forces in the military circles are temporarily created to set about a peculiar mission. Therefore, CITF ‘s mission is the threat of terrorist act, and it is constituted by the Army Criminal Investigation Division, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and the Naval Criminal Investigation Service. Others forces are drawn from the FBI, US Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, DoD Counterintelligence Field Activity, and National Security Agency. It is a squad of faultless research workers. Intelligence analysts, attorneies and support forces. In add-on they have agents in Canada, England, Germany, Bosnia and Italy ( Edwards & A ; King, 2007 ) .

The nature of these probes involves question of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq ; questioning informants in high-profile federal instances ; ictus of grounds captured ; integrating of all strategic and tactical intelligence ; and coaction with inter-agency and foreign opposite numbers. The FBI in concurrence with the Homeland Security gathers dependable information and manus it over to the other relevant section within the CITF for farther action. However, this is non the monopoly of the FBI since there is a web of information engineering system that disseminate information among the local, province, regional and federal bureaus and the private sector ; non to advert the Counterintelligence. Not every information that is gathered must be made public ; CITF abides by the Classified Information Procedures Act ( CIPA ) found at Title 18 of the United States Code, Appendix III. The purpose is to forbid the revelation of information that may harm the national security ( McAdams, n.d. ) .

The legal power of the Task Force lies in the full district of the United States and being a world power, elsewhere in the universe where terrorists are deemed to be concealing. Backed by the UN General Assembly, the US has granted her CITF intelligence bureaus powers non merely of question but besides of collaring and confining suspects. This has been brought about by the extraordinary character of the modern-day terrorist menace ( Scheinin, 2009 ) .

Although specialised preparation is required by the forces of the CITF, being drawn from a scope of elitist military corp, they have the refined cognition of the field. What remains is the manner to impart their expertness in the fulfilment of this peculiar mission. For this ground, after a thorough initiation Sessionss, they hit the route and most of the specialised cognition is acquired on-the-job. The equipment that is at their disposal

The Undercover Operations for Terrorism Investigations

Undercover operation is an probe that involves a series of related clandestine activities such as the usage of an false name or screen individuality, within a period of clip by an clandestine agent of the CITF. The three general types of clandestine operations are: the constabulary clandestine probes, the federal undercover probe, and the private security clandestine probes ( Dempsey & A ; Forst, 2009 ) .

The constabulary clandestine probes are preponderantly used within the districts of the United States to mix up out terrorist suspects. The suspects who get arrested are really resourceful to the intelligence agents of the CITF for they provide the information that may take to farther apprehensions and frustration of a terrorist secret plan. The clandestine officers undertake a different function from their usual policing which varies from one assignment to the other. They hang around with the terrorists and seek to befriend them and follow they lifestyle. A classical illustration was the clandestine operations of the Metro Police Department who infiltrated and actively participated in a controversial anti-Bush group known as the International Action Center ( IAC ) . They posed as militants and penetrated the group thereby supplying law-enforcement officers with intelligence informations ( Gossett, 2010 ) .

Federal undercover operations are kindred to the constabulary type mentioned above with the exclusion of its officers who are FBI agents. Their legal power and hence operations is non limited to the United States districts. They are found in states that are rife with terrorist activities like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan et cetera. The instance of David Coleman Headley ‘s apprehension by the FBI agents can be cited as an illustration. It was the fruits of clandestine operations that tract his meetings, electronic mails and phone conversations that needfully linked him to terrorist groups in Pakistan ( Fact on File News Services, 1955 ) .

Last, there is private security undercover operation for illustration, Blackwater – connected to the CIA. They are largely hired to set about peculiar function even clandestine probes. A study by the New York Times, CIA in 2004 hired them to turn up and assassinate top secret agents of Al-Qaeda ( Mazzetti, 2004 ) .

Electronic Coverage applicable to Terrorism Investigation

The CITF agents use computing machines to supervise informations and traffic on the cyberspace. Following the attachment of the Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement Act, every phone call together with broadband cyberspace traffic are screened. The agents besides use orbiters and aircraft detectors to place deathly objects in edifices observing even hints of chemicals in the ambiance ; that could hold been planted by a terrorist ( Mayer, 2009 ) .

