The research design choices made by Investigators

Research design is a pick of an research worker about the constituents of undertaking and development of certain constituents of the design ( Stake, 1995 ) . A design of research does non dwell of an ordered consecutive bit-by-bit process. It is a planning phase of research which is normally made logically visualising its practicableness. The choice of research constituents is done maintaining in position of the aims of the research. This chapter is traveling to depict the research methodological analysis carried by research worker to analyze one of the most of import and controversial subject of success factors of franchising concern.

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3.2 Research Design

A research design includes the undermentioned constituents: ( a ) research method or research scheme ; ( B ) trying design ; ( degree Celsius ) pick of research tools and pick statistical techniques ( Cook & A ; Campbell, 1979 ) . The reappraisal or the literature and related research studies are set as an of import constituent of design. Besides the categorization and development of the categories of enquiry and their theoretical accounts are offered as major facet of research design. Designing of research may be described as a function, because the research design constituents tend to suit into three distinguishable bet interconnected portion ; it ‘s convenient to discourse the design constituents thin these three constituents ( Eavess, 2001 ) . The research design has two basic intents: ( a ) to supply replies to research to research inquiries, and ( B ) to command the discrepancy. A research design constituents and proposals should give an equal attending to each appropriate and applicable design constituent.

Associating to this survey, old research suggests that this dialectic procedure is peculiarly utile in qualitative research on subjects that lack an established theoretical base or methodological analysis ( Dick, 1990 ) . Open-ended, automatic manner inquiries were utilised enabling the research worker to place convergent subjects on the most of import issues within the country under probe ( Yin, 2003 ) . In add-on, quantitative attack besides help researcher acquire more information from mark location, non participant observation and recording of participants ‘ behaviour during the interview procedure provided a context of the significance and intent of the recorded information ( Goulding, 2002 ) .

Figure 3.1: Procedure of research methodological analysis

Beginning: Adapted from Saunders, Lewis and Thirnhill, the research methods of concern pupil 2003

This research design will follow the method of inside informations of survey and measuring. The procedure of research methodological analysis of this survey will accommodate from Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill ( 2003 ) presented research procedure ‘onion ‘ in the book “ Research Methods for Business Student ” , which are used three different beds in this research: research doctrine, research attack, qualitative and quantitative as designed will make In-depth or telephone Interview and questionnaire. Data aggregation method will unite secondary informations and primary informations utilizing SPSS package and qualitative analysis methods.

In add-on, drumhead notes associating to interviewees ‘ actions and demeanour during the interviews were taken in order to guarantee that the information was transcribed retaining the context in which it was given by each of respondent ( Trochim, 1999 ) . A individual research worker with important franchise sector experience as a multi unit operator conducted the interviews, supplying a consistence in the inquiries asked every bit good as a thorough apprehension of the jobs faced by members of the sector. The success factors antecedently identified as impacting on the success of franchise systems and/or franchisors were used as focal point for the convergent interviewing. The findings of the qualitative phase of this research are discussed in the last subdivision ( Remenyi, 1998 ) .

3.3 Beginnings and Methods of Data Collection

3.3.1 Beginning of Data

Primary informations

The primary informations, which will be bring forthing by methods below, may be qualitative in nature ( in the signifier of words ) or quantitative ( which in the signifier of Numberss or where you can do counts of words used ) ( Trochim, 1999 ) . This research survey will establish on the quantitative and qualitative both informations methods.


At first, In-depth interview and telephone interview to roll up informations information from 2 Franchisors ( see appendix 3 ) .


After that, the questionnaire was defined so Self-Administered questionnaire for primary informations aggregation was delivered to respondents. At last, combine with feedback from respondents the validated theoretical account was formed. The questionnaire has entire 10 inquiries ( see appendix 4 ) and will be provide 150 pieces, and the location for the questionnaire will be in China.

Secondary informations

About research requires the aggregation of primary informations, and this is what pupils focus on. Unfortunately, many thesiss do non include secondary informations in their findings subdivision although it is absolutely acceptable to make so, supplying you have analyzed it ( Corbin & A ; Strauss, 1990 ) . It is a good thought to utilize informations collected by person else if it exists ; it may be on larger graduated table than you want to roll up and could lend to your findings well.

