The role of the health and social care worker Essay Sample

Result 1
1. Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship. A working relationship is where you are placed with other people and work as portion of a squad where each person is working towards the accomplishment of shared purposes and aims. You will work to a set of regulations and processs for which you will be paid. You will be accountable and responsible for any errors or mistakes. You do non hold to wish the people you work with and you will necessitate to maintain personal sentiments and feelings to yourself. Common regard and understanding demands to be established and is a cardinal factor in developing a good working relationship. A personal relationship is formed through pick. with person you portion involvements and feelings with and who you like. There will be no set of regulations or processs to follow and you won’t acquire paid. You can voice your personal sentiments. ideas and feelings. A personal relationship is formed because you like a individual and you choose to hold that relationship with them.

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2. Describe different working relationships in wellness and societal attention scenes. There are many different working relationships in the wellness and societal attention puting. These will include. co-workers. director. other professionals such as Doctors/District nurse. service users and their household and friends. For each you will develop a different type of working relationship. Some will be more formal than others. You would non turn to a visiting physician in the same mode as you would a service user. You would non turn to your director in the same manner you would a co-worker although you would keep a professional mode with them all.

Result 2

1. Explain why it is of import to adhere to the agreed range of your occupation function. It is of import because you have been employed for the occupation as set down in your occupation description. You should merely transport out processs which you are trained and qualified to make. These will be detailed in your occupation description. You should ne’er be asked or ne’er set about a occupation that you are non qualified or trained to make because you could be held accountable if anyone is injured in the procedure. You could set both yourself and others at hazard if you do so. 2. Explain how you entree up-to-date inside informations of in agreement ways of working. Your administration should give you clear and precise information about your function and duties. Your agreed ways of working are contained in the policies and processs for your topographic point of work. These will give you information about how you are to transport out your responsibilities in the right manner. Your occupation description will order what responsibilities you are responsible for.

Result 3

1. Explain why it is of import to work in partnership with others. Working with a service user involves caring for the individual as a whole which will affect you coming into contact with assorted people involved in the person’s life. This could include other carers. physician. societal workers. their friends and household. We all all need to work together. as a squad in partnership with each others. to accomplish a common end and supply the best attention and the best results which will profit the service user.

2. Explain ways of working that can better partnership working. By working in partnership with professional co-workers. it can assist to get the better of boundaries between services and administrations. developing ways of working that will be of benefit the service user. To work as an effectual and productive partnership everyone involved demands to be. experience and work as portion of the same squad with the same ends and outlooks. To better a partnership it is of import that everyone knows those ends. how they will be reached and what is expected of them. 3. Describe accomplishments and attacks needed for deciding struggles. Stay focused and concentrate on what the struggle is about

Remain unagitated
Listen carefully
Remain impartial and seek to see all points of position
Respond to critisism with empathy
Determine the coveted result
Expression for via media
Ask other for aid if needed
4. Explain how and when to entree support and advice about:
Partnership working
Deciding struggles
You would desire to entree support and advice sing partnership working. If I had a job regards another member of the attention squad or bureaus covering with a service user I support. I would seek to decide job by first talking to director who may be able to decide the issue. Workplace should hold policies in topographic point of how to cover with jobs as they occur. If I need support and advice deciding a struggle the same class of action should foremost be followed to seek to make a declaration. Depending on the badness of the struggle and what is really involved assorted other classs of action may be taken. If the struggle is related to any type of favoritism or wellness and safety issue the affair would hold to be officially reported and dealt with instantly


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