Radio Frequency Identification, popularly known as RFID tickets are really utile to the agents. They are little electronic devices utilizing wireless moving ridges fixed into an object for the intent of designation and tracking particularly the slippy Al-Qaeda agents. Similarly, Global Positioning System ( GPS ) devices planted in secret in vehicles for motion monitoring is besides used. Mobile phones apart from being used for communicating among the CTIF agents are used to roll up geolocation informations. Surveillance devices called bugs are used to capture, record and transmit information to receiver. CTIF agents usually conceal these devices in suites suspected to be used by terrorists ( Mayer, 2009 ) .

Airborne machines like remote-controlled aerial vehicle, spy plane and chopper are used for aerial surveillance to garner ocular imagination. Cameras, both surveillance ( CCTV ) and picture are used to detect protected countries particularly barracks and offices of CITF. Biometrics is utile for the analysis of physical and behavioural traits of a individual for designation. It captures fingerprints, DNA, walking manner et cetera. It is utile to separate a terrorist from a non-terrorist utilizing the already bing information ( Mayer, 2009 ) .

Leftist Extremism, Right-wing Extremism, and Particular Interest Extremism

Leftist extremism is defined as the broad stance that extremist steps should be used to consequence alteration in the established order, particularly in political relations to accomplish the equality, freedom and wellbeing of the common citizens. It has frequently developed from working-class motions out to extinguish category stratifications. The menace that this motion poses did non decease with the decease of Soviet Union, unluckily, owing that it communism was its encephalon kid. Leftist extremism in the United States moreover presents non merely the menace to domestic terrorist act, but besides possible support of espionage against her by states like Cuba. A good illustration of such motions is the Black Liberation Army ( Seger, 2001 ) .

Rightist extremism on the other manus is defined slackly as an political orientation that promotes anti-democratic sentiments through patriotism, xenophobia, racism, and a call for a strong province ( Carter, 2005 ) . In the United States, this political orientation manifests itself in the ill-famed ‘Patriot ‘ groups dwelling of reservess and other organisations that consider the federal authorities as plotting to enforce a ‘one-world authorities ‘ . They see the Obama Administration as ‘socialist ‘ following the lifting public debt and the ailing economic system, the bailouts of Bankss and other organisations, among others. In fact, the mushrooming ‘tea parties ‘ that litter the American political sphere are branchs of the same.

Particular involvement extremism can be defined as an political orientation that uses violent irregular means to contend for the issues that regard a peculiar group. The extremists involve in political force to coerce a section of society, sometimes even the general populace to reconsider the base on issues dear to them. Ecoterrorism is a perfect illustration ( Carter, 2005 ) .

Extremism is an political orientation that strongly supports immoderate and sturdy policies in the solution of a political issue. Terrorism, on the other manus is the improper usage of force and menaces by a individual or an organized group to intimidate and sometimes hale an person or a province for political terminals.

The four basic attacks of look intoing terrorist groups are, exposure, household, forensic trail, and communicating. Exposure requires action anytime the organisation is out in the unfastened, outside their enclosure ; either doing a phone call or meeting with top foremans. Terrorists who have households easy acquire entrapped since at one clip he will come to see. CITF agents persuade and even infiltrate the households to garner information. Terrorist groups that employ people are vulnerable to forensic paper trails that may be utile in their trailing. Finally, communicating by besides eases the work of research workers particularly when land line and cell phones, e-mails et cetera are used ( Day, 2009 ) .


CITF is making a enormous occupation to free the universe of terrorists who arguably fight for the merriment of it. In their class to foster their pathetic motivations, many lives are at interest. The activities of the Task Force should be supported by all agencies.

The forces preparation, legal power and equipment that encompass this operation is complex and superior to the oppositions. Its ubiquitousness besides marvels since it every bit tackles the homegrown terrorists disguised in atrocious utmost groupings like Black Liberation Army, ‘Patriot ‘ and Eco-terrorism.

With the sophisticated arms and the military delicacy that the Task Force embodies, it is merely a affair of clip and the enemy will be vanquished.


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