Secondary informations is informations that has already been collected and collated by person for some ground other than the current survey. It can be used to acquire a new position on the current survey, to supplement or compare the work or to utilize parts of it, as another survey may turn out dearly-won and clip consuming ( Malterud, 2001 ) . Otherwise, secondary informations are much cheaper, more easy to follow, helps polish research inquiries and design farther research and besides provides context for reading of primary research. It can supply a utile beginning from which to reply, or to get down to reply, the research inquiries ( Saunders, Lewis, & A ; Thornhill, 2006 ) . In this research, secondary informations were collected from beginnings like old studies, statistical information from finance and investing side, governmental statistics on economic system, newspapers, magazines, diaries, on-line indices and abstracts, mention plants and analysts studies.

3.3.2 Data Collection Methods

This research survey involved interviewing and questionnaires ( See appendix 3 and 4 ) of the franchisor and franchisees from each of two franchise systems, System X and System Y. System X provides merchandise and services in nourishment industry which are the leaders from HaYao headquarter and the franchisees as have more than 4 old ages runing experience ( The organisation information blow ) . System Y is in the eating house trappings industry who is employees in KFC and the individual is the one metropolis of the director of KFC.

aˆˆHarbin Pharmaceutical Group Co. , Ltd. is a state-owned articulation venture after reconstituting through capital and stock additions in 2005. It sets up two public companies listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange ( i.e. , Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Holding Co. , Ltd. and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Sanjing Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. ) , and 27 wholly-owned, keeping and joint-stock companies. The registered capital sums 3.7 billion kwais, the entire assets amounts to 14.65 billion kwais, and the ownership involvements reach 8.96 billion kwais. Staffed with entire 18, 382 employees, the Group has 12 attached pharmaceutical companies.A

Over the old ages, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co. , Ltd. , under the dogma of “ Manufacturing reliable drugs and taging a honest endeavor ” , has achieved the rapid-increasing market portion, the gradually-expanding concern Scopess, and the one-year capacity to gain foreign currency through export of 100 million US dollars thanks to the debut of some merchandises to the European, Asian, African, and the North American markets. In line with the corporate doctrine of “ Opposing Force, Original Ideas, Virtue Supremacy ” , the Group has actively carried out the trade name invention scheme and has won cosmopolitan congratulationss from all sectors of society. Through the appraisal conducted by the domestic important establishment of trade name value – Beijing Brand Assets Value Assessment Co. , Ltd. , the Group is rated as one of the Most Valuable Chinese Medicine Brands with the value of 14.525 billion kwais. The Group has four Chinese Well-known Hallmarks of “ Hayao ” , “ Sanjing ” , “ Shiyitang ” , and “ Gaizhonggai ” , ranking foremost in the whole industry and in the three northeasterly states.

Personal interview is a study method of informations aggregation which employs a questionnaire ; the constituents of the personal are the research worker, the interviewer, interviewee and interview environment. Under therefore counsel of the research worker of the study for seeking responses to the inquiries in the questionnaire under the defined interview environment ( Barnes, 2001 ) . In the instance, personal interview will be into face to confront interview self-administered questionnaires will be chosen.

Face to face interviewing, the interviewer will travel to the abode of each selected respondent and obtain responses for the points in the questionnaire by direct interviewing with them for the subject ( Creswell, 2003 ) . This is a elaborate in-depth study method which seeks responses with better preciseness. It is a time-consuming and dearly-won procedure.

Furthermore, face-to-face interviews are normally used for researching an country of research with some grade of drastic. There is no demand of specific inquiries to work through during the face-to-face interview. These interviews were conducted among selected 2 of franchisor in Harbin Pharmaceutical Group.

3.4 Sampling Method

Sampling methods are classified as chance or non-probability. In chance samples, each member of the population has a known non-zero chance of being selected. Probability methods are known such as systematic sampling, random sampling, and stratified sampling ( Gauzente, 2002 ) . The difference between non-probability and chance sampling is that non-probability sampling does non affect random choice and chance sampling does. In non-probability sampling, standards are set by the research worker for elements to be included in the sample on footing of part, visual aspect and hence restricting the opportunities of representation in the sample ( Trochim, and Donnelly, 2006 ) . Furthermore, in contrast with chance sampling, non-probability sample is non a merchandise of a randomised choice processes. Subjects in a non-probability sample are normally selected on the footing of their handiness or by the purposive personal judgement of the research worker. To reply all the research inquiries posed in this survey and to run into the aims, an in-depth survey concentrating on a little and selected sample was critical. This sample provided ample information which explored and answered all research inquiries ( Saunders, Lewis, & A ; Thornhill, 2006 ) . Otherwise, in applied societal research there may be fortunes where it is non executable, practical or theoretically reasonable to make random trying.

Sample size

It is incumbent on the research worker to clearly specify the mark population. There are no rigorous regulations to follow, and the research worker should trust on judgement and logic. The population is defined in maintaining with the survey aims. Sometimes, the full population will be sufficiently little, and the research worker can include the full population in the survey ( Chow & A ; Frazer, 2003 ) . This type of research was named a nose count survey because information is gathered on of the population member.

Harmonizing to Saunders et Al ( 2007, p210 ) , the pick of sample size for the research is governed by the undermentioned restraints: a. the assurance you need to hold in your informations ; b. the border of mistake that you can digest ; c. the types of analysis you are traveling to set about ; d. the size of entire population.

Based on the above restraints, the world and Table 3-1, the research worker decided to carry on 150 pieces of questionnaire in Harbin Pharmaceutical Group.

Table 3.1: Sample sizes for different sizes of population at 95 % certainty

Beginning: Krejcie R. V. , Morgan D. W ( 1970 ) . Determining Sample Size for Research Activities. Educational and Psychological Measurement. Oaks: Sage Publications Inc. 30 ( 3 ) : p108

3.4.2 Sampling scheme

It is incumbent on the research worker to clearly specify the mark population. There are no rigorous regulations to follow, and the research worker should trust on judgement and logic. The population is defined in maintaining with the survey aims. Sometimes, the full population will be sufficiently little, and the research worker can include the full population in the survey ( Chow & A ; Frazer, 2003 ) . This type of research was named a nose count survey because information is gathered on of the population member.

Convenience Sampling: involves choosing on occasion those respondents that are easiest to obtain for the research ( Saunders et Al 2007, p234 ) . The trying method that can be suited for this survey will be convenience trying method. 150 questionnaires as population usage trying to measure informations. After collect the full database from questionnaires, will utilize 108 questionnaires to analyse the critical factors of franchising concern system.

Random Sampling: means choosing samples indiscriminately by utilizing either random figure tabular arraies or a computing machine ( Saunders et Al 2007, p215 ) . This technique is applied to choose the sample size for research and is carried out by spreadsheet plan. Besides in this survey will be use SPSS soft ware to random 108 questionnaires, the procedure may set in the appendix.

3.5 Data Analysis

After informations are collected, proper tools and techniques should be used for categorization and analysis of informations ( Holloway, 2000 ) . The tools of categorization of informations are frequency distribution, cumulative frequence distribution, comparative frequence distribution and chart. The categorization tools serve as informations presentation techniques for clear readings.

3.5.1 Quantitative Analysis

Based on the information of the study aggregation the quantitative portion will be utilizing SPSS to analyse. SPSS, developed by Norman H. Nie, C Hadlai Hull, and Dale H Brent in late sixtiess, is a statistical analysis bundle. Originally, SPSS is the abbreviation for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences ( West 1991, p1 ) , but now the maps of SPSS are much broader than what it was earlier. The intent of utilizing SPSS in this research is to happen out the relationship between each factors of organisational complexness and profitableness of organisations to understand the impact of organisational complexness on profitableness.

3.5.2 Qualitative Analysis

Based on face to confront interview, the personal vision of each interviewer will be record and interpret to English, after that analyze the personal vision and combine with research worker observation given clear findings and remark.


This chapter listed out the route map on how this survey was being conducted. All the techniques deployed for roll uping informations like observation, interviews and questionnaires were explained. The information collected through these techniques are analyzed in the ulterior subdivisions to bring forth findings which are important in developing the placement theoretical account. Although secondary beginnings besides formed utile information for analysis, the significance of this research methodological analysis chapter demand to be highlighted in garnering valuable primary information. This research realized that, a moderately written methodological analysis in a structured format is critical for the successful completion of any research survey.